Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 214: If You Want Sean to Kowtow to His Mistakes, I Will Do it for Him

“Cut the crap!”

There were a lot of people in the living room, each with a different expressIon, especially Shen Ruyun.

Surprise flashed through her beautiful face!

Originally Cindy and Amber had come back intact, which made her so scared!

She didn’t expect Sean to say, in front of everyone, that he was responsible for the kidnapping of Cindy.


She had seen people who were afraid of trouble, and she’d never seen anyone who rushed to take the trouble upon themselves!

So everyone’s attention was focused on Tomas and Sean, and no one had noticed anything different about her.

Shen Ruyun quickly adjusted her expression.

And Tomas had been angered so much by Sean that he puffed greatly.

His hand that was pointing at Sean was shivering badly!


“You beast!”

“I’ll kill you!”

He was about to raise the whip again, but Mrs. Smith stopped him, “No! Sean’s words were just spoken in anger! Couldn’t you ask him and figure it out clearly first?”

“If it’s really Sean, why did he have the kidnappers call home?”

“After putting up with it for three years, it is impossible that Sean suddenly hated Cindy so much that he made much ado to kidnap her!”

Arm was stopped, Tomas couldn’t give vent to his anger, and then he raised his leg and kicked Sean’s body.

As such a tall and strong man, Tomas actually was kicked to the ground, making several people suddenly stop their action.

Sean subconsciously tried to get up from the ground, but he still failed after trying several times.

Sean pursed his lips, it looked like the old man was really planning to kill him this time!

There were too many injuries on his body, and his pink-white shirt had already been stained by the blood seeping out, making others unable to see its original color.


His mother just wanted to reach out to help him, but Tomas reached out and pulled her, and then she was pushed in Mrs. Zhang’s arms, helpless.

Immediately, he raised his hand and waved the whip in his hand.

The sound of the whip cracking through the air was fierce and terrifying, “I’ll teach this beast a lesson today! Anyone who dares to ask for mercy one more time, I’ll beat that guy up along with Sean!”

After saying so, Tomas strode over to Sean.

Sean had just stood up from the floor and was covered in a shadow.

“Roll over and kowtow to Amber and confess your sins!”

Sean’s pupils were contracted!

Kowtow to Amber and confess?

He scoffed and lifted his hand painfully, pretended to casually pick his ear and asked, “What did you say?”

The sneer on Sean’s face was so obvious that Tomas could see it clearly!

His face got gloomy again, “What? Aggrieved? You beast, do you know that if Lu Yi hasn’t gone in time, Amber would really have died!”

“And then you’ll be the murderer!”

“What’s more, how dare you ask someone to kidnap Cindy?”

“Sean, do you really think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

After saying these words, Tomas got so angry that he whipped directly Sean.

Sean grunted.

Amber almost die because she wandered casually!

The fact that he wanted to kill Amber was even untrue, she is the one who backstabbed him!

Why didn’t Tomas just send him to jail since he felt so sorry for Amber?

Sean didn’t move, his expression was indifferent, and he didn’t apologize in any way, scaring his mother so much!

“Sean, just explain…”

“Your father will really kill you if you don’t say anything like that!”

She had tears in her eyes, Sean looked at her and turned his head.

“Mom, what should I explain? Miss White should have already said what ought to be said all! “

“Does my explanation work?”

The atmosphere was tense Tomas clenched the whip more tightly, and Shen Ruyun took a look at Amber, who didn’t react at all, and her eyes twinkled as she whispered.

“Amber, you know clearly that Sean isn’t even this kind of person, so why won’t you say a word to help him? “

“You know clearlu what happened on the mountain, don’t you? Is it so hard to let you to explain to us?”

“Are you going to stand by and watch Dad kill Sean?”

Before Shen Ruyun said these words, the living room was silent for a moment.

The hand of Amber held the teacup more tightly, and her eyes were sad.

An explanation, a plea?

She smiled coolly, wasn’t she the one who deserved to hear the explanation the most?

It was generous of her not to add the trimmings in this matter!

How did the Smith family want her to explain?

Amber’s eyes landed on Shen Ruyun, and for a moment, Shen Ruyun’s body went cold and unconsciously took a half step back.

The fire of war had reached Amber, and there was no way she could avoid it.

Mrs. Smith endured her tears, shrugged off Mrs. Zhang, strode over to Amber and directly reached out to hold Amber’s hand.

“Amber, explain to your father, please! If he keeps on whipping Sean like this, he is really going to die!”

“This is the only son I’ve got!”

“Speak up, are you still resentful that I slapped you?”

“I’ll apologize to you, and you can even slap me…”

Amber closed her eyes. After getting married with Sean and coming to the Smith family for three years, every time she came here, she could hear sarcastic remark or be treated with cold shoulders.

This is the first time that Mrs. Smith had taken the initiative to get close to her.

Amber drew back her hand, and she couldn’t afford such closeness!

Mrs. Smith’s hands suddenly got empty and her face had suddenly turned pale, because she could see that Amber’s attitude was so obvious.

Tomas suddenly felt sad for Amber when he saw it.

How could he not know what kind of person Amber was?

She didn’t even want to say a word, because she must have been hurt badly by this asshole

Thinking about it, Tomas waved his whip, and his face seemed to have aged ten years in an instant.

“Bastard, you come with me to the study!”

Sean was not blind, and he had seen Amber’s actions already.

He pursed his lips, Amber really did what she had said she would do. Once she said that she didn’t love him anymore, she could be cruel immediately.


Amber already hated him so much!

Tomas’s reaction should have been expected by Amber!

Sean glanced at Amber, then followed Tomas into the study.

As soon as the door was closed, the sound of the whip rang out, one over the other, and Mrs. Smith’s heart ached with every whip.

“Mom, if you let Dad continue to beat him like this, Sean really won’t be able to survive!”

“I’ll go get a doctor for him first…”

Mrs. Smith’s body trembled, her breathing was intermittent and her eyes were so red.

“Don’t do that…”

“Your father is angry, calling a doctor is not saving Sean!”

Mrs. Smith’s eyes were so sad, and she turned her head and looked at Amber, her voice so hoarse.

“I don’t believe my son would intentionally leave you on the mountain…”

“If you want Sean to kowtow to his mistakes, I’ll kowtow for him…”

After saying said, Mrs. Smith was about to sit down on the ground from the sofa.

Amber reached out and held Smith’s mother, and Jiang Xue snorted in anger.

“Amber, you’re too cruel!”

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