Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 212: Was Amber pretending to be weak in front of him?

Amber blinked her eyes, and her lips were almost bloodless.

Sean tilted his head, seeing Beard, who looked like he’s dying with his eyes open.

There was a glint of disgust in Sean’s eyes.

As soon as Sean arrived here, Xu Lin had already told him in detail what Beard had done.

How easy it was for a man as vicious as Beard to die like this!

Sean reached out, brushed the dust off his clothes, and took a few steps in Amber’s direction.

Her legs felt soft with fear, but she still crouched down, holding Cindy in her arms, while her body shook violently.

Amber’s eyes widen as she looked in the direction of Beard, and her voice sounded frightened. “He’s dead?”

She shot Beard on the head with the gun, and Sean was standing so close that he could even see the kidnapper’s brain splashing.

It would be a miracle if the kidnapper was still alive!

Sean raised his lips sarcastically as Amber shot the kidnapper with a gun, so was Amber pretending to be weak in front of him?

“He’s dead!”

“Mrs. White, do you want to go over and make sure!”

As Sean said these words, Sean leaned over, trying to hug Cindy.

When Amber perceived his movements, she hugged Cindy, backing away, while she even reached out with one hand, pushing Sean away.

Sean frowned as he was pushed away by Amber when he tried to hug Cindy.

Amber held Cindy tightly in her arms as if she was afraid of losing Cindy and wanted to gain strength from Cindy.

“Sean, I shot him, so he couldn’t tell anyone what you had said!”

After she said these words, it wasn’t just Sean, who suddenly stopped, but even Gu Jinyan and Xu Lin, who had heard gunshots, running here, stopped suddenly.

The kidnappers have been found, so how could Sean still be convicted?

“Sister-in-law, is there some misunderstanding? Sean wouldn’t do that!”

After hearing this, Xu Lin nodded. “Mrs. White, Mr. Smith was so badly hurt, but he insisted on coming to help you save Cindy…”

“Shut up!”

Sean scolded him in a low voice.

Xu Lin was silent.

Amber licked the corners of her mouth while if Xu Lin didn’t say anything, she almost forgot that Sean left her to die in Feng Lin Area.

It’s not enough that he wanted to kill her as he even wanted to kill Cindy.

She raised her lips but could not smile and she wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

Instead, Sean glanced at Amber.

Amber has been arguing with him for so long and she’s pretending to be weak now, so maybe when they got back, Amber would go to his father, crying in front of his father, and criticize him!

He didn’t blame Amber for removing the rescue team, but she wanted to blame him now!

“That’s very kind of you, Mrs. White. You would have spared me, a murderer.”

“So do you want me to thank you, Mrs. White?”

Amber felt that her heart had broken today, so even though Sean said these words, she didn’t seem to have any expression on her face.

“Mr. Smith, after we go back this time, I hope you won’t disturb Cindy and me anymore!”

“I have a recording of everything you admit! So if Cindy and I are threatened by anything else again, we will have to fight you to the death!”

After Amber said these words, Amber stood up with Cindy in her arms, striding toward the car.

She paused as she turned to Xu Lin, asking in a low voice. “Mr. Xu, could you please ask someone to take Cindy and me to the hospital?”

Xu Lin was about to say yes when Sean raised his lips, saying. “Xu Lin, take her to the hospital yourself!”

“Lest if anything happens to Mrs. White on the way to the hospital, I should be blamed!”

Xu Lin said. “Mr. Smith, you don’t look well, so why don’t I take you to the hospital for a check-up…”

“No!” Sean raised his lips and his smile looked as if it had a cold chill, making Xu Lin shiver. “I’m toxic, so if I’m in the same car with Mrs. White and her daughter, what should I do if I poison them!”

Amber lowered her head and even though Sean was being sarcastic, there was no expression on her face.

How tolerant of her!

Sean thought for a second and understood. Since Cindy was still alive, Amber probably wanted to set off firecrackers to celebrate.

He was the one to be afraid of because he didn’t know whether his father would beat him when he got back!

As soon as they left, Gu Jinyan and Sean were alone in this place.

Sean asked Gu Jinyan. “Have you got any cigarettes?”

Gu Jinyan’s mouth twitched and then he took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it for Sean. “Sean, why don’t you explain?”

“Who shall I explain it to?”

“Of course you should explain it to Amber?”

Sean raised the corners of his mouth derisively, saying. “I would rather simply let that kidnapper kill me!”


It’s not like Gu Jinyan didn’t know what Sean was like, as Sean may be dissatisfied with Amber, and he didn’t allow Cindy to enter the door of the Smith family, which was the worst thing that Sean could do to Amber and her daughter!

After all, no matter how much he disliked Amber, he wouldn’t want to kill a child, which was only three years old.

“And I don’t mean to blame you, but look at you now. Are you covered with wounds?”

“Even if you hate Amber, you should explain to her, or Uncle Smith won’t let you off!”

Sean took a puff at his cigarette, looking relaxed. “What about the others?”

“Three in all.” Gu Jinyan replied, glancing at Beard. “This man is supposed to be the mastermind, but he is dead!”

“The other two kidnappers didn’t know anything, so I sent the two kidnappers to the police station.”

After Sean listened to these words, Sean raised an eyebrow.

If the mastermind of this kidnapping was dead, would people think he was the mastermind of this kidnapping?

“Sean, in case you break an arm or a leg, I’d better take you to the hospital first.”

“Because if you don’t get this piece of glass out of your arm immediately, you’re in real danger!”

As Gu Jinyan spoke, Gu Jinyan pulled Sean’s arm, walking toward the car.

Tong City Central Hospital.

Almost as soon as Sean got to the hospital, two men stopped him.

He knew both of them because they were his father’s bodyguards. They were all special forces soldiers, who had retired from the army, so they fought a lot.

If Sean wasn’t hurt, he could try to fight with them.

“What’s the matter?”

“Master Sean, Mr. Smith said he would like you to return to the old mansion of the Smith family first.”

Sean’s right hand pulled back the white shirt on his left hand, while his left arm ached and he felt his left hand numb. “Isn’t my dad going to let me see a doctor when I’m so hurt?”

The bodyguards stood in front of Sean, making no attempt to let him in.

When Sean saw them like this, he knew Amber must have said something bad about him to his father.

Thinking this, he turned straight away.

“Sean, where are you going? Are you going to run around with your wounds like this? Don’t you want to live?”

Sean looked so pale and bloodless.

Maybe he was in a bad mood, as his eyes looked gloomy.

There was a flash of sarcasm in Sean’s eyes. “You go back first as I’ll see the doctor when I returned to the old mansion!”

After saying these words, Sean got in the car with the bodyguards, returning to the old mansion.

All the members of his family were sitting in the living room.

Sean raised his eyebrows. Were they going to give him a severe trial?

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