Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 208: I’ll go with you

Xu Lin and Gu Jinyan had a whispered talk.

“What’s wrong with them, Mr.Gu?”

“Who knows. Anyway, do not mention Cindy in front of them.”


Sean heard their conversation and warned Xu Lin with his eyes widening, but he was not sure if Amber heard them.

The atmosphere turned quiet at this moment.

Amber had fallen on the ground when Sean looked back again, and she hummed. Sean could see her knees in the faint light. There was a dark liquid coming out, which dyed her light gown a bit darker.

Sean quickly stepped forward and held her hand again. She tried to struggle, but he held her more tightly, “It’s not the right time to fight against me, director White. Don’t you want to find the kidnappers and get even for Cindy as soon as possible?… You’re wasting our time now!”

He just heard Amber sobbing faintly when he got closer to her and even felt that she was trembling. She was afraid that she would never see Cindy anymore and was afraid that her hopes would be dashed, “Well, get them and leave me alone.”

Sean sneered helplessly, “What? what if the kidnappers say it’s nothing to do with me if you’re not there?”

After that, Sean stared at her eyes and asked, “Or, you trust me, do you?”

Amber said nothing, she had not seen Cindy until now and even thought that Cindy had been killed. She did not believe anyone before they caught the kidnappers. She snuggled up to Sean, “Okay! I’ll go with you.”

Sean put his arms around her waist as if lifting her off the ground. It was the first time in the three years of their marriage that they had been so close in sober moments. Amber just felt absurd, and her heart was no longer throbbing when he approached her.

It was quiet. With Amber in his arms, Sean felt groggy too. It was particularly quiet at night in summer; even the slightest sound would be a little abrupt. Amber suddenly put her hand on his chest, which attracted Sean’s attention.

The night turned her face paler, “I heard Cindy, Sean.”

She looked at him, anxiously, “Did you hear? She is crying…”

Sean said nothing and frowned. The kidnappers had said that their purpose was to get money and kill Cindy, which showed that they were not nice folks. Amber knew that maybe Cindy was already gone. She might have been so sad and hallucinated that she said those words, or to frighten him! It was very dark, and there was a little rustle in the wind, combining with what she had just said, which was quite frightening. Instead of answering, Sean blamed himself in the heart. After all, it was he who did not take good care of Cindy when she entrusted Cindy to him on the mountain.

“Further ahead should be where the kidnappers are hiding, if you’re scared…….”

Amber shook her head so hard that he could see her suddenly burst into tears, which made him embarrassed and unprepared.

“No, I heard Cindy.”

She suddenly struggled in his arms when she said, and he clung to her waist, regardless of his injury, “Amber! Listen to me, Amber! It’s your illusion…Cindy was young, and she could not run away from a group of kidnappers.”

As he was talking, a sobbing suddenly came into his ears, which made him froze. Amber tried to control herself with covering mouth, trembling, “Did you hear it? It’s Cindy!”

Sean looked around, the cry died away, and there was no more sound. He was worried that why did he show up if it was a hallucination? Did her daughter mean so much to him? Sean licked his dry lips and looked around by the light of his phone. Amber clutched his shirt and pointed east, “It was coming from there!”

Her legs had gone soft, perhaps because she had seen the hope after so much despair. Sean shoved the phone into her hand, leaned over to pick her up, and then walked quickly in the direction she was pointing. They came to the end of the road soon, and there was the wall built by the old car factory.

Amber struggled, “Put me down!”

Then Sean put her down. She looked around by the light of the phone. There was a thicket at the wall’s base, whose branches were trembling but did not make any sound. They looked at each other, and she took a step. Although the light was dim, she could see Cindy crying so hard.

Her legs became weaker, and she dropped to her knees, “My Cindy…….”

She felt sad and bad; the big drops of tears rolled down from her eyes. She reached forward and carefully picked Cindy up from the bushes.


Cindy choked with sobs and then burst into tears. She must have cried for a long time because her voice was hoarse. Her clothes were wet through, while her right foot was bare. Her pink stocking was torn, and her toe was wet with mud. Also, there was a swollen palm print on the right side of her face. Amber could feel that her high temperature when she held her. There were full of tears in Amber’s eyes, and she wiped Cindy’s face trembly, then held Cindy tightly in her arms.

“Cindy…my baby!” Amber asked with a hoarse voice, “Why are you here, Cindy?”

“Mommy, I’m scared…I crawled out of the dog hole. I exhausted myself running…”

Perhaps she was extremely frightened, Cindy was incoherent, but Amber could understand her. Her girl escaped when the kidnappers were not looking.

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