Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 215: Mom, What’s The Sound Outside

“No matter how angry you are, dad called the rescue team back because of you before, is it not enough?”

“Don’t be too excessive!”

Amber White heard the words, she sneered.

She was still in the hospital gown. She took out her mobile phone from her upper pocket and placed it on the table.

Amber White’s eyesight was very empty: “Mom, there is Sean’s voice recording!”

“Listen to it carefully!”

“Dad wants to punish Sean, it was not my idea, dad knows what he is doing!”

“For me… I’m sorry, I can’t help him who wants to kill my daughter and me!”

Several people looked at each other.

It was Fang Weiwei who reacted first and found the recording from Amber White’s mobile phone.

In such a short period, Amber White had no chance to synthesize it, that was to say, it was true!

Mrs. Smith’s face turned pale, and her body shivered with her heart.

“Amber White, why you are so shameless? Cindy White and you are so fine now.”

“The Smith family has always treated you so well…”

Before Shen Ruyun finished speaking, Amber White got up from the sofa.

Her expression was very serious: “Mom, if there is nothing more, I will go up and see Cindy!”

“She was shocked, she needs me now!”

After finishing speaking, Amber White turned away and ignored Mrs. Smith.

She really couldn’t stay in the living room of the Smith family!

She was afraid that she would be shaken by the people of the Smith family if she stayed longer!

Sean Smith hated her so much, if she didn’t let him take a lesson, she was really afraid that he would make Cindy suffer again!

Cindy was her everything.

When Amber White passed the studying room, she glanced at the unclosed door of the room from the corner of her eye.

Sean Smith knelt on the ground and straightened his waist. Tomas Smith held the whip in his hand, his face was pale.

Amber White turned away and went upstairs.

This time, Tomas Smith seemed to use all of his strength. Even when she went upstairs, the sound of the whip slashing to the flesh was still endless.

Cindy White stayed in the children’s room. When Amber White walked in, she had already changed into a pajama.

With a pin on the back of her hand, she was already awake, her dark black eyes seemed to be illuminated by the light.


Amber White sat down by her bed.

Cindy White fixed her gaze at Amber White, and asked in a low voice, “Mom, what’s the sound outside?”

“Did grandpa beat Dad again?”

“Mom, why did Grandpa beat Dad?”

“Is it true that Dad wants to kill me?”

Cindy White’s questions came over one by one, and Amber White’s heartbeat went up and down, and the familiar pain bit by bit invaded Amber White’s heart.

Amber White’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Before seeing Cindy again, she even thought that she would not hurt anymore…

But Cindy only asked a few questions, which made her experience the heart-piercing feeling again.

She pressed her eyelashes to cover the tears in them, her thoughts wandered for a moment, she was thinking about how to explain to Cindy.

The little guy gave her a timid look and asked: “Mom, Uncle Bearded said that I am not father’s child, is it true?”

This question seemed to have cut off Amber White’s breath.

She blinked and her eyes were foggy.

“Cindy, do you trust Mommy?”

Cindy White nodded.

She was very well-behaved, only three years old, with a hanging needle on the back of her hand, even if no one was watching her, her hand would not move.

Amber White felt even sadder.

“Mom, if Dad is not my dad, who is my father?”

“Cindy, Sean Smith is your father!” Amber White reached out and wiped tears: “Mom didn’t lie to you!”

“It’s just that Dad may not love you as much as you think!”

Amber White’s eyesight was empty.

Speaking this sentence did not seem to be as difficult as Amber White imagined.

Cindy White’s lips moved. Her eyes were bright, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised, and she whispered, “I knew that Dad is my Dad!”

Amber White wanted to say something, but Cindy White had just been frightened, and Amber White was worried that she would be irritated by something more, so her lips moved, but she didn’t say a word.

The little guy was so physically exhausted that she didn’t say a few words to Amber White, and she became groggy, as if she was asleep.

The sound of whip swinging downstairs was exceptionally clear in the silent night.

Cindy White suddenly widened her eyes: “Mom, can you stop Grandpa? Ask him to stop beating Dad?!”

Amber White was stunned.

Cindy White had always liked Sean Smith very much, until she clearly heard the kidnappers say that it was Sean Smith who wanted to kill her, and she even wanted to plead with Sean Smith.

At this time, Amber White suddenly regretted it.

She regretted that the family illusion created for Cindy White was too perfect, so she would forgive Sean so easily!

Amber White closed her eye and did not answer Cindy White.

The doctor gave Cindy White the last bottle of the injection. After the injection, Amber White directly pulled out the injection for Cindy White.

Then she picked up the child from the bed.

Cindy White looked blank, “Mom, where are we going?”

Amber White licked her lips and whispered, “Mom will take you home.”

“Will Dad be with us?”

Amber White explained: “Dad did something wrong, Grandpa is teaching him a lesson! Let’s go back alone!”

Cindy White didn’t understand, but after knowing that Sean Smith would not go back with them, the light in her eyes became a little bit shallow.

When Amber White got off the stairs, she was stopped by Zhang.

“Lady, master, and Sean have been in the studying room for more than ten minutes…”

There was a look of embarrassment on her face, “Lady, young Master has suffered a lot of injuries. If the master doesn’t stop, young master could die!”

“Only you in the Smith family can persuade the master…”

Amber White paused and whispered: “Zhang, Dad knows what he is doing. Sean will suffer a little bit more. He won’t kill Sean!”

“Cindy is not feeling well. She wants to go home, I will take her back first!”

The conversation between the two was heard by Shen Ruyun, who happened to pass by.

She raised her eyebrows and raised her voice: “Amber, you are wrong. Listen to the sound of this whip and it hasn’t stopped until now!”

“Now Dad is angry, who knows if there will be any accidents?”

“Your daughter was kidnapped. The Smith family took out 50 million and let you redeem her. Now we just want you to say something for Sean. Why is it so difficult?”

“What? Do you want to see that Sean to be killed?”

Amber White glanced at Shen Ruyun sideways.

Amber knew much about life in the rich. Shen Ruyun was never close to Sean at usual.

At this time, her intention wanting to help Sean was so fake!

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