Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 205: I Want to Stay Here to Accompany Cindy

Sean squeezed his five fingers, the joints cracking made a clear sound. On an empty sandy beach, the sound of the waves was jarring.

In the twilight mist, the flow of the sea became very strong.

The waves hit the feet and even wet the hem of the trousers of Amber’s hospital gown.

Sean suddenly remembered before leaving the rescue station, old man Zhang emphasized repeatedly that Amber’s wound shouldn’t get in contact with water.

He even thought that the seawater is not clean and contains all kinds of bacteria. It’s more likely that her wound would be infected.

The humid wind and a hint of seawater brushed through Sean’s face. He came back to his senses and sneered.

On the mountain, Amber could wake up halfway and drove the ATV away. Could even a mere touch of seawater in her wound kill her?

It’s her who wanted his life. Shouldn’t he be the one who’s unhappy seeing them?

“Let’s leave first!”

Sean licked his lips, there’s a salty taste on the tip of his tongue, which was creeping through his body.

“The tide is rising. It’s not safe here anymore.”

Amber stretched out her hand to wipe her tears. There’s a lot of terrifying emotions in her eyes, panic, fearful, despair, sorrow, and desolation, if she saw through the old woman in life.

On the contrary, that strand of hatred seemed to be heavily suppressed by her deep sorrow, and vanished in the sky.

Seeing such Amber White, Sean didn’t dare to reach out and pull her!

How did it turn out to be like this?

It’s just simply a hide and seek, how could it turn out this way?

Although Sean wasn’t really fond of Amber’s daughter, he never thought of letting Cindy die!

He stood up, reached out, and pulled Amber after pondering for a while.

Just as he almost stretched out his arms, Amber suddenly moved, turned around, and looked at Sean, before asking, “You are right. The tide is high, it’s not safe here anymore!”

“But Cindy has not come back yet!”

“I’m not going. I will stay here to accompany Cindy!”

Sean clasped Amber’s strong palm with sudden force.

Has Amber gone crazy? Did she really believe those angry words? Did she really think he would ask someone to throw Cindy into the sea?

“What’s up? Did Director Qin really plan to die again? Jumping into the sea is indeed better than jumping into the river!”

Those hurtful words seemed to be at the tip of the mouth. Amber didn’t say any hurtful words to Sean, but Sean had more hurtful words waiting for her,

It’s obvious that Sean had done it.

Amber’s slender figure was shaking. Her whole body looked like a piece of paper, that even a gust of wind could blow her away.

Sean pulled Amber harder, his face was gloomy. Under a pair of narrow eyelashes, Amber’s eyes were stained with panic.

These three years, Amber kept s aying that she loves him, but she would rather believe the kidnappers’ words whom she happened to meet just once, and chose not to believe what he said!

Sean took a deep breath, seized Amber to go back.

The problem wasn’t over yet. No matter who did it, he definitely wouldn’t let it go!

Or else, that old man would come to him and ask for his life!

“You let go! Sean!”

“Don’t touch me!”

Amber struggled fiercely. Following the strength of her struggle, Sam’s arms, back, and every wound in his body, were affected because of her.

The painful Sean couldn’t help but groan.

“Let’s go home first!”

“Don’t you want to get revenge for Cindy?”

When she heard the word ‘revenge’, her eyes shook. Until this moment, her pupils came to focus together.

“Revenge? Whom could I search for revenge?”

“Sean, after playing it like this, hasn’t it concluded that I can’t do anything about you! I can’t get justice for Cindy!”

“Is it because you see me in despair and a difficult position, so that you show off your pride and honor!”

“My daughter, Cindy is gone! President Smith, you’re happy, right?”

“Cindy is still very young. She is so sensible. Sean, how could you do this? What is your heart exactly made of!”

“Return Cindy to me!”

Amber said and rushed towards Sean’s direction.

Sean was caught off guard. She pounced him open. His left arm shook. A sharp pain stung through his tall body, making him numb, caused him to push her by reflex.

She has a serious illness. She hasn’t recovered yet, so she couldn’t handle a heavy burden. Sean only used a little strength, but her body wobbled twice, and finally fell directly to the ground.

Sean’s feet seemed to be nailed to the ground.

He stared straight at Amber.

Amber had stabilized her body, but she’s still weak. After standing firmly, she staggered. Following the force, she should’ve fallen toward Sean’s direction.

Instead, she felt abruptly on the beach.

How much did she hate him, that she prevailed her reflex, and also draw a clear line with him?

Standing on a vast seashore, Sean felt cold all over his body, sweats were dripping from his temple. Both the sensation from his body and soul, made Sean’s heart in pain.

He doesn’t love Amber, he shouldn’t felt pain!

Sean’s lips were trembling, he subconsciously touched the cigarette that he took from Gu Jinyan’s car, when he got off.

He brought the cigarette, but forgot to bring the lighter. Looking at the trembling woman lying on the ground, he really felt like a fool.

A hopeless fool!

He didn’t owe Amber. The reason why he’s in pain so much, was because, this time, something happened to Cindy, and he’s got something to do with it!

He didn’t love Amber. The reason why he’s afraid, was because when they returned to the hospital, and if he couldn’t explain clearly, that old man would’ve asked him to pay for Cindy’s life!


Sean blinked his eyes, his strength seemed to be drained. He was so flustered. There’s only Amber and Cindy’s shadow in his heart!

Especially at the time, when Cindy was together with him!

The laughter of that little dumpling, gradually squeezed into his mind, and spread into every corner. Sean blinked his lashes, only to feel that his lips had become drier.

Sean squeezed the cigarette pack, took two steps forward. He stretched out his hands intending to pull Amber, and as if the woman felt it, she hid aside.

He moved his hand again, eagerly and quickly, reached out to grabbed Amber’s slender waist. His hand directly touched Amber’s thigh!

Amber was dumbfounded, her face blushed. She didn’t even think about it and slapped Sean in the face, without hesitation.

There was a loud ‘smack’.

Sean’s movement stopped in an instant. Amber took two deep breaths, and with a sharp and trembling voice, “Sean, you are shameless!”

Amber slapped him hard and had not strengthed left. A red mark quickly formed on his pretty cheek.

When she fell silent, Sean raised his right arm. Amber saw the phone in his palm.

The air was suddenly quiet.

Sean’s eyelashes were hidden within the twilight, inexplicably gloomy.

His pink shirt was stained with dust, making him look less distant.

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