Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 199: Stop The Car!

“You also want to redeem Cindy as soon as possible?”

Sean Smith frowned, “What? What are you talking about?”

“Wandering is a sick, Director white, you are sick!”

“Don’t worry, I will never raise Cindy White in my life!”

“The reason that why I would come here isn’t to approve of you and Cindy White! If it wasn’t for the kidnapping was related to me, I would not even look at it even if you died!”

Sean Smith licked the corners of his lips. When he spoke, he unconsciously remembered when he took Cindy White to play yesterday.

He fed too much ice cream to Cindy White, which caused her to still have a fever.

Sean Smith’s eyebrows frowned, the speed of the car became higher!

Cindy White’s stubborn temper was no different from Amber White!

Sean Smith was really worried, that the little girl would get involved with the kidnappers, and she would suffer because of that!

Amber White didn’t know what Sean Smith was thinking.

Before asking this question, she had hope in her heart.

After all, no matter how she and Sean Smith were, Cindy needed a dad…

And it can be seen that Cindy liked Sean Smith very much.

But Lu Yi was right, she couldn’t fool Cindy forever!

She would know the truth one day that her father did not love her, and he even thought she was a little bitch!

Just thinking about it, Amber White’s heart began to tremble.

She couldn’t imagine what would happen to Cindy if the world of fairy tales collapsed!


Amber White hesitated and yelled in a low voice.

Sean Smith was tight, and he glanced at Amber White for the rest of the time, “What are you going to do? Go further, and we will almost reach the suburbs! After passing through the suburbs, it is the trading place! “

“Let me stop at this time. Director White, do you intend to leave me alone?”

Amber White’s face paled: “Whatever you think, just stop the car!”

As she said, Amber White stretched out her hand to buckle on the handlebar of the car, and Sean Smith’s eyes suddenly shrank.

“Amber White, what are you doing?!”

Amber White’s mind was a messy, she didn’t want Sean Smith to save Cindy! She regretted getting in Sean Smith’s car!

Cindy had a blind admiration for Sean Smith, she was afraid!

She’s afraid that he saved Cindy this time, and Cindy would like him even more!

At that time, if Sean Smith couldn’t be kind and pierced the lie. How sad Cindy would be?

Amber White suddenly pushed the car door from inside, moving so fast that Sean Smith did not even have time to press the central lock!

“Stop the car, or I will jump off!”

Sean Smith hurried over. The speed was so high. There’s a car behind them. Although the distance was not close, Sean Smith didn’t dare to brake suddenly!

He stared at Amber White’s eyes, as if he could burst out fire!

“Okay! Just jump!”

“I warn you, Director White, at my speed, if you jump down, you will die! Whatever happened to you, I will immediately turn around!”

“There is no need to save Cindy White, anyway, no one would raise her!”

Amber White’s heart almost stopped!

The hot and humid wind poured in along the car door opened by Amber White, and her mind became sober!

Her movements froze.

Sean Smith was right. He had always refused to let Cindy be his daughter. How could he raise and redeem Cindy?

He already had Tang Tian’s child!

Wasn’t it easy to raise a child? Tang Tian and Li Tian can give birth to him!

Over the years, Sean Smith had changed so many girlfriends!

A trace of void flashed in Amber White’s eyes, but the movement finally stopped.

Sean Smith breathed a sigh of relief.

Maybach’s speed was fast, Amber White jumps, and if the car behind did not brake in time, Amber White would die!

Sean Smith’s lips were a little pale, the joints of which were holding the steering wheel clenched little by little.

He had just withdrawn his thoughts, his pupils shrank sharply.

There was a fork in the road, with a mountain in the middle. Sean Smith only focused on Amber White (Amber White who wanted to jump off the car and forgot here…

Seeing to hit it, Sean Smith suddenly turned the steering wheel to the right without hesitation.


The sound in the ears was loud.

Amber White was completely dizzy.

The car parked on the left side of the road, the window glass of the driver’s seat had been broken, and it was spilled into the compartment along the window.

There was a smell of blood in the air, and Sean Smith was lying on the steering wheel, panting violently.

Through the dim light outside, Amber White saw from a distance that Sean Smith’s left arm was bloody.

The corners of Amber White’s lips trembled.

Before this happened, if Sean Smith turned the steering wheel to the left…

He wouldn’t have any trouble too!

In the summer, Amber White felt cold.

She knew that the driver was instinctive when driving. In an emergency, the driver would subconsciously turn to the left to try to avoid the impact.

The pupils of Amber White were refracted more and more transparent by the light coming in through the windshield.

But for Sean Smith, why did he turn the steering wheel to the right?

A wave of fluctuation suddenly floated in Amber White’s heart, and a thought in her heart was about to move, and it made Amber White heart ached.

Was he protecting her…?

“Boom boom!”

The co-pilot’s glass was knocked suddenly, and Amber White suddenly withdrew, her eyes out of focus.

A few people were standing outside the car window, who should be the driver of the car behind: “Girl, why did you crash into it? Is your boyfriend injured badly? Should you call an ambulance?”

Amber White was shocked, and she subconsciously looked back at Sean Smith.


Amber White unfastened her seat belt and reached out to push Sean Smith’s little arm: “Sean, you…”

“Shut up!”

A man’s voice was hoarse like a stone for sharpening a blade, and the heart of Amber White was sour and soft.

“Are you okay, or… I’ll call you an ambulance!”

He had just come down from the mountain, and she didn’t know if he was injured. But from her position, Amber could see that the glass slag from the car window crashed into his skin and made him bleed…

Sean Smith sat up suddenly, his left arm shook suddenly, his face was pale, and even his lips lost their color.

“I won’t die!”

Sean Smith greeted the person outside the window, which probably meant that he was all right!

As soon as the person left, Sean Smith squinted at Amber White. There were tears on her face. He didn’t even know when she cried…

There was a sneer on the lips of Sean Smith, he suddenly stretched out his finger and touched Amber White’s tear.

The rough fingers were like a blunt knife, which made her face some pain.

“Director White. are you crying for me?”


Amber White’s body trembled, and between Sean Smith’s eyebrows, a trace of impatience flashed. His black hair indifferently outlines his temperament, but can’t hide his fragility.

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