Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 210: Why are you so mean, Mr Smith?

Amber White sneered.

The things Cindy heard was one-sided? Then how could she dictate the cause and course? As Sean said, Amber hired someone to kidnap Cindy to set him up? Look! This was the man she had been in love with for so many years.

There was no point in arguing, and Amber just felt absurd. She was about to leave subconsciously with Cindy in her arms when Sean stopped her, “Where are you going?”

“I’ll take Cindy to the hospital.”

“Didn’t Xu Lin say he took a doctor? Stay here!” Sean said with a chill tone, “We haven’t found the kidnappers yet, and I would be wronged if you left.”

Amber could not take it anymore; she shook him off and said aggressively, “Then what I know was true? And…how do I know you wouldn’t have colluded with the kidnappers beforehand?”

There was sadness in her eyes and mixed feelings in her heart; even she could not know what it was like.

“So, does it matter?”

“Get out of my way! I’ll take Cindy to the hospital.”

Amber shocked Sean with her words so much that he was short of breath and felt dizzy, then he took a deep breath.

And now, he seriously suspected that Amber could not understand the human language! He never touched Cindy or even met the kidnappers. Also, he even knew about it later than Amber; how could he bear this crime for nothing?

“Yes, you don’t care, but I do!”

Sean suddenly grabbed Amber by the arm and walked back. Being afraid that Cindy would fall, Amber did not struggle too hard and followed his steps.

“Sean Smith!” there was a note of desperation in her voice, “You will let it go if Cindy died?”

Sean turned a deaf ear to it but held her arm more tightly, “What does your daughter have to do with me?”

He pursed his lips and said in a sarcastic tone. The hand he held Amber was harder, and he glanced at Cindy, who was sleeping in her arms out of exhaustion. He said through gritted teeth, “You overestimate yourself, Amber! If I wanted to kill your daughter, would she still be alive?”

Amber trembled, tears in her eyes were streaming down, and her heart seemed to have been beaten, which made her face pale.


She was about to say something when they were stopped by a man who had a beard, also a cigarette in his mouth, but they could not see what he looked like. Amber stepped back subconsciously, so did Sean! He stood in front of Amber like a mountain, which took her breath away.


Sean raised his eyebrow and found that he did not know this man. All the men Xu Lin took here went to the car factory. Although Sean did not know all of them, he knew clearly that the man in front of them was not his man.

“Who are you?”

The man laughed, “We talked on the phone before, Mr. Smith!”

Sean frowned.

He had been with Amber for the last few days; when did he talk with him on the phone? Sean had a foreboding, and then the man took out a pistol……

“Let’s talk about something, Mr. Smith. Look! Your family business is very large, but why are you so mean that you can’t bear to give up 50 million RMB?”

Sean was shocked and stunned. Also, he was sure that he did not know the kidnapper, but why did he mean that he was the mastermind of this case?

The man held the pistol and pointed at Cindy, who was behind Sean; he whispered, “Are you angry because we didn’t kill this little girl, Mr.Smith?”

Sean blocked the muzzle for Cindy, and he was shocked by his subconscious action. How was she worth letting him stop it for her as she was Amber’s daughter? Then he was about to move away when found something was wrong. Amber was an insidious woman who could get Tomas Smith to withdraw capital with a few words, and Sean would have a hard time if he could not handle this case well.

“Wait! When did I contact you, and what did I have you do? And what evidence do you have?… You’re the first and only one to have been so brazen in laying this charge on my head! You have to be careful! It’s Tong City here!”

The man laughed, “Oh my god! Are you going to disavow this?”

Amber, who was behind Sean, pushed him away, and she held Cindy behind her. Cindy hugged Amber’s leg and said, “It’s he who tried to kill me, Mommy!”

Cindy was shaking so terribly that Amber was worried and tried to swallow the urge to hold her in his arms. The man glanced at Amber and added, “Well, I’ll kill this bitch and this girl, but you have to take your men away! What do you think? I don’t want to go to jail.”

Then the man pointed at Amber with his pistol, and Sean suddenly kicked him in the wrist, which made the man scream in pain, and the pistol fell to the ground. Sean punched him in the face so hard as if he used all his strength.

“Who gave you the nerve to frame me? Who?!”

Sean was furious, whether his tone or punch was hard. Anyway, Sean was wounded. The man had been held down by him because he was not prepared for the attack. Then he pushed Sean away, getting up from the ground and walking towards the pistol. Sean immediately caught him, and they fought again. The man was cruel; he knew Sean had a wound and deliberately attacked his wound and head. Sean would die even if he beat him.

“Business is the salt of life! Mr.Smith! You don’t have to be ruthless!”

Sean was helpless, and he would have believed the kidnapper if he had been a bystander because every word the man said was deeply ambiguous.

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