Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 207: Never Give Up

Sean gripped the steering wheel tightly and the steering wheel sank when he pressed the gas pedal. As soon as the car reached the road, it was like an arrow flying off the string and he drove towards the kidnappers.

He would not let it go at that no matter who offended him!

It was obvious that the kidnappers were familiar with this route. They had disappeared when Sean and Amber caught up, which was like disappearing into thin air. Sean pulled up to a fork in the road and slapped the steering wheel bitterly. Amber blinked, Sean thought she was going to say something bad again but she did not and there was no movement either as if she had been tranquilized.

Sean was even more upset and he glanced at his watch. It was only a few dozen seconds away from ten minutes after he finished the call. There was no news from Xu Lin and his efficiency should be improved. The phone suddenly rang in the cramped car, which was particularly abrupt.

Amber answered the phone quickly, “Any news?”

It was Xu Lin, Sean took the phone and turned on the pa before Lin answered Amber.

“Hey, Mrs. White? According to the instructions of the president, I checked the video of the suburban beach but I did not find the Wuling van.”

Sean frowned and asked, “How about the phone number? Have you determined the exact location of the kidnapper’s hideout?”

“The license plate is fake and the one you gave me is a truck license plate, which was canceled three years ago. I find the location of the truck by the license plate and it is in the southern suburbs……Also, I took the telephone record of the kidnappers within 10 minutes and people that they contacted were not much, which were four or five and I already checked their identities but there was a number that could not be checked…I found it was also located in the abandoned car factory with the help of the police.”

Sean smirked and he took back what he had just said because Xu Lin was of use!

Then he ordered, “Tell our men to guard all the exits of the car factory. Keep an eye on it!… Wait for me!”

It was not far away from the southern suburb but Sean grew up in Tong City and he was not familiar with it. He only knew a path that could get there in half an hour, then he drove along the road to destination after hanging up the phone. The path was not wide or smooth but it had just rained and there were wheel marks on the ground. Sean thought that the kidnappers should pass this way, so Xu Lin had not seen them.

Amber blinked her eyes and licked her lips, she whispered, “When will your men arrive?

What if we arrived and they left?”

Sean glanced at Amber who was anxious.

“No worries. You should know the influence of the Smith family in Tong City. As long as Xu Lin gives an order, people nearby will go there first no matter where they are…I’ll be informed immediately if the kidnappers make any changes. “

Amber nodded, she was so weak that she looked pale, had dry skin on her lips, and was no longer as radiant as she used to be.

Sean frowned and involuntarily speeding up.

Half an hour later, in the south of the abandoned car factory.

Xu Lin was already there when Sean and Amber arrived and Gu Jinyan was there too. As soon as they got out of the car, Gu went around it and whispered, “Didn’t you and Amber go on a redeem Cindy? Why did my car change the way it did?”

Sean did not explain and he held Amber’s arm tightly but there was always a distance between them. Gu did not see Cindy, Amber was in such bad shape but she was here to catch the kidnappers. Sean would not take a sick person for anything, would he?

Gu just realized something was wrong but Xu Lin was in front of them before he reminded him, “Mr. Smith, Miss White, is Young Lady sleeping in the car? It’s not safe here, should I take her home first?”

There was a hush as soon as he said. Sean’s s face was downcast and he looked at Amber who was redness in eyes. Her hysteric and heartbreak seemed to have been vented at the seaside. She said nothing at this moment, which was unexpectedly strange.

“Where are the kidnappers?”

Sean whispered.

It was only then that Xu Lin realized something was wrong. his throat was a little dry and everything he said was embarrassed.

“They were still inside and we did not get them in the case causing undesired agitation. The van you mentioned was in but it did not come out……”

Sean sweated as he clasped Amber’s s arm and now, he suddenly regretted taking her with him. In case Cindy was killed and they will see her body when they came in later. If so, what if Amber lost her temper again?

He knew that Cindy meant a lot to Amber and he was afraid that Amber would do something stupid if Cindy was killed.

It was getting dark and their vision gradually blurred. Sean took a deep breath, “Get a few reliable men to guard the exits and the rest of you to follow me inside…Do not let anyone go!”

Gu and Xu Lin looked at each other, they were shocked by Sean. Fortunately, Lin had enough men before he got here.

Amber suddenly pushed Sean away and said, “Make sure you catch them, Mr. Smith…Just think of it as paying off what you owed me, thanks!”

Her voice was so low that Sean could barely hear her and he moved his lips but said nothing. He suddenly did not dare stimulate Amber again.

Although the road here was not easy, the location was good.

In the city, the lights on in the evening. Although the lights did not reach here, the noise of the city had gone away. It was a quiet and peaceful place where people could enjoy the night scene. Sean followed Amber with a flickering light as if he were a marionette. The closer he got, the more frightened he became, which Sean wanted to restrain but he could not.

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