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Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 21: She’s your cousin’s wife.

He might hate her very much. She had seldom appeared in the three years except she wanted him back when Cindy was born. But the damage he did to her was never absent from her life!

Like this one!

GR has been a downstream company of Smith’s and supplied Smith with raw materials for construction.

The person GR sent to bid was Lin han. Amber White has investigated GR. The building materials sent by Lin han were all right, but he had a criminal record.

This was supposed to be a done deal, but Amber White is not optimistic about GR. Firstly, his price is much higher than that of other building materials companies. Secondly, she suspected that Lin han will send raw materials that fail quality inspection.

And he was investigated for giving fake materials.

Once this was over, GR’s shares plunged. Although Lin han did not leave, it was clear to know his position in the company.

It is impossible that Lin han did not hate her.

Sean Smith, who was there, was cool about it. Unexpectedly, he’d do this to her!

Amber White held a glass of wine, and her heart set on fire burning her to death.


If it hadn’t been for Sean Smith, or, in other words, for three years, if it hadn’t been for Sean Smith, who would have said a word to her!

She knew that he did not want to see her, so she moved out of bo’s house and stayed away from him, but she couldn’t get away.

She just wanted a stable life with Cindy!

Why was it so hard?

“Director White, do you really want to embarrass me?”

Lin han said again, and Amber White saw his obvious discomfort.

“Manager Lin, you have worked with director White. You should know that director White is not a good drinker. How about I, the director of public relations, have a drink with you?”

As soon as lu yi made a move, Sean Smith raised his head. His eyes were like cold sharp blades.

He was suspicious that when he heard in the tea room Amber White and lu yi cuddled at the reception, but did his cousin care too much about his wife?

He didn’t like people protecting Amber White!

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Sean Smith’s anger in his eyes coming, and there are dark tides between lu yi, Amber White and Lin han.

Lin han did not want to take lu yi’s words, he looked at him meaningfully, and his smiling eyes narrowed into a slit.

“If I remember correctly, manager lu should be Mr. Smith’s cousin. What does it matter to you if I propose a toast to Mrs. Smith? Even if direc tor White doesn’t want to drink it, isn’t Smith still here? Manager Lu, are you protecting the wrong person?” Lin han put light voice, and ensured that the people in the room can hear, the frivolous and wretched overflow out from his expression, “Director White is your cousin’s wife!”

Lin han’s words exploded like thunder in the room, which made the room silent.

Sean Smith stared at Amber White. wasn’t Amber White very good at it? He couldn’t wait to hear what Amber White is going to say about it.

Lu yi was indifferent. He turned his head and his eyes fell on Sean Smith in the center of the crowd. He said, “Manager Lin needs to be careful what you says. The whole Marketing Department knows that my main purpose is just to regret not being able to cooperate with you before, so here’s to you. Do you despise me?”

Lin han was stunned. His situation at the company was getting worse because of Amber White. He came to the party just wanted to teach Amber White a lesson!

“No, I didn’t!” Reluctant, Lin han raised his glass and touched Amber White’s forearm with his other hand, “Director White, have a drink with me?”

Amber White smiled and said,” Forget it, I’m not a good drinker. What if I get drunk and make jokes that spoil your fun!”

She said half-truth. Lin han could not find a reason to refute, can only touch glasses with lu yi and take a sip.

Lu yi sat to Amber White’s right, while Tang tian sat next to Sean Smith.

People of Tong city all know that the marriage between them seemingly in harmony but actually at variance. But in three years, they were rarely seen together. The first time they were seen, they all had one!

The room was strangely quiet.

However, after a few cups of wine, Lin han was a little drunk. He said, putting his hand on Amber White’s shoulder, “Director White, you have a good relationship with manager lu. Is it possible that you can make such a great achievement in such a big company like bo’s because of lu?”

Amber White shook off lin han’s hand, “Manager Lin, please respect yourself! You are at the party celebrating the victory of the bo’s company, not at your own compound, and barks after drinking. I don’t mind you in general, but when you get out of here and there are great officials and dignitaries, you lose more than you gain by offending them!”

Lin han did not lower his voice, and Amber White was angry, the rest of the room all heard their conversation, so there were more eyes on her.

Sean Smith had the most aggressive vision.

There was a bright light on his face, and he lifted his l!ps without smiling.

Seeing him watching, Lin han said with a smile, “Mr. Smith, director Whiter is a little hot-tempered. I made one joke and she got angry!”

He raised the wine again, and said, “Director White, I’m really sorry, don’t be angry!”

Lin han won’t stop until he pours wine into her mouth from his att!tude.

Sean Smith pursed his l!ps. His eyes filled with play, and then he said, “Director Qin, the Marketing Department led by you has won a great victory in this battle. You’re the star of tonight’s victory party, and there’s no excuse for not drinking!”

Amber White wrings her heart. Before she could express her disappointment, Sean Smith spoke again, “Besides, you will not come till everyone is here. How many drinks do you have to forfeit?”

Tang tian smiled, half covered her mouth and said, “Three drinks!”

“That makes four with this one!”

Amber White had a bad feeling. Before she could speak, Tang tian h.ugged Sean Smith’s arm and said, “Don’t bully my elder sister. Will you let her go after she finishes the glass of wine Mr. Lin poured for her?”

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