Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 209: Were you going to kill me, Daddy?

“Sorry, Cindy, Mommy is late…”

Amber dropped to her knees and sobbed. The despair when she was in the seaside and the fright when she knew Cindy was killed were all vented out at this moment, which made her almost faint. Seeing them hugging together and crying, Sean felt a sense of relief. There was no denying that Sean was a little happy when he saw Cindy again. He relieved and relaxed his nerves. The pain in his body made him grit his teeth as the after-effects of injuries he got on the mountain, and the accident all came up. He bent slightly over and saw there were a pair of chubby hands with mud reached out from her arms, applying it to Amber’s face.

“I know you’ll come to me, Mommy, don’t cry, mommy.”

She was only three years old. Although she could say clearly, it was the tone of babies. Amber’s heart seemed to be torn in two. The noise of them attracted the attention of Gu Jinyan, who had been following them, and he walked over with Xu Lin. Gu stunned when he saw Cindy, “What’s going on? Why is Cindy here?”

As he said, Cindy curled up into Amber’s arms. Amber held her tightly and shook her head. There were tears in her eyes. She had never cried so badly in her life.

Sean frowned and whispered, “It’s better to leave here, take men to catch the kidnappers, Xu Lin…I’ll take Amber and Cindy back to the car.”

Then he reached out to hold Cindy, but she wrapped her arms around Amber’s neck tightly, “I’m scared…Mommy, hug.”

Hearing this, Amber tightly held Cindy, who had a fever, and Amber was not in a hurry to find the kidnappers but to take her to the hospital.

She wiped her tears and looked at Sean, “Shall we take her to the hospital first, Mr. Smith? She has a fever.”

Sean nodded; he did not hold Cindy toughly and just took the flashlight from Xu Lin.

“Mrs. Smith asked me to take a doctor here and you can ask the doctor to see Cindy.”

Amber was about to nod, but Cindy’s words stunned her. “Were you going to kill me, Daddy?”

Hearing that, Amber was nervous.

All of them heard it clearly. Sean frowned and looked towards Amber and Cindy’s eyes were clear in the night.


Sean felt a wave rising in his heart and it was so strong that he couldn’t control his trembling body. Not only did Amber think so, but Cindy who was three years old, thought that, too. Did they think he was too narrow-minded to accommodate a kid? He took a deep breath and said with a chill tone.

Cindy shrank her shoulders instinctively when she said, “I heard that beard uncle said…I’m not your kid, so you want to kill me and then have babies with Lin Man.”

It was very dark, and hardly anyone noticed that Amber was shocked when she heard what Cindy said. The atmosphere was suddenly awkward, and everyone was silent. There was no sound except for the faint sound of breathing; even Gu glanced at Sean surprisingly.

Everyone in Tong City knew Sean had a great depth of feeling on Lin Man. Besides, it was said by Cindy, who was only three years old, which was no possibility of lying.


Gu giggled, breaking the awkward atmosphere. He grabbed Xu Lin by one hand and pointed to the factory, “There seems to be something wrong over there. Let’s go and have a look.”

Lin got him and they walked over together.

Cindy’s tears oozed down Amber’s collar as if soaking her heart.

“Really, Daddy? I’m not your daughter?”

Her words were a slap in the face to Amber because she had been telling Cindy how much Sean loved them over the years. She had thought of countless images that had been debunked, except for that she heard it from an outsider and asked Sean innocently. Amber held Cindy tightly; then, she looked at Sean. It was a good opportunity to get rid of them, and he would not miss it, would he? A few minutes later, Sean still kept silent. Amber looked at him, and his eyes were sightless as if he was lost in thought. Cindy had just mentioned Lin Man. Obviously, Amber could know what Sean was thinking about. She had known him for more than a decade, and for the first time, she thought he was strange. He did such a cruel thing but dared not admit it.

Amber blurted out with a tone of complaint, “I was mistaken about you, Sean.”

Her hollow sound brought Sean back to himself, and then he sneered. Was she wrong about him? Was she not bored that she had said it many times?

“What are you talking about, Miss White?” Sean licked his lips and groaned, “Is your way of judging things so arbitrary? Convict me for just a few words?”

Her lips trembled, and Sean tugged so hard at his collar that the first button on his shirt snapped.

His collarbone loomed in the night.

“You should know that your daughter is only three years old, and everything she heard was one-sided! Are you going to sue me? And plan to put your 3-year-old daughter on the witness stand? Besides, who knows if you taught Cindy about it? I could say you were in cahoots with the kidnappers to set me up!”

Sean grabbed Amber by her chin. There was a coldness in his eyes, which made the night colder. Amber felt hurt on the chin, also hurt in heart, which was a kind of pain she could not ignore!

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