Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 202: Your Face Looks Good Today!

At that time, Mrs. Smith was so emotionally devastated that she didn’t have much strength, but Amber’s skin was too tender and the fingerprints still left on her face.

Sean turned his head and stared at Amber’s face.

His gaze was like a knife, clinging to her skin, and making Amber’s hair stand upright.

After a while, he suddenly laughed, “Director White, your face looks good today!”

Amber sneered. It looked good after being slapped!

Without beating around the bush, Sean directly expressed his disgust towards her.

All these years, Sean’s upbringing and manners, even in the entire upper-class circle, were second to none. However, he always gave her a hard time!

She laughed, but did not answer.

Sean drove the car, and was a little absent-minded.

His mind was full of fingerprints on Amber’s face. Although it was almost invisible, Sean still thought that it offended his eye.

He even faintly felt that Amber’s face shouldn’t look like this!

It should be, clean and flawless, porcelain-white, like that of a doll!

He frowned and found a reason.

No matter what, Amber was a management, and her face was closely related to the company’s face. How could he not care about it?

Besides, he should be happy that Amber was beaten.

It was just a slap!

On the mountain, for Amber, he was knocked out by the falling rock and almost drowned in the reservoir!

But the first thing Amber did after she was rescued from the mountain was to withdraw the rescue team and take away his chance of surviving!

Sean licked his lips and stepped on the accelerator.

The car was like an arrow off the string, leaving a smooth trail on the not-so-wide-road.

Neither of them made any more trouble again, and they soon arrived at the place where the kidnappers said.

Sean braked and parked the car on the beach.

The azure water, wrapped in damp and cold wind, forced the surrounding temperature to drop a lot.

After Amber got out of the car, she reached out and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

She held the suitcase and walked a few steps. She looked back and saw Sean who was following her closely.

Amber stiffened and stopped, “Sean, the kidnapper said clearly on the phone. He wants me to go there alone with the money!”

Sean pulled a cigarette out of the cigarette case and sandwiched in between his fingers. He frowned, and his eyes were deep.

“Give me the money. I will pay the ransom for Cindy!”

“Cindy got kidnapped because of me. No matter what, I can’t let you shoulder the responsibility for me!”

“Director White, I can’t afford to owe you such a favor!”

Carrying the safe, Amber took two steps back, “Mr. Smith, it’s not about responsibility or favors. This is the kidnappers’ request!”

“This request is related to Cindy’s safety!”

“Besides, now it is not the time for you to be a hero!”

“Please wait for us here!”

Be a hero?

Sean clenched his fists. What was wrong with Amber!

The kidnappers asked them to meet on the beach, and the beach was empty!

They could see clearly whether Amber came alone or not.

What if there was a trap?

He suddenly reached out and grabbed Amber’s arm. Almost as soon as he touched her, she threw Sean’s hand away without hesitation.

He used his left arm. After Amber did that to him, Sean’s arm was in sharp pain.

His lips suddenly turned pale, and he clearly felt that the glass splinters that had not been taken out of his body before got deeper in his flesh…

His heart raced, and Amber opened her mouth impatiently, “Mr. Smith, can you stop be so unreasonable?”

This was familiar. Before he left the hospital, Lu Yi also said the same words. Amber and Lu Yi had had mutual affinity?

A touch of sneer sneaked on Sean’s lips. His expression was cold, so was the look in his eyes that rested on Amber!

“Yes! I’m being unreasonable. You wish I could die, and I wish you couldn’t take your daughter back!”

“Today, you either give me the safe and let me pay the ransom for the kid, or, neither of us goes!”

“Just let your good daughter stay with the kidnappers!”

“Anyway, the child is not the offspring of the Smith family. I have plenty of time to waste on this!”

Amber wouldn’t back down, “Sean, I’ve already let you take care of Cindy once!”

“You’re the one who caused Cindy to be kidnapped, and you don’t feel guilty?”

“What makes you think I can entrust Cindy to you again?”

Sean lit a cigarette lazily, leaning on the Maybach. The car behind him was badly damaged, but it did not affect Sean’s temperament.

He stood alone, with narrowed eyes and a lit cigarette, making people feel cold.

“In this case, neither of us should go!”

“The scenery here is pretty good. I’ll think it as I came here to enjoy the scenery!”

Saying that, Sean glanced at Amber, and scoffed with a smile, “It’s just the person, who is watching the scenery with me, spoils the fun!”

For the first time, Amber found that Sean was so unreasonable!

Amber took a deep breath. She hadn’t seen Cindy yet and cannot be sure that Cindy was safe. She simply couldn’t be at ease.

Sean was right. He didn’t care about Cindy’s life or death, but Amber did.

Cindy was the only spiritual support she had in this world!

She only had Cindy!

Amber didn’t want to say anything more, turned around, and strode towards the destination.

Sean frowned deeply and caught up again. He asked in a low voice, “Are you really going to let your daughter die here?!”

“Sean, I’m not in the mood to argue with you here. Please don’t give me any more trouble!”

There was a trace of redness in Amber’s eyes, “I’m begging you! Okay?”

“Sean, I don’t want to threaten you! Dad’s still mad at you. If you keep interfering with me like this, I’m afraid your punishment will not be only whipping after you get back!”

“Don’t keep following me!”

Sean stopped in situ in an instant.

Amber really didn’t know how to appreciate his favors!

This was the only thought in Sean’s mind.

The wind mixed with the salty smell of the sea blew over. Sean was standing on the beach. His pink shirt was rolled up in the wind!

Sean stopped abruptly, motionless, like a lifeless sculpture.

His sight seemed to be nailed on Amber.

He would let Amber go, and let this damn woman suffer a bit!

He had suffered so much for her. He really shouldn’t care about what would happen to her!

Besides, this was her own choice. She said she was not threatening him, but her means of threatening him were endless!

What the hell did she mean by not letting him go instead of her!

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