Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 200: Play Some New Tricks If You Want to Kill Yourself Again

“Sean, I’ll call an ambulance for you… You go back first!”

“Go back? Director White, if my father can’t bring Cindy back. I’m afraid he will seal all the hospitals in Tong City!”

“Now, only by depending on you can I see the doctor!”

Sean’s expression was overcast, and he looked at Amber slightly suspiciously,

“You’re crying. You’re not under the mistaken impression that I did that to save you, are you?”

Amber, “…”

Sean sneered, “Director White, you are really good at making a scene! Next time if you want to kill yourself, show me something new!”

“Don’t try to jump into the river and jump out of the car next time. It’s not easy to kill yourself. And don’t try to kill yourself when I’m around!”

Sean patted his left arm, “I bought several hundred million of insurance for my hands, but you don’t know. What you did unintentionally will make an insurance company settle the claim with its all money and go bankrupt!”

Sean licked his lips. He felt that his brain was probably damaged. When the accident happened, he even wanted to protect Amber?

He thought, he must be worried that if he went back with Amber’s body, he might be beaten to death by his father!

Let him die with Amber!

Of course he didn’t want to see that happen!

Amber was completely silent.

She looked back. The mountain in the middle of the road split the road in half and blocked the road. Even if Sean turned to the left, she might not be spared.

Just because she was sitting in the car and she was unscathed, she flattered herself.

She even felt that the boy who petted her and loved her eleven years ago returned…

Amber rubbed her arms and laughed, “So, it’s not a loss that you accompany me to ransom Cindy.”

“Get hospitalized, wrap your wound in gauze and you can make hundreds of millions of dollars!”

“As far as I think you were saving me by turning right… Mr. Smith, don’t worry. I won’t flatter myself!”

Sean’s numb arm suddenly hurt, and the pain spread to his internal organs, and other organs!

His expression was solemn. His eyes fixed on her. Amber’s eyes were still red, and there was a layer of mist inside.

It was unpleasant to Sean’s eyes. He said, “Then why did you cry? Seeing me hurt, you had a heartache? Well?”

“Mr. Smith, I won’t care about a man who wanted me to die in the mountain!”

Amber’s words were merciless, “Am I right?”

Sean firmly looked at Amber for four or five minutes before laughing,

“Yes! you are right!”

“Honestly, it’s a pity that you didn’t jump out of the car when you just opened the door!”

“I wanted you to die by hitting the mountain. I wanted to die with you!”

“However, I regretted it later!”

“Do you know why?”

Sean’s words were light. Amber’s heart seemed to be torn in half. Those broken glass scraps seemed to have plunged into her chest, hurting her so much that even she found it hard to breathe.

“Why… why?”

“Because you are too humble and worthless. I will be disgraced if I die with you!”

Sean said, restarting the car.

The front of the car was dented and the windows were all shattered. However, it was worthy of being a luxury car. It was still working.

The experience just now was really exciting!

Sean didn’t rush to drive, but instead sat in the driver’s seat and lit a cigarette.

The smoke swallowed Sean’s expression in an instant, and the strong tobacco smell occupied Amber’s respiratory tract. She resisted the desire to cough and held the safe a little tighter.

“Director White, if you still want to save your daughter, be quiet in the car!”

“Otherwise, I will turn around and take you back!”

Amber was hit by the falling rock, and she was treated in the hospital anyway!

But he was different. He was trapped in the most dangerous mountain, and his father withdrew the rescue team because of what she said!

What if Amber had long planned to jump off the car?

From the time when Sean went down the mountain, Sean hadn’t drunk a sip of water, and his physical strength had been overdrawn so much. He had no strength to accompany Amber to make a scene again!

“If you really want to die, no one will stop you. Remember to find a quiet place and bring a knife!”

“Then you can kill yourself smoothly!”

“Do you understand?!”

Amber, “…”

Sean had always hated Amber to turn a deaf ear to whatever he said. If she kept silent, he would take it as a yes.

After all, Cindy, to Amber, was equivalent to everything!

Moreover, Sean trusted Amber without rhyme or reason, and believed that she was not that kind of person who would make trouble before figure out the who situation.

When he thought of this, his face stiffened.

Amber would not make trouble unreasonably, but she wanted to kill him!

So, everything she did was premeditated!

For example, the thing happened in the reservoir, and she tried to jumped off the car?

It was really a tough job for Amber to carry out such an elaborate and calculated plan!

If he were another person, he couldn’t help but praise Amber!

After he finished smoking, there was a hint of tobacco smell in the narrow space.

To be honest, Sean admired Amber.

Even if Cindy had been kidnapped, even if what he was doing was good for her.

She could still be ruthless, and wanted to kill him!

This small car accident gave Sean a feeling like his internal organs were displaced, and the pain made him grimace involuntarily.

His left arm shook. He turned the steering wheel to the left slightly, and moved the car to the road.

It was just a slight movement. However, with accumulated new injuries and old injuries, his consciousness was a bit blurred.

The joints of his hand that was holding the steering wheel were white.

On the contrary, Amber, sitting in the passenger seat as if nothing had happened. She took out a mobile phone, and lowered her head. Her black hair covered the expression on her face.

Sean’s lips moved.

Wasn’t Amber’s phone broken because she jumped into the river and the water entered it?

Where did this one come from?

When Sean realized that he was paying too much attention to Amber, the expression on his face was stiff.

On the mountain before, old man Zhang said that Amber could not survive for twenty-four hours. How ridiculous!

Amber had been able to move freely and go to buy a mobile phone!

The mobile phone vibrated and rang abruptly in the car.

Sean glanced at Amber subconsciously.

The person who sent the message was Lu Yi.

Amber glanced at the content.

[ Amber, I’ve recorded your conversation with Sean just now. ] [I’m worried that my aunt will continue to pick on you when she wakes up. Sean has already admitted that he wants you to die, so if my aunt makes it difficult for you, play it for her.]

The third message was an audio message. Amber held the phone tightly.

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