Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 216: She’s A Liar


Shen Ruyun sneered. Her words directly attracted all the attention in the living room.

Mrs. Smith glanced in the direction of Amber White, her eyesight fixed in one direction.

“Do you wanna leave?”

When Amber White was about to nod, Cindy White who was leaning on her shoulder moved suddenly.

She looked, her eyes met Shen Ruyun’s, the little girl shrank, and her arms tightly around Amber White’s neck.

Cindy White’s tears fell in a second hurriedly and quickly.

“Mom, she slapped on me!”

“I’m scared!”

The immature voice was particularly abrupt in the living room. Although Cindy White was three years old, she had a clear voice. Although her voice was a little choked, it did not prevent everyone from hearing Cindy White’s words.

Especially Amber White, her body suddenly stiffened.

No one spoke up, Cindy White freed a hand and pointed at her red and swollen face: “Mom, my face was beaten by this bad woman! It hurt!”

Amber White’s gaze instantly focused on Cindy’s face.

She was fair and tender, but now, her face was red and swollen, and even some areas of her fingermark were faintly green, and she looked particularly shocking!

This slap print, Amber White had the impression, since she found Cindy in the abandoned car factory, she had this mark on her face!

At that time, she thought it was the kidnapper did it…

She loved Cindy so much, she had raised Cindy White so hard until now by herself, and she was not willing to hurt Cindy once, Shen Ruyun did dare to do that?

Amber White’s body paused, staring at Cindy closely.

The little face of her crying was all screwed together, and there was too much fear in her pupils, she was not lying!

Amber White shook while holding Cindy White, and the emotion in her eyes, as if there was substance, directly struck Shen Ruyun.


Almost Cindy White spoke, and Shen Ruyun’s face became pale after a brush.

She was nervous: “Amber, don’t trust her talking nonsense!”

“Your daughter must hate me and blame me for pushing you down the mountain!”

“Amber, although I’m not very good, I don’t want to cast my anger on a three-year-old child!”

Amber White’s eyes moved, and there was a chill on the corners of her lips.

“Why are you so nervous? Cindy hasn’t finished talking yet!”

She held Cindy White’s more tightly, lowered her head to look at Cindy, and asked in a low voice: “Cindy, tell me where did the third aunt beat you and why did she beat you?”

“Are you sure you didn’t recognize the wrong person?”

As soon as Amber White finished speaking, Shen Ruyun’s expression. She didn’t give Cindy White a chance to speak at all. She stretched out her hand to hold Mrs. Smith and said in a panic:

“Mom, Amber wants to frame me!”

“When worshipping Johnson, except for answering a call on the way, I was always with you. I didn’t abuse Amber White’s daughter, you know that!”

“Mom, what exactly does Amber White mean? Wouldn’t she also wants to kill me?!”

The more Shen Ruyun said, the colder her body became.

When she was trading with Mr. Qian on the mountain, she was involved in by him for peace of mind!

The little bitch that Amber White brought into the Smith family saw her face!

Originally, she had a guilty conscience after doing this, in case the little bitch made the truth out, would Tomas Smith let her survive?

Because Amber White refused to help Sean Smith, Mrs. Smith had long been grudges against her. She stared at Amber White fiercely and asked indifferently:

“Amber White, are you planning to make our Smith family a mess?”

“Get out of here! I don’t want to see you!”

She pointed at the door of the villa angrily, Amber White did not move, even her expression did not change too!

“Mom, I will leave after asking Shen Ruyun a few questions!”

With that, Amber White patted Cindy White and whispered: “Cindy, do you remember the question mom asked you just now?”

Cindy White nodded, raised her hand and wiped her tears, and said, “Mom, she beat me on the mountain!”

“I played hide-and-seek with dad, and then she brought three of them with Uncle Bearded!”

“She beat me! She is in the same group as the bad guys!”

The atmosphere suddenly became serious.

Amber White was stopped at the top of the stairs, not far from the studying room. As soon as Cindy White answered the question, the door of the study was suddenly opened from inside.

Tomas Smith stood at the entrance of the studying room with his whip, his eyes patrolled the crowd, and suddenly fell on Shen Ruyun.

Shen Ruyun shuddered, then she subconsciously glared at Cindy White.

“You bastard, you talk nonsense, you don’t learn well at a young age, you just learn to slander me, I will tear your face apart!”

She said as she flew in the direction of Amber White.


There was a loud slap in the face, and there was still silence around.

Amber White shook her numb wrist too hard, her eyesight was indifferent.

Shen Ruyun covered her face and looked at Amber White incredulously: “You…do you dare to slap on me?”

Slap on her?

Amber White can’t wait to kill her now!

She thought that Cindy was kidnapped and only Sean Smith was involved in intuit matter. It seemed that more than that!

Shen Ruyun and Sean Smith were the same thing, there was no difference at all!

“Cindy never tells a lie. Can you explain to me that there are so many people going up the mountain to worship the third brother. Why does Cindy say that you beat her?”

Shen Ruyun’s breathing was stagnant.

Amber White’s words were flirty, but Shen Ruyun’s back was inexplicably climbed with a layer of chill, making her shiver and shudder!

“On the anniversary of the third brother’s death, didn’t you pay homage to the third brother and take strangers to the Smith family’s ancestral hall to kidnap Cindy. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Tomas Smith glared at Shen Ruyun and exclaimed: “Is what Amber said is true?”

Shen Ruyun shook her head: “No! No! She is talking nonsense!”

“Amber White, your daughter said this was taught by you in advance?”

“This matter has nothing to do with me, stop framing me!”

The sound in the living room spread continuously to the study room.

On Sean Smith’s head, there was cold sweat all over him, there was nothing more than the bloody smell that was so strong that it couldn’t be removed!

There was a buzz in his ears.

Sean Smith also heard what Cindy White said.

He suddenly gasped and sneered.

How did the kidnapping have something to do with Shen Ruyun?

Didn’t Amber White insist that it was him who kidnapped Cindy White?

And the words of Cindy White.

How many times did Amber White teach Cindy White in advance?

When playing peekaboo with him, Shen Ruyun led someone over and this sentence confirmed the kidnap of Cindy White!

Sean Smith cursed in a low voice.

Didn’t he just let the little girl eat two more bites of ice cream? !

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