Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 20: Are you sure to eat continually?

When Amber White’s words fell, Lu Yi frowned and said, “I am waiting for you. Just in the box, I saw Boss Lin?”

“Boss Lin?” Amber White smiled and said: “Which Boss Lin?”

“The Director of GR Building Materials Marketing Department– Lin Han!” Lu Yi opened his mouth and asked: “Don’t you remember? Supplied for the real estate of the Smith group, they were cancelled by you!”

Amber White eyelids jumped twice, and when Lu Yi said that, she had an impression.

This Lin Han, she not only had an impression, but the impression was still impression. Speaking of it, a week ago, DR building materials were exposed to provide worse construction materials on the market, and she did it.

Since she worked in the Smith group, she had a lot of enemies. She had filled the hatred, but there are not a few. What a coincidentally, this Lin Han was the most hated of her!

Amber White raised her eyebrow and said: “There should be few people in the company who don’t know, the entanglement between me and Lin Han, he was invited by Sean Smith?”

Lu Yi nodded and said, “I am waiting for you here, just for this matter, Amber, I mean, you can go back first. I will inform Sean later, I will say that you are not feeling well?” ”

“No need to!”

Amber White interrupted Lu Yi’s words, she reached out and smashed her small suit and said, “Sean went to the marketing department today, many people have seen it. Everyone in the company knows that I will attend the banquet. If I go back now, it isn’t suitable.”

“I won’t leave here, if I do, Lin Han may think that I am afraid of him, and ultimately, it would destroy the momentum of the marketing department! Let’s go, let’s go in!”

Lu Yi couldn’t stop Amber White, so he had to follow her to go inside of Ye Se.

When Amber White entered the door, she aroused the eyes of a group of people. Before she married Sean Smith, she was notorious, but her face was also famous.

Although she had just got off work, she didn’t clean up, but a professional suit still outlines her body’s graceful curves. Amber White was always with strong manner in the Smith group, and her temperament had long been tough and capable by her own. .

Because of this toughness and skill that dispelled the sensuality of her face and body, but made her temperament with more indifference, and more beautiful than 3 years ago.

As soon as she entered the door, Sean Smith’s gaze passed through the group and landed on her.

Amber White was a beauty, and she’s a rare beauty, this point, even Sean Smith himself, can not deny.

His eyes became darker, and after seeing Lu Yi who was standing behind Amber White, he smiled coldly, and it was right. If Amber White had no ability at all, his cousin wouldn’t follow her for so many years!

Because knowing that Lin Han also participated in the celebration feast, when Amber White entered the door, she subconsciously swept around. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Amber White planned to sit far away from Lin Han.

However, Lin Han wasn’t found yet. Instead, she first saw Tang Tian, who was leaning on Sean Smith!

She wore a little red dress with a delicate makeup on her face, but she only lost her lip makeup!

When Amber White looked at her, she also saw Amber Whit, her face quickly condensed with a smug smile: “Hey, my sister is coming, should you mind if I sit next to my brother-in-law?”

Lu Yi only said that Lin Han was invited by Sean Smith, but did not say that Tang Tian was also here.

Amber White glanced at the people in the box, all of them were familiar. Even Chen Yaoye and Wang Jing, who talked about her were sitting in the corner of the box, but Lin Han was not there.

It’s really lively!

“I know that my sister love me dearly. When I come over at night, I am anxious. I didn’t have dinner. Can you give me something to eat?”

Others didn’t know the scandals that Tang Tian had made in Luoshen Bay, but the people in the marketing department and the Smith group were clear. The people looked at Tang Tian and looked at Sean Smith who was lazy and indifferent. Finally, their eyes fell to Amber White.

Amber was wearing high-heeled shoes with a height of six or seven centimeters. She knew clearly that Sean Smith invited Tang Tian, just to make her awkward.

She bite the root of her teeth. The more this time, the more Amber White did not want to let Sean Smith think that she was afraid!

When she was thinking that, the argument in the box rang.

“I don’t know how did they who held the celebration banquet think. They invited Boss Lin and Tang Tian to come over. Didn’t this intentionally make Director White feel embarrassed?”

“Hey! Don’t say nonsense! You know that Boss Smith don’t like his wife very much. I think that these people are invited by Boss Smith himself!”

“Yes, the bonus is 30,000 dollars. If the boss really love Director White, why can he do this kind of thing?”

“In the past three years, Boss Smith had so many women outside, and there are endless new loves. I want to say that they must be divorced!”

The face of Amber White flashed a little unhappy. When she and Sean Smith appeared on the same occasion, she would become the object of ridicule.

In this case, she listened to countless times in three years, and her heart became numb and desperate.

She glanced at Tang Tian, and her face showed a little sneer: “Miss Tang, if you don’t have the extra twenty pounds of meat on your body, you have already been hot in the circle! Are you sure to eat continually?”

For normal situation, Amber White said that this kind of slightly threatening words, Tang Tian had been violently angry, but she suddenly changed today, she was just staring at her back with a smile!

Amber White noticed that something was wrong. When she turned back, he saw Lin Han was standing behind Lu Yi!

As soon as he saw her turn back, Lin Han slammed Lu Yi who was around her, and stretched out his hand across the fabric, firmly holding the arm of Amber White.

“Director White, I heard that the project of Luoshen Bay that you are responsible for was liquidated on the opening day yesterday! I haven’t had time to congratulate you, this celebration feast is for you?” Lin Han’s smile on his face was covered with a gloomy .

Amber White was stared at by him. She subconsciously smashed his hand and failed to open the shackles of Lin Han. She was smashed into the box and sat down.

Amber White was pressed by Lin Han and sat on the sofa. He picked up a bottle of wine with one hand and poured a full 80% in the man’s half-handed glass. Then he directly put it into the hands of Amber White.

“Qin Director, when I was in the bidding, thanks to your care, I have been grateful, Luoshen Bay will be harvest, I’m in front of so many people, want to drink with you, can I ?”

Amber White’s hands were forced to take over the wine glasses. In the colorful lights, Amber’s face was colorful.

Her eyes glanced in the direction of Sean Smith, the man was sitting in the pile of people, the white shirt was smudged by the lights more than a dozen colors, he squinted his eyes, could not see the emotions, only his handsome face was lining the lights with a sullen and coldness!

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