Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 203: Kill Cindy

He breathed slowly. Standing on the empty beach, Sean still had a feeling that he couldn’t breathe.

There seemed to be nails under his feet, and he couldn’t stand still at all. After three or four minutes, Amber’s figure became smaller and smaller in his sight.

Sean closed his eyes, and his heart was full of doubts.

There were too many problems with this kidnapping. No one in Tong City didn’t know the incompatible relationship between him and Amber.

They took advantage of the day of they paying their respect to Johnson. They went to the Smith family’s shrine to take Cindy away directly in less than half an hour!

Sean really doubted that it was a long-time plot. They didn’t know that Cindy was very important to the Smith family.

If they were not prepared, how could they go up to the mountain of the Smith family’s ancestral hall and kidnapped Cindy!

No one knew what those kidnappers would do. If Amber went to them alone and was taken advantage of, she couldn’t get any help at all.

Sean hesitated. When Amber was about out of his sight, he suddenly chased in her direction.

Lu Yi and Gu Jinyan both knew that he accompanied Amber to ransom the child. If something happened to Amber, how could he explain it?


In a fit of anger, he even said in front of Lu Yi that he wanted to kill Amber. Who knew if Amber would collude with Lu Yi….

Sean thought, and quickened his pace. Amber’s face and Cindy’s face appeared in his mind alternately. They just wouldn’t stop!

When Sean chased Amber to the place where she met with the kidnappers, Amber was already confronting the kidnappers.

They drove a van, which could accommodate quite a few people, and also had a license plate number. But he didn’t know if it was real.

The windows of the van had a film on them. People standing outside couldn’t see what was inside at all.

Beside the driver’s seat, a man was standing there. He had dark skin, wearing a gray T-shirt, leaning on the car door, and looking very simple and honest.

He glanced at Amber, curved the corner of his mouth, and laughed.

“Have you brought the money?”

Amber raised the safe in his direction and whispered, “I want to see my daughter first!”

“You can’t get the money until I’m sure my daughter is safe!”

The man curved the corner of his mouth and whispered, “Mrs. Smith, this small box doesn’t seem to be able to contain fifty million dollars. I guess you are not going to pay the full ransom for your daughter!”

Amber’s eyelids jumped wildly.

“Yes! It indeed can’t contain fifty million dollars in cash, but you’re the ones who asked me to come alone to ransom my daughter. Fifty million is too much to convert into cash. Ten safes may not be able to contain them!”

“There’s only two hundred thousand dollars in cash in the box. As for the rest of money you asked for, I prepared a check. You can go directly to the bank counter to get it.”

Fearing that they wouldn’t give Cindy back to her, Amber hurriedly explained, “Don’t worry. I didn’t call the police before coming!”

The kidnapper smiled and whispered, “Mrs. Smith, if you want your kid back, you have to let us get the money first!”

“You give me a check. Who knows if the police are waiting at the bank counter?”

“Give me the check. I will send someone to the bank to take it out. If my brother comes back safely, we will surely return your daughter to you!”

Amber gripped the safe tightly, and she took a step back and emphasized, “I want to see my daughter first!”

The kidnapper was not the kind of person who liked to be reasonable. Hearing this, he took a step forward and went straight to grab the safe.

Amber was unprepared. As soon as the box was snatched away, she subconsciously chased for a few steps, and blocked the kidnapper’s way.

“Where is my daughter? Where’s my child? !”

“You’ve got the money. You can’t go back on your word!”

“Give me back my child!”

The kidnapper curved the corner of his mouth, glanced at Amber, and the smile on his face was somewhat mocking, “Mrs. Smith, are you talking about integrity with desperadoes?”

“The Smith family really impressed me.”

A bad feeling crossed Amber’s heart. She followed the kidnapper’s gaze and looked back. Her pupils contracted when she saw Sean.

She thought the kidnapper was upset that Sean followed her over, and hurriedly grabbed the kidnapper’s arm,

“Please return my child to me first. She still has a fever, and she needs to go to the hospital!”

After getting the money, the kidnapper apparently wasn’t so good-tempered and directly threw Amber away. The man was so strong that he directly threw her onto the beach.

She fell and hurt her injured leg. She exclaimed in pain.

Sean happened to see this scene. He strode forward and pulled up Amber from the ground with one hand, staring at the kidnapper with overcast eyes, and said coldly, “Where is the child?”

“You’ve got the money. Return the child to us!”


The kidnapper took a step back, “Well? The people in the Smith family were not only unfeeling and ungrateful, but also untrustworthy!”

“You didn’t come alone, so how do I know if you brought the police here or not?”

Sean’s eyes turned colder, “You guys want to go back on your word?”

The kidnapper smiled embarrassedly.

“Mr. Smith, I’m afraid you are mistaken!”

“Wasn’t this matter a play from beginning to end? Your Smith family spent fifty million dollars to invite us over and act it out with you, didn’t you?”

“Get your money, solve your problems for you! Don’t worry. Our brothers will never let that child live through today!”

With that, the kidnapper got into the car directly.

Amber’s pupils contracted violently. She clasped the door of the van’s co-driver’s seat, and layers of cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

“What do you mean? Make it clear!”

“You are going to kill her? Why? I have brought the money over. Return my child to me!”

“Give me back my Cindy!”

The man slammed the door, the smile between his lips was impatient, and the man in the driver’s seat quickly started the car.

“What do you mean?

He opened the safe, fumbled out a cheque and kissed it, and then said, “That kid is not in our car at all. She is in the hands of our other brothers! At this moment, her body has probably been cold!”

“Mrs. Smith, why are you pretending to be confused? Wasn’t it the Smith family that wanted her to die? The Smith family paid us to kill that kid. Of course we will do what they told me!”

These words were like a thunderbolt, and Amber suddenly widened her eyes in shock.

Her legs felt like jelly, and she threw herself on her knees on the beach.

The kidnappers had already drove the car away. Amber seemed to have fallen into an ice cellar. The sweat on her was ice-cold.

Amber’s heart seemed to be raised high, and then fell heavily into pieces.

Kill Cindy?

The Smith family wanted her to die?

They spent 50 million dollars to hire killers to kill Cindy? !

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