Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 204: I only have Cindy.

For the first time, Amber White felt so desperate. The sand made her legs sore, but she felt that there seemed to be a knife stabbed into her heart which made her not breathe.

If she didn’t pull the knife out, it would be hurt.

But if she pulled it out, it would be more hurt!

Sean Smith was also shocked. He just got the news of Cindy White’s kidnapping, so he rushed here without preparing anything.

After hearing the kidnappers killed Cindy, he trembled.

His mobile phone broke down. Subconsciously, he wanted to ask Amber White for her mobile phone to contact Gu Jinyan.

Just when Sean Smith looked down, he saw Amber White kneeling on the beach facing the sea. All the noise suddenly disappeared. There was only her. She was covered in sadness. It seemed that she was drained of her strength. There was a body left.

Unexpectedly, Sean Smith could feel Amber White’s despair.

He even felt the same for her despair. He felt hurt.

But it just lasted for a second. The car stopped too far, and the kidnappers had already left. Sean Smith needed to contact others to know the situation.

He walked in front of Amber White. He didn’t find that his voice was trembling severely until he said to her.

“Amber, cell phone!”

“The kidnappers will definitely go to the bank counter to withdraw money. It’s just less than ten minutes’ car ride from here to the business circle closest to the sea, so I don’t have much time left!”

Amber White made no response.

There were no tears in her eyes. Her eyes were dull. Sean Smith’s fingers trembled. He hesitated for a moment before squatting down in front of Amber White.

“Don’t you want to see Cindy?”

Amber White finally had a reaction. Her eyes moved. Her gaze focused, then she looked at Sean Smith.

Amber White felt painful. She even felt something wrong with her. Looking at the eyes of Sean Smith, but who appeared in her mind was Cindy White.

The scenes Cindy had spent with her suddenly became clear. The way Cindy was smiling, crying, and her eyelashes shaking.

All these pictures irritated Amber White’s fragile nerves. She seemed to be dumb, as if there was some blood choking in her throat. Even her lungs were painful.

Sean Smith was at a loss. He had never been so panicked in his life.

He unconsciously wanted to go away. Amber White suddenly said.

“Sean Smith.”

“I only have Cindy.”

There were only six words in total, but Sean Smith felt that she said these hoarsely and desperately.

“She was kidnapped because of me. I will give you an explanation. You give your phone…”

“Explanation?” Amber White laughed suddenly.

She laughed loudly.

Sean Smith had known Amber White for three years but he had never seen her laugh this. Her laugh now… was scarier than crying.

“What the point I need your explanation? Didn’t you hear? That person said he killed Cindy!”

“He said Cindy was dead. Did you hear that?”

She looked at him. There was too much hatred in her eyes. Sean Smith had a feeling that he couldn’t bear it.

Every word she said was like a sword to stab Sean Smith’s heart.

“He also said Cindy’ body was cold!”

“Sean Smith, you are happy now, aren’t you?”

“You got what you wanted! Why don’t you laugh?”

Sean Smith trembled. He pursed his lips.

He couldn’t feel sorry for Amber White!

“Are you insane? They have long thought of killing her. Why do you look at me like this?”

“Whether I come here or not, they will kill Cindy White!”

Every words of Sean Smith hurt Amber White so extremely.

Amber White laughed out of tears. She cried down on the beach!

“At this time, why are you still acting in front of me?”

Sean Smith’s lips trembled and asked her, “What do you mean?”

“You believe the kidnappers? Do you think I let them kidnap Cindy?”

“Amber White!”

Sean Smith suddenly raised his tone, “Are you insane?”

Amber White was in a mess.

It was Sean Smith who said that he wanted Cindy to die!

He said in person that he wished she could not redeem her daughter!

Tomas Smith knew Cindy’s identity. Although Sean’s mother was harsh, she always thought that one day in the future, Amber could donate bone marrow to Sean Smith!

Only Sean Smith!

Only Sean Smith!

“Do you hate me for driving Man Man away three years ago? Sean Smith! You want to kill me?!”

“You are really mean! How could you do it to a three-year-old kid?”

“Yes, I’m insane. Otherwise, how could I fall in love with you!?”

She looked extremely numb. What she said was so vicious.

Sean Smith was so furious by Amber’s words. Did he kidnap Cindy White? Was it he who asked the kidnappers to kill Cindy?

But had Amber White ever thought about it? If he wanted Cindy to die, why should he use this way?

When Amber was locked in Ye Se by Tang Tian, he could directly strangle Cindy White. It would be quicker, wouldn’t it?

Would he choose such a stupid way? Would he let the kidnappers to expose him?

Amber White was stupid.


“Well, well!”

“Yes, I let them kidnap Cindy. I let them kill Cindy. Cindy White was thrown into this sea to feed the sharks by someone I sent!”

“I don’t want her to be alive. I don’t want you to see her face or her body!”

As soon as Sean Smith finished speaking, Amber White was stunned.

Her lips trembled. She couldn’t say a word!

Amber White’s eyes became so red, an unreasonable red.

After Sean Smith saw the hatred in her eyes, he also felt he couldn’t breathe!

Did Amber White hate him?

Sean Smith laughed inwardly. He could tell himself that he didn’t hate Amber White. But how dare she hate him?

He licked his dry lips, stretched out his hand to hold her arm. With a little force, he directly lifted Amber White from the beach.

“Where is the cell phone?”

“Give it to me!”

Amber White subconsciously covered her pocket. Her emotions agitated. Her lips were so pale.

“Give you the cell phone?”

“Are you going to call someone else to fool me?!”

“Let them prove you are innocent in court? Sean Smith, you wish!”

Tears swarmed from Amber’s eyes. For the first time, she hated her powerless and weakness so much!

Even, Amber White took what harsh words Sean said before to her heart. She wished to cut open the heart of Sean Smith, then saw what color his heart was.

She was so desperate. She shook off Sean Smith’s hand.

She didn’t want to cry, but her tears did not listen to her.

Amber White pointed at Sean Smith. Her voice trembling sharply. “Sean Smith, you will regret it! You will regret it!”


Sean Smith only felt that he couldn’t breathe. Why would he regret it?

Whether Cindy White was dead or not, it had nothing to do with him!

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