Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 198: I’m The Only Heir Of The Smith Family

Amber White’s eyes became red: “It’s none of your business!”

“What?” Sean Smith’s fingertips pointed towards Amber White who was carrying the box, he said sarcastically: “Director White, the fifty million you carry is mine. It’s my family’s money!”

Amber White’s hand shrank subconsciously: “Dad has given it to me!”

Sean Smith sneered, Amber White thought he was going to ask for the money again?

When was he so stingy?

Did she think that he would care about this money! ?


“What if the kidnappers want more? Amber White, do you think you are worth the money, or is Lu Yi worth the money?”

“Don’t forget, I am the only heir to the Smith family!”

“No matter how the kidnappers want more I am the only one who can help you continue to get more money!”

Amber White paused. Sean Smith was right, since the kidnappers can take Cindy away in full view, why wouldn’t they ask for more money?

The one who could make more money right now must be Sean!

Sean Smith saw Amber White’s hesitation. With a sneer, he stretched out and pushed Amber White’s hand on the car door, and closed the co-pilot’s door.

After Sean Smith got into the car, he stepped on the accelerator.

His eyesight was gloomy, his palms holding the steering wheel were vigorous and powerful, possibly because of injuries, his handsome face was somewhat pale.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, facing the sun, there was quite an illusion of quiet time.

But after experiencing the turmoil on the mountain, Amber White would no longer be fooled by Sean Smith.

It was also the first time that she had such a strong desire in her heart to draw a clear line from Sean Smith.

Amber White held the safe tightly, hesitated again, and again, her tone was indifferent: “Don’t worry, I will try my best to return the money!”

“I don’t want to owe you anything.”

The direction of the car strayed abruptly, but then it was on the right track again. If it hadn’t been for a sudden shake, Amber White almost thought it was an illusion.

The air in the car condensed quickly, and the air-conditioner was not turned on, but it didn’t feel any dull.

The voice of Sean Smith was so indifferent, and it seemed to penetrate Amber White little by little:

“You don’t want to owe me anything? Who do you want to owe? Lu Yi? Or other stupid men who are?”

“Maybe you won’t be able to have fifty million in your entire life. How do you plan to repay the debt? Will you pay the debt with your body?”

“Sorry Director White, I don’t like the type like you!”

Amber White pursed her lips. She had long been used to the humiliating words of Sean Smith which had always been verbal!

Amber White did not speak, and Sean Smith clasped the steering wheel tighter.

He turned his head and glanced at the position of the co-pilot, and when his eyes touched the box in her arms, the black pupils instantly turned into a bottomless cold pool.

Bitterly indifferent.

“Why don’t you speak, and you are thinking of a way to let me die? What about that? You can take the bastard and inherit the property of my Smith family?”

“This is also a good idea!”

“Director White, you do have a good plan!”

Amber White had a fever and shrank in the position of the co-pilot. Her lips became increasingly dry. She stretched out the tip of her tongue to lick from time to time.

Upon hearing this, she frowned.

“Sean, you asked to go with me to redeem Cindy, just because you want to say these things and humiliate me?”


Amber White was so confident!

He can say whatever he wanted to say!

After all, she had already confessed it personally that she wished he would die!

Amber White can never say that he wronged her!

“Don’t you think so?”

Sean Smith sneered and asked.

He felt strangely erratic and nervous.

But he changed his mind immediately. He still did a few stupid things on the mountain before, and Amber White didn’t thank him, and she still wanted to kill him!?

Wasn’t it natural for him to feel upset?

After waiting for a while, the carriage was still as quiet as before, and Sean Smith subconsciously glanced at Amber White again.

Amber White’s gaze was calm, and even the curvature of her lips was slightly raised, she’s tacitly acquiescing!

She did want him to die!

The blue veins on Sean Smith’s wrist bulged, and the feeling when the puddle was submerged spread again.

He was a fool, he would believe that a woman like Amber White would be willing to die!

He once searched her in the pit over and over again!

He shouldn’t have died, he was rescued by Gu Jinyan, otherwise, how happy Amber White should be now?

Sean Smith’s eyesight became gloomy, and he asked, “You hate me so much now?”

“President Smith, can’t you feel whether I hate you or not yourself?!”

Amber White sneered.

Sean Smith thought that the love of Amber White was cheap. Love must be obtained, not love is hate, when she hated him, she wanted to kill him! It’s so pathetic to be loved by her?

He didn’t care at all!

Sean narrowed his eyes, but was still annoyed by Amber White’s answer, and Sean Smith stepped on the accelerator and directly pressed it down.

The speed of the car suddenly soared, and it sped up on the one-way street in the city.

Because it hadn’t been far away since they left the hospital, there were still a lot of vehicles on this road, and Sean Smith’s car was very skilled, and he shuttled among the vehicles.

The most frightening thing was that Sean Smith passed the car on the right and almost collided with a car in the other lane.

Amber White’s face suddenly turned pale.

She stared at Sean Smith tightly: “Sean, why are you driving so fast? Slow down!”

Gu Jinyan’s car was a Maybach, with excellent performance and terrifying high speed. Amber White estimated that even if it didn’t run two hundred yards, it would still be 160!

The point was that Sean Smith was sitting in the driver seat, without a seat belt on his body, his eyesight was dim, oozing out a few careless wisps.

“Slow down? Director White, you won’t save your daughter?”

“You are afraid?”

Amber White was almost driven mad by Sean Smith.

“Yes, I want to redeem Cindy. I don’t want to die, so please slow the car down!”

“I told you before that Cindy is only three years old and she can’t live without her mother!”

“Mr. Smith…”

Sean Smith glanced at Amber White, with a lazy voice: “Is it related with me?”

Amber White loosened her hand on the safe and touched the seat belt unconsciously.

She hated him was a fake, he hated her must be true!

If Sean kept the speed in the city, they must have a car accident!

Amber White’s face was pale, and a few dark red oozes under her eyes.

Her lips moved, and she couldn’t say a word.

Sean Smith sneered, with a hint of joy that even Amber White could understand.

Amber White knew what he was thinking immediately.

The more scared she was, the happier Sean Smith was!

The more cowardly she was, the more Sean Smith would be high!

Amber White suddenly understood that fear would only satisfy Sean Smith’s perverted desire to torture her. She might as well do the opposite…

With a calm expression, she tried to stay calm: “Sean, are you more worried about Cindy than I am, that’s why you drove the car so fast?”

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