Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 2 The child is yours

Amber White couldn’t help but slipped to the ground, she pulled his trousers and pleaded: “I can die, but the child is innocent!

“I don’t want to marry you anymore, save the child, I beg you. ”

“My child? Oh.”

Sean Smith laughed and said, “I only had sex with one woman in this life, her name is Lin Man. Who are you, you could never compared with Manman.”

He picked up the account book on the dressing table and raised it toward her: “You want to get a certificate, don’t you?”

Amber White was speechless by the pain, her forehead was sweaty, but she didn’t cared that at all. The most chilling thing was the Sean Smith’s eyes. He wanted to murder her, she knew that from his expression, he wanted her die here today.

Sean Smith looked down and squinted at her, his dark eyes was like a frost that had been condensed for thousands of years: “If you don’t die today, I will marry you!”

Then Sean Smith took the account book and left, closing the door of the wedding room.

Later, she heard the sound of key turning.

The finger on her stomach trembled, and the next second, she crept to the door immediately—

The door handle was covered with blood, but she couldn’t open it.

She’s right, the door was locked by Sean Smith.

In order to revenged for Lin Man, in order to avenged her, he cut off all contact which she could contacted the outside world. He wanted her to die in their wedding room, even if it was the crime of murder.

“come back!”

“Sean Smith, come back! The child is yours! You can kill me, but please save our child.”


She was so painful, and she was almost numb by the pain.

When she wanted to give up, her belly was still twitching. She doesn’t know if it was an illusion. She always felt that her baby was very obedient and wanted to drill out. The little guy want to take a look at the world, even if only one look.

A premature baby is not easy to survive, especially her child was so precious.

She could be sorry for anyone, but she couldn’t be sorry for her child, it was an innocent life.

She walked to the side of the dressing table. She held the scissors and stabbed the dress, and tore the wedding dress which was on her body, revealing the round belly.

She bend over hard, took the medicine chest, step by step, and walked slowly toward the bathroom.

Amber White let herself lay in the bathtub. In order to relieve the pain, she put filled the bathtub with warm water.

It was night, the contractions became more frequent, and the amniotic fluid was broken, but the children never came out.

When she had check-up in the hospital, the doctor told her that this fetus was a breech position and may be difficult to get birth. It was recommended to have a cesarean. But at that time, in this case, how could she have a cesarean?

She could only gritted her teeth,used all her strength and tried her best to give her baby a chance.

When the sky was bright, she had lost all her strength, she still didn’t girth birth to her child, or… she couldn’t even feel the fetal movement.

Amber White was so scared.

Her mother died of illness, Her father married again, and Sean won’t marry her.

She had only been living for 20 years, she had lost everything.

She wanted to give birth to that child, even it would take her life.

She bit the dry towel, and took the scalpel out of the medicine box, and then she followed the texture of the belly and cut.

She was medical major, but she never thought that this scalpel would be used on her body.

For more than ten minutes, she didn’t know how she came over. She only knew that when she was unconscious, she heard a loud cry.

Her baby had come to this world.

The blood quickly drained from her body, and the liquid from the huge wounds smeared the entire bathtub.

At the moment when the child came out, it seemed that her whole body was exhausted, she could not even pick up her eyelids, her head was dizzy, and she was surrounded by a large dark pressure.

She saw herself who was eight years ago and saw Sean Smith who kissed her eight years ago.

Then she saw Lin Man.

Eight months ago, Lin Man found her. She said to her with panic, “Amber, help me, please! The family has been cheating on me. I know that the three brothers of Sean Smith are dead of cancer! He will die too, sooner or later he will die!”

“Amber, I don’t want to be a widow.”

“Amber, they forced me to have a baby with Sean, they forced me to do that.”

“Amber, if I really marry him, I will be ruined in my life.”

“Amber, you like him, right? help me, please! His family just needs a child. As for the child’s mother, they don’t care at all.”


Amber White was more faint, the next second, there was a scene that of a pair of men and women entangled in her mind. If they could stay at the moment, how good it was.

If Everything could stopped on the night which he loved her, how good it was.

But in this world, there was never a chance to back again.

Amber White lost too much blood, so there were always fragments in her mind.

In the end, she saw that Lin Man was holding the child, and approaching her step by step, and then she showed her a strange smile: “Amber, thank you. Thank you for giving me a child of Sean. I will take care of him for you, and I will take care of Sean, too.”

“Amber, just do gentle in to that night. I will enjoy the life for you.”

Amber White smiled with sadness.

Yeah, this was also good, after all, The person who was in love with Sean, was Lin Man.

If she died, then there was no hindrance between them.

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