Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 217: Did You Mortgage Johnson’s House?

Outside the studying room, the atmosphere was tense.

As soon as Cindy White explained it clearly, some obvious details were exposed.

The finger marks and scratches on Cindy’s face must belong to a woman!

Amber White glanced at Shen Ruyun’s sharp nails, feeling cold.


She licked the corners of her lips, “Cindy is only three years old, tell me how can she frame you?!”

“Shen Ruyun, why did you do the kidnapping?!”

“Lack of money? The money from the house under Johnson’s name is not enough to repay your gambling debts, so you have a plan about Cindy?”

Shen Ruyun’s pupils shrank.

She was too frightened, she even stopped breathing.

“Amber White, you…”

Mrs. Smith shook.

She glanced at Shen Ruyun incredulously, suddenly gaining strength, and dragging Shen Ruyun with one hand, her voice suddenly became indifference.

“Shen Ruyun! Did you mortgage Johnson’s house?”

“I…no, I didn’t…”

“No?” Amber White sneered: “Shen Ruyun, you don’t know, because you haven’t redeemed your house for a long time, there is a set in the Xianglan county, which was directly sent by your debtor to the charity auction which was held by Smith Group!”

“If you wanna the detailed procedures, I can take it out for you after a call!”

“You are talking nonsense, I redeemed the set of Xianglan County three days ago!”

Shen Ruyun’s voice was a bit sharp. She spoke too fast. As soon as she finished speaking, she was shocked that she had told the truth and covered her mouth.

But it’s too late.

Amber White sneered: “Smith Group’s stocks are so bad recently, how did you get the money to redeem the house? But to demolish the east wall to make up the west wall, you mortgaged the house of Johnson?”

“I have advised you a long time ago, stop gambling, otherwise, you would lose the only trace of Johnson in this world, you will lose it all!”

As soon as Mrs. Smith heard it, she couldn’t say a word, she rolled her eyes and fell to the ground!


The living room was in a mess because of Mrs. Smith’s faint. There was no hot wind outside, but Shen Ruyun was so cold like she was covered by an ice cellar.

“Amber White, you son of bitch, you cheated me!”

Amber White raised her eyelids, her eyesight were dull: “Shen Ruyun, Sean can’t think of a vicious scene of kidnapping!”

“The cause of this incident, I’m afraid it is inseparable from you, right?!”

“There is no house that can be mortgaged for money, and there is no gambling debt. You are so anxious, so you found this damn way to get the money?!”

When Amber White fell silent, Tomas Smith frowned, and he threw the whip out of his hand and drew it to Shen Ruyun.


Tomas Smith’s whip, with inexplicable anger.

Shen Ruyun screamed, and only felt that the place where she was hit by the whip was hot and painful!

It seemed that it hurt to the bone.

“Damn you!”

Shen Ruyun’s cold sweat fell down her forehead, and her face was pale.

Because of Mrs. Smith’s sudden faint, Tomas Smith’s gloomy face instantly became dark again.

With his sudden movement, Fang Weiwei and Jiang Xue, who stood aside in shock, also exclaimed.

There was only Amber White, holding Cindy White was so calm.

The sound of Tomas Smith’s whip passed through the living room and fell to Sean Smith’s ear.

The man’s tall body paused, and he glanced back in disbelief.

Because Tomas Smith went out of the study, the door was wide open, and there was a mess outside. Shen Ruyun was frightened by Tomas Smith who stood up with a whip and her face paled. When she backed away, she fell to the ground.

Her Chanel skirt on her body was pulled down by Tomas Smith with a whip, and the fabric cracked, and the exposed skin was instantly covered with a layer of obvious red marks.

Extraordinarily hideous.

Sean Smith licked the corners of his lips, the folds between his brows were like mountains.

The body was seriously injured. After returning, the old man gave him a whip. Sean Smith was so painful just now that his consciousness was momentarily confused.

Although he was already focused, he still failed to listen to what Amber White said!

Even so, Sean Smith was very surprised.

In the past few years, although Shen Ruyun in the Smith family was not considered to be the best one, but she was the best among his three sisters-in-law!

Especially his mother, because of the third brother, Shen Ruyun can always get what she wanted!

In a few words, Amber White was able to let Tomas Smith fight against Shen Ruyun!

Sean Smith blinked, it was he who underestimated the influence of Amber White on Tomas Smith!

Sean Smith took a few deep breaths.

Amber White was really beyond his expectation. In these years, although the old man had a strange temper, he never beat a woman!

Amber White can make Tomas Smith make an exception again and again, and it made Sean admire her.

This was also a one-sided explanation, Amber White’s means were much better than three years ago!

Even a person like the old man who can tell right from wrong was still confused by her!

Thinking so, Sean Smith’s originally pale face was gloomy.

The original vague consciousness instantly became sober.

Outside, Fang Weiwei and Jiang Xue helped Mrs. Smith sit down on the sofa.

As soon as the three of them left, the living room became quite empty. Shen Ruyun’s figure was more obvious in the air, and there was not even a place to hide.

However, even though Tomas Smith was getting older, this whip was extremely flexible.

With two whips down, Shen Ruyun couldn’t even make a sound.

The cold sweat on her face was falling, and she lost the makeup that she had carefully painted.

Shen Ruyun rolled around on the ground, reached out and grabbed Tomas Smith’s trousers, her voice was the hoarseness left by her throat after screaming.

“Dad! Dad, stop!”

“Listen to me first!”

Shen Ruyun’s face was filled with snot and tears, very bleak.

“Dad, it’s my fault to gamble, and mortgaged Johnson’s house is also my fault!”

“But I was deceived, and I was also deceived, so I did the wrong thing!”

“Dad, although I mortgaged Johnson’s house, I didn’t transfer it, and I redeemed a lot, and I will redeem the all soon!!”

The words of Shen Ruyun said intermittently, and the biting of the word was also heavy for a while, and it was obvious that Tomas Smith’s two whips were too heavy!

As soon as she said this, Tomas Smith’s eyes were gloomy again.

Shen Ruyun’s hand moved directly up, and she hugged Tomas Smith’s thigh tightly, her voice was so small that she was crying.

The kind of sobbing that suppressed the pain, they could hear how painful Shen Ruyun was at this moment.

Amber White pressed her eyelashes. From the moment Tomas Smith started to whip Shen Ruyun, she subconsciously reached out and covered Cindy White’s eyes.

The resentment in her heart had been reduced.

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