Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 213: Severe trial

Thinking like this, Sean laughed mockingly when he looked at Amber.

Amber got up from the sofa when she saw Sean.

“Dad, Cindy is in shock today…”

“Amber, Aunt Zhang will accompany Cindy, so you are sitting here! Today I will demand justice for you and Cindy!”

As Tomas said these words, he glared at Sean, yelling. “Come in, you brute!”

Sean paused, and then he stepped straight through the door.

The mud from his body immediately fell to the clean floor.

“Dad, I’m your son, so don’t call me a brute!”

The veins in Tomas’s face throbbed. “I wish I had no son like you!”

When Sean was two meters away from Tomas, he stopped.

“That’s rather late, isn’t it? Do you want to kill me, Dad? Are you trying to get even with me for Mrs. White?”

When Mrs. Smith heard this, she felt dizzy and she hurried up to Sean, and when Mrs. Smith saw the wounds on his body, Mrs. Smith’s heart ached.

“Sean, just tell your dad you were wrong!”

“Take it as I beg you!”

“You are too weak, so you must rest!”

Mrs. Smith’s eyes were full of tears while Sean paused as he glanced across the shadow at Amber.

Amber was staring at the cup on the tea table, looking dull like a wooden head.

Sean snorted as he thought that Amber was just waiting for his father to teach him a lesson!

Did he still have to admit that he was wrong?

To whom should he apologize, his father or Amber?

Sean frowned, keeping his back straight, and his eyes looked very dark.

“Mom, what exactly do you want me to confess? I don’t remember what I did wrong!”

As Sean spoke, Sean looked at the whip in Tomas’s hand, raising his lips. “How? Dad, are you going to whip me every day?”

“That’s all right with me but I just don’t know if Dad has the strength!”

After Sean said these words, Tomas pushed Mrs. Smith away, whipping Sean hard.

Tomas swung the whip hard, which was breaking through the air and making a clear sound, while Tomas whipped Sean’s left arm directly.

There was still a piece of glass on his left arm and as the whip broke through Sean’s flesh, a cold sweat broke out on Sean’s forehead.

He kept gritting his teeth without making a sound.

Tomas looked angry, asking him sternly. “Did you drive an SUV, intentionally trying to leave Amber in the Feng Lin Area?”

“Are you trying to kill Amber?”

Sean’s eyes looked red as he squinted his long and narrow eyes, and then he put out the tip of his tongue, licked his lips, and asked his father in reply.

“Did she say so?”

Sean took a deep breath, and he blinked, deliberately hiding the emotion in his eyes.

Did he want to kill Amber?

He deliberately left Amber in the Feng Lin Area?

Did Amber tell her father these things?

As he felt a surge of anger inside him, he broke into a sneer.

Amber was so good that she could tell all these lies!

He shouldn’t have saved Amber as he should have let her die on the hill!

“Never mind who said these words!” Tomas said angrily, while Tomas had a whip in his big hand and Tomas whipped him hard. “I ask you, did you do it or not?”

Sean suddenly looked at Tomas, and he looked straight into Tomas’s eyes.

Tomas was annoyed, and his eyes were full of disappointment.

Sean was standing in the living room of the old mansion at the Smith family, while to his left were his three sisters-in-law and Amber, to his right were servants who dared not breathe, and in front of him was Mrs. Smith, who was with tears in her eyes, trying to intercede for him.

Tomas must have been angry enough to whip him for choosing such a place!

Tomas was not going to save him any face!

The atmosphere grew tense, but Sean broke out laughing out of turn. In the silence of the living room, his laughter was particularly obvious.

Tomas was already feeling very irritable, and now he was feeling even more irritable now

“Pa!” Tomas began to whip Sean again.

He immediately lashed Sean hard on the back.

Sean gritted his teeth as his face turned pale, but he didn’t make a sound.

Instead, Mrs. Smith, who stood to one side, was so startled that tears came out of her eyes.

“You brute, how dare you laugh!”

Tomas clenched the whip with sudden force.

The veins on his wrist protruded out as if he wanted to whip Sean hard again.

Mrs. Smith jumped up, reached out, and took Tomas’s hand. “Tomas! Sean did the wrong thing, but look at our son! He’s covered in wounds!”

“If you whip him again, won’t you kill him?”

“Please don’t be mad at the only son we have left!”

Tomas was so pissed off that Fang Weiwei and Sean’s other sisters-in-law didn’t dare to sit. While Mrs. Smith was holding Tomas, they kept trying to intercede for Sean.

“Dad, no matter how wrong Sean was, he’s being punished!”

“I see there’s still a piece of glass in his left arm, so shall we asked the doctor to take it out first?”

“If there is anything to ask, can we put it off?”

Tomas pushed Mrs. Smith away with his elbow and he looked furious as he whipped Sean very hard with his whip.

The whip touched Sean’s neck by accident, leaving a bright bloody line on his neck, which showed how hard Tomas was whipping Sean.

Sean had a cold sweat on his forehead, feeling a buzzing in his ears. He took a deep breath while his face was as pale as a white paper.

Sean only thought that Tomas had whipped him harder this time than Tomas had whipped him last time!

Amber was really clever and cunning!

He and Amber were probably the only ones who knew exactly what happened on the hill!

So even if he had a hundred mouths, he wouldn’t know what to say!

He tried his best to save Amber on the hill, which seemed like a joke!

Sean’s lips were bloodless, and as he looked down, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Amber, who reached out and held the cup, looking relaxed.

Damn it!

Amber must have been very happy to see him get whipped.

“I was just asking you a question!”

Tomas asked him bitterly.

Sean’s eyes flickered and he sneered. “Yes! I deliberately left Amber in the Feng Lin area!”

“I’ve been mad at Amber for a long time, so I want her dead!”

“I had already confessed this to Amber right in front of her at the hospital!”

“What’s the matter? Didn’t Mrs. White tell you that?”

Tomas felt dizzy, while Sean kept still and blinked his eyes. “Oh, I almost forget!”

“Did Mrs. White tell you that I had deliberately asked someone to kidnap her daughter?”

“Did she tell you that I’m narrow-minded because not only do I hate Amber, but also I hate a child who was only three years old, so I deliberately let the kidnappers kill her daughter?”

When Sean said this, Mrs. Smith became pale.

Unconsciously, she reached out, pushing Sean. “Sean! What are you talking about?”

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