Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 211: Fifty million dollars to kill a child

“You stop it!”

Amber suddenly yelled at them, while Sean looked in her direction and noticed that she had a gun in her hand, so they stopped.

They were not far from Amber, but for some reason, they couldn’t see her face.

She was holding a gun while her dress was blown up by the wind, and her arm moved as the gun in her hand was pointed at the beard man.

“Mrs. Smith, the gun is dangerous, so if you want to say something, put down your gun and say it.”

“Sean hired you to kidnap my daughter?”

Amber’s voice was so calm that Sean couldn’t tell if anything was wrong just from the way she spoke.

“Yes, but I didn’t hurt your daughter, so Mrs. Smith, did you point the gun at the wrong man?”

Beard was hurt on his face, looking very careless when he spoke. Had it not been for his clenched hands, which betrayed his feelings, Amber would have been fooled.

“On the hill, which is behind the Smith family, there is the ancestral temple of the Smith family, and if it wasn’t a member of the Smith family, no one else could get in at all! Mrs. Smith, I can go up the hill, taking your daughter, and do you think I could have done it if no one had let me in on purpose?”

“I was rushed with the assignment, but I’m not going to mistake the person who hired me for it!”

“Money comes from danger. Fifty million dollars to kill a child!”

“It’s a good deal for us!”

Good deal?

Did Cindy just look like a business to these people?

“Are you telling the truth?”

Beard nodded and then Amber’s voice trembled. “Don’t you fear retribution for your wickedness?”

Then Beard smiled meaningfully but said nothing.

They didn’t believe in retribution any more!

“Sean, what do you have to say?”

Amber asked.

Sean fell dizzy.

He really didn’t understand what the kidnapper had in mind?

Why did the kidnapper insist that he wanted to kidnap Cindy, trying to kill her?

Amber was usually very smart, so why was she so easily convinced by a kidnapper?

Did he kidnap Cindy? He thought Amber was just directing and acting by herself.

Sean’s eyes looked a little red and he squinted, looking in Amber’s direction, while he heard Amber’s voice.

Her voice sounded warm and soft, but it was frightening for no reason!

“Sean, you’re in a confrontation with the kidnapper! Even Cindy said she heard that it was you, who was trying to kill her!”

“I want to ask you that how Cindy hurt you as you even wanted to kill her?”

Amber shouted at the top of her voice as she asked him. When Sean heard these words, he stepped a little in Amber’s direction but when Beard saw this, he reached out, stopping Sean.

In a bad mood, Sean turned to Beard and smashed Beard with his fist.

When Beard lost once, he could not lose twice, so the two of them fought again and when they fought together, the scene looked chaotic.

The summer night was still, so when Amber pulled the safety bolt on the gun, the sound was magnified a thousand times and Beard froze in surprise.

He unconsciously grabbed Sean, putting Sean in front of him.

“Mrs. Smith, I’m just an accomplice at best, so don’t act on impulse.”

Sean was badly hurt, so when he fought with Beard, Sean couldn’t win.

Sean was grabbed by Beard’s hand and Sean’s chest was exposed to Amber’s muzzle. Through the night, Sean could see deep into Amber’s eyes as there was too much hate in her eyes…

She hated him so much, and he tried to ignore it, but he couldn’t!

Did she really want to kill him? !

The constant pain in Sean’s heart was magnified in an instant and Sean shook uncontrollably.

There was a flash of bewilderment in his eyes.

On the hill, he dived all the way to find Amber and he almost died there. In the end, Amber only hated him!


It’s nice!

He didn’t hate her yet, but she hated him first!

When he was on the hill, he should have let Amber be killed by a falling stone!

Amber didn’t seem to hear Beard’s words as she looked at Sean and said, word by word.

“None of us will ever get out of here alive till you explain it to me today!”

“I am weak, but I will not put up with you any longer when you are ready to kill my daughter!”

Sean tried to pull his arm away, and he pointed between his eyes.


“Here, shoot with your gun!”

He licked the corner of his lips and his voice was as cold as a piece of ice. “If I run away, I’m not Sean!”

Sean felt unspeakable nausea. In all his years, though he was not free to do whatever he wanted!

He had never been forced to do so.

It was like three years ago when he was forced to marry Amber, which made him sick!

Amber was the only person who could think of such a cunning trick!

“I do hate myself as I hate that I’m stupid and I hate that I’m blind. I hate meeting scum like you as I can’t see through you!”

Amber was shaking as she held the gun in her hand.

“You’re going to kill my daughter, I…”

She didn’t continue, but what she had said was enough to make Beard tremble and his eyes rolled…

The bullet was very dangerous and in Amber’s state, she would probably kill Sean.

If Amber accidentally injured him…

As the kidnaper thought about this, the kidnapper involuntarily let go of Sean’s arm.

Beard was supposed to go to the toilet and when he saw Sean’s subordinates, he managed to escape as he didn’t want to die!

As Beard thought about this, Beard grabbed Sean by the throat.

“Mrs. Smith, I helped you kill him… You put that gun down!”

Sean was breathing harder and harder. He had a fever before he came, and then he had a car accident!

So he was able to fight Beard to the limit of his ability now!

When he fought with Beard, he didn’t see Amber trying to call for help!

Was Amber really going to kill him?

Sean swore in a low voice, feeling more and more breathless. According to the way Beard pinched his neck, he had at most one minute…

Sean glanced in Amber’s direction, laughing angrily.

He didn’t die on the hill trying to save Amber, but he’s going to die in this place trying to save Amber’s daughter.

Sean just felt bad!

Under the starlight, Amber’s eyelashes looked silver-gray.

“I want him dead!”

“This is between us!”

“If you meddle in our business, I’ll kill you!”

Amber’s voice sounded hoarse. “You stay away!”

“All right!”

After Beard listened, he let go of Sean. He raised his hands, smiling reluctantly in Amber’s direction, and then he moved cautiously to the side.

When Beard let go of Sean, Sean felt a lack of oxygen in his brain. His body shook and he fell to the ground.

He took two deep breaths.

“Bang!” Suddenly he heard a shot.

When Amber shot Beard, Amber’s hand was numb from the shock of the gun. Standing in the dark, her face looked very pale and as Amber watched Beard falling to the ground, she shivered and threw her gun away.

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