Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 206: Tell My Accomplice to Leave no Trace!

Amber’s action paused suddenly, and she realized that she might have misunderstood what Sean really meant.

And Sean…

Within one day, he was slapped twice by Amber, and now, his eyes were so cold and gloomy.

But when he thought of Cindy, he held back his anger in his heart, and then it faded away gradually.

Sean looked askance at Amber, reached out to dial the phone, and tightly clasped Amber’s body with his thin but strong arm to prevent her from continuing to do any action.

“Sean, what are you doing?”

Amber remembered Xu Lin’s cell phone number, and her pupils were contracted, and then she heard Sean’s voice.

“What am I doing? Didn’t you suspect me? I’m afraid you’ll catch me in the act!”

“I will make a phone call and tell my partner to leave no trace!”

Amber was stunned, and her body struggled with less movement.

She looked at Sean, and her heart seemed to have been torn open, and the wind came in through the opening, making her even shiver in summer.

The call was quickly answered.

“Hello, who’s it?”

Sean’s eyes became serious, “It’s me!”

Before Xu Lin reacted, Sean spoke faster and directly reported a license plate number, “Bring up the surveillance video near the suburban waters for me, and lock this license plate number, as well as the Wuling van!”

Saying that, Sean scanned the call records on his phone and reported a cell phone number to Xu Lin, “Look up this cell phone number and bring up all the numbers that went through this phone in ten minutes!”

“One by one, identify the location! You have ten minutes to sift through the dens of the gang that kidnapped Cindy!”

Xu Lin looked confused, his voice trembling, “Mr. Smith, you’re with Miss White? I’m going to check it now! Is Cindy safe?”

Sean’s pupils were contracted and he just cut off the call.

When the kidnappers came over to make a deal, they were lax and looked unprofessional, talking too much.

The fact that they didn’t bring anyone over meant that there’s another group of people guarding Cindy.

In other words, after getting the money, the people who came to make the deal would be in touch with the people guarding the kid!

If they killed Cindy…

Sean suddenly was shocked. He’s not sure if Cindy was still alive, but the words the kidnappers said before that Cindy had been dead must be a lie!

They wouldn’t easily kill Cindy when they hadn’t got the money they wanted!

That’s why he had told Amber that he wasn’t given much time before.

These people even nearly got him killed on the mountain, but now it didn’t matter!

The important thing was that Sean hated this practice of letting him take the blame!

He clasped Amber around the waist and walked directly to the car. The two of them were so close that Amber had heard Sean’s conversation thoroughly.

She suddenly regained consciousness.

Xu Lin is the secretary of Sean, and Sean let Xu Lin to investigate, so was he not afraid that Tomas would know it?

Could it be that the things really weren’t done by Sean?

She was so confused, but when she heard him making orders calmly, she somehow had some hope in her heart.

Sean dragged Amber, walked to the place where the car was parked, opened the passenger door, and stuffed Amber into the car.

Sean then got in and started the car.

When Sean saw Amber was not in good spirits, he had a rare tenderness in his voice.

“Don’t make a fuss, the car they’re driving isn’t going very fast, and I’ll take you after it now!”

Amber knew that Sean was explaining that the kidnapping of Cindy had nothing to do with him.

The car didn’t walk smoothly on the beach, and even Amber’s body shook from the bumps.

Usually kidnappers kidnap people for money and won’t hurt them, because if they get caught by the police, murder is a much bigger crime than kidnapping!

Fifty million, that’s as much as an astronomical figure to the average person!

At first, Amber thought that the kidnappers wanted so much money because they knew that Smith family was so rich…

“Okay, let’s go after it! But after catching up, what if the kidnappers still say it’s you Sean who plotted it all?”

Amber said, starting to cry again. Cindy was not only her daughter, but also Sean’s. Although Sean didn’t accept Cindy and always said some nasty words, she could still torlate it!

But if Sean really wanted Cindy to die, what could she do?

Sean held the steering wheel more and more tightly.

In one word, Amber had been sure that it was Sean who bought the kidnappers and let them kidnap Cindy!

In her heart, was he such a person?

“Miss White, you’re really overestimating your importance in my heart, there are so many ways for me to make you miserable!”

“I won’t choose to make you in pain by killing someone!”

Sean then continued, “Murder is against the law!”

Amber pursed her lips and laughed out loud, “You still don’t admit it…”

Although Sean didn’t see Cindy very often, Amber didn’t believe that Sean didn’t know how important Cindy was to her!

There were many ways to make her miserable, and killing Cindy was indeed one of the most painful ways to make her miserable!

Sean couldn’t let go of the frustration in his heart, and he smashed the steering wheel resentfully.

“Yes! I deny it!”

“What does Miss White want? Let me die with your daughter?”

“Yes! You can sue me!”

“Miss White, don’t forget to bring enough evidence! Otherwise, I, Sean, won’t let you go easily!”

Saying that, Sean threw his phone at Amber, his voice was full of unexpressed anger.

“Did you record the words this time?”

“Here’s my phone! Record now!”

“Do you need me to repeat it to you?”

“I want your daughter to die, even though she is a three-year-old baby!”

“Cindy was kidnapped by me, Sean, and I killed her, even the body was thrown by me! “

“Is Miss White satisfied with that kind of talk?”

Sean drove the car down the road, his heart burning with flames, and by the end of it, he wasn’t even sure what he was saying anymore!

Amber closed her eyes and lay on the passenger seat, keeping silent.

Before, she didn’t believe that Sean would leave her on the mountain and want her dead!

But after she came back, he confessed.

Now, she didn’t believe that Sean was mad at Cindy because he didn’t like Amber, but why would the kidnappers say something like that?

As such a powerful man, Sean wasn’t a person who the kidnappers dared to plant the kidnapping on

Amber was getting more and more confused, and listening to Sean’s angry words, she really felt so painful.

Amber didn’t say anything, and Sean’s words were like a punch into cotton, soft and extraordinarily suffocating.

He licked his lips, and looked at Amber through the right rearview mirror.

In the past, when working in the business world, Amber was confidence, but at this moment, ever since she learned that Cindy might die, all the bright light in her eyes had faded away.

Even her lips, which have always been fluorescent, had lost their luster, and she completely looked like a lifeless puppet.

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