Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 201: Intentional Murder Is Against the Law

The mobile phone was given to Amber by Lu Yi. They came to pay ransom for Cindy. Without a mobile phone, they might not even be able to find the kidnappers.

Her eyelashes trembled, and her bright eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist.

Amber slowly raised her head. She looked in the rearview mirror. The car behind them followed more closely. Sean did not brake, instead the car was getting faster!

If he kept doing this, their car would collide with the car behind sooner or later!

Amber’s pupils contracted, “Sean, what are you doing!?”

Sean suddenly came back to his senses. He slammed on the brakes. Their car steadily stopped in the middle of the road, and the other car that was a few centimeters away, almost crashed into it.

Amber gasped sharply. She raised her eyes and shivered constantly!

She saw it clearly. Sean’s eyes had been fixed on the rearview mirror outside the co-driver’s seat window!

So, Sean did that on purpose!

Amber saw Sean rub his temples, and an emotion similar to chagrin crossed his face.

She only thought she was mistaken, and spoke coldly, “Well, you think you will be disgraced if you die with me, so you planned to kill me on this road?”

“Intentional murder is against the law! It leads to imprisonment!”

Amber was furious. Her voice was not only raised, but even a little sharp.

Sean frowned, clenched his fists, and slammed hard on the steering wheel. The harsh horn sounded immediately.

He sneered, and Amber’s shadow was clearly reflected in his black pupils.

“Against the law? imprisonment? Director White, are you going to sue me?”

“Don’t you know that? Without evidence, I can counter-sue you for slander, defamation and violate my reputation!”

Amber trembled, and Sean thought she was scared.

He frowned. He was focus on the name Lu Yi he saw on Amber’s phone just now!

He almost saw what the two of them were talking about!

It was precisely because of his distraction that his car nearly collided with the other.

“Besides, the car has been damaged, and its maintenance cost is sky-high. Why would I damage the other side of it?”

“Director White, you think your life is worth that much?”

“You know what the lawyers of the Smith Group are capable of!”

“Don’t give me the chance to sue you until you lose everything!”

Sean spat out these words and drove the car directly onto the main road. He wasn’t driving very fast and he was just about to bring the car up to speed.

Suddenly, his own voice rang in the car.

“Amber! So do I!”

“When I was on the mountain, I tried to kill you more than once!”

“I tried to drown you in the reservoir!”

“I tried to burn you to death at the rescue station!”

“I wanted to be killed by falling rocks in the maple forest!”

Sean was taken aback. When he heard his own voice, a touch of disbelief flashed across his eyes.

“You recorded our conversation?”

Amber, “Mr. Smith, you said these words yourself. You admitted these! If something really happened to me, even if the police in Tong City don’t dare to put you in prison due to the pressure of the Smith family, I am afraid that you will be on the blame at least.”

Sean was stiff all over in a moment.

“You’re threatening me?”

“You’re really disgusting. It’s just a few words, but you deliberately recorded them. Amber, I underestimated you!”

“But you really think you can scare me?”

Amber sneered.

“I wasn’t trying to threaten you!”

“I just want to be safe and take Cindy back!”

“Mr. Smith, like what I said before, I don’t want to die, and I want to take Cindy back!”

“Mr. Smith, you are an adult, and there is no need to play the drama of staging a series of car accidents!”

“As long as Cindy goes back with me safely, I’ll destroy this recording, and I’ll pretend I never heard anything you said!”

Sean didn’t know how to describe his mood at this moment.

It was like a dead fly being stuffed into his throat by Amber. He couldn’t spit it out, nor could he swallow it. He felt cold because of feeling sick!

Amber was really sly. Even he was not her opponent, let alone Manman who was so innocent.

The series of words, despicable and shameless, were not enough to describe Amber’s cattiness at all!

Sean took a deep breath, turned the steering wheel and drove the car out. The speed of the car was neither fast nor slow, and there was not a trace of expression on his face.

If it wasn’t for his constantly trembled eyelashes, Amber would really think that he had already regained his composure.

Amber’s mind was like a paste.

She pressed her lips and whispered, “Sean…”

Don’t blame me…

Before she could say anything, she was interrupted by a light cough from Sean.

The man looked over coldly, like a gust of breeze with a deep coldness.

Amber’s heart raced.

“What are you going to say?”

“You’d better save your insincere apologies.”

“I’m afraid that it will affect my mood, and that if I don’t drive well, I may let you suffer losses!”

“Wouldn’t I then have to take full responsibility?”

Amber’s lips turned a little pale. She didn’t continue to say what she was trying to say just now. She also knew that it was too deliberate to apology at this time, and Sean might not be in the mood to hear her out.

“You just coughed. I listened to the sound, and thought there may be a problem with your lungs. When you go back, you should go to the hospital for a lung examination…”

Amber knew medicine. They just had a fight, so the atmosphere between them was not good. She really didn’t know what to say, so she said this.

Sean was really not feeling well. He had been in the mountains longer than Amber in the rain, and besides, he still had injuries on his back.

At least Amber had been treated in the hospital. However, as soon as he woke up, he seized Gu Jinyan’s car, chased Amber, and accompanied her to pay the ransom for Cindy!

He had saved her many times, but she never knew how to appreciate his favors.

She wanted him to die on the mountain, and wanted him to die on the way to take Cindy back!

The blue veins on Sean’s forehead jumped, and he began to breathe slowly.

Without receiving a response, Amber, with her head aslant, glanced at Sean. Her sight of line was cut off by her black hair. Amber couldn’t see his face clearly, and didn’t whether know her words were registered in his brain.

She hesitated for a moment. Sean suddenly asked, “Are you caring about me?”

His words were tinged with some sarcasm and mockery, stinging Amber’s heart and making her feel a little uncomfortable.

“You are overthinking. I am just worried that if anything happens to you, your mother will pick on me then!”

Saying that, Amber pushed her long hair back, and turned her cheek to Sean. There was a slight pink mark that hadn’t faded on her face.

Judging from its shape, it should be fingerprints.

Amber didn’t feel embarrassed. The smile on her lips was a bit bitter, “Mr. Smith, look at this. This is what your mother did to me when your life is uncertain on the mountain!”

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