Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 218: Sean Is Cruel

Amber White didn’t care about what Shen Ruyun explained, she didn’t listen either, her face was somewhat indifferent.

Shen Ruyun was involved in the kidnapping of Cindy White, and Amber White did not intend to get an apology from Shen Ruyun.

Her idea from the beginning was revenge!

With the slap on Cindy’s face and Cindy escaped and survived from the hands of the kidnappers, Shen Ruyun only suffered a few slaps, but it was not enough!

Tomas Smith’s expression was not very good, he turned his head and glanced at Amber White, and suddenly he was angry again!

Over the years, Amber White’s achievements in the Smith Group were obvious to all. Shen Ruyun was also a daughter-in-law, and she also held shares of the Smith Group!

Not only did she do the slightest contribution, but also spent all her thoughts on bad things?

Mrs. Smith fainted under the stimulus, and now she had woke up.

Shen Ruyun’s body trembled again, and she dared not get up when she knelt on the ground. Her remarks that fooled Tomas Smith were also heard by Mrs. Smith, because Tomas Smith was still angry, she suppressed her anger and said nothing.

Amber White stood on the spot, reaching out to hold the sleeping Cindy White. The expression on her face was dimmed by the light, and she looked inexplicably indifferent.

Tomas lifted his leg and kicked Shen Ruyun away with a sharp tone: “And you kidnapped Cindy…”

How dare Shen Ruyun admit this kind of thing? When Tomas Smith just finished speaking, Shen Ruyun answered and hurriedly defended herself: “Dad, Cindy was kidnapped, I did nothing for that matter!”

“I was wronged!”

“I don’t know the kidnappers!”

After getting the whip, Shen Ruyun didn’t care about the pain. The Smith family had a big business. Although she only held a small part of the Smith Group’s stock, it was enough for her to splurge!

She still owed gambling debts outside. Shen Ruyun was scared, afraid that Tomas Smith wanted to take back the shares she held!

Shen Ruyun rolled her eyes, licked the corners of her lips, resisted the pain on her body, crawled over, and stretched out her hand to Mrs. Smith: “Mom, you know me best, how I can do it? I am not such a cruel woman, right?”

“Amber White must have hated me for pushing her on the mountain before, so she must teach Cindy to say this in advance!”


Mrs. Smith’s face turned pale. In recent years, Shen Ruyun’s means of cheating Mrs. Smith have increased. Even if she was still annoyed with the mortgage of Johnson Smith’s house, once she heard what Shen Ruyun said, Mrs. Smith still glanced at Amber suspiciously

Since Amber White married Sean, she had not lived in the Smith family for a day.

But Shen Ruyun had been following her all the time!

Amber White remained unmoved when she was glanced by Mrs. Smith. She changed her posture to hug Cindy White and asked:

“What do you mean? You can’t do such a cruel thing, in other words, Sean did it all by himself from beginning to end?”

“Sean is cruel?”

Sean Smith was shocked when he heard Amber White’s words.

Involuntarily, the man frowned.

What did Amber White mean?

Planning to frame him again?

Even if the old man whipped him, Amber White hadn’t vented her hatred for him?

What did she want to do? Let him pay for Cindy White via his life?

Thinking so, Sean Smith’s expression suddenly became gloomy. The old man didn’t use many methods to torture him, so he just slapped the whip.

If it were normal, he would not care about these whips!

But on the mountain, he was badly injured to save Amber White, and his chest was very uncomfortable!

If he got a few more whips like this, he was going to die here!

Sean Smith took a deep breath. He was a fool. Even if he tried desperately to save Amber White on the mountain, the situation could not be reversed when he went down the mountain.

For no reason, one more charge of killing Amber White, even that little damn girl got in!

To say that this matter had nothing to do with Amber White, he didn’t believe it!

Amber White was so great!

Amber White was pretty good!

Even if Cindy White’s safety was ignored, she just wanted to trap him!

He just didn’t know what surprise Amber White would prepare for him later.

He probably felt that today he would not be able to escape the fate of being taught by Tomas Smith again. Sean Smith was not anxious and stood up directly from the ground.

Leaning on the stool in the studying room, he took a deep breath before turning his head to look outside.

Amber White’s sentence made the living room silent.

Sean Smith was the only child in the Smith family. If he had any thoughts about the fate of Cindy White, wouldn’t Tomas Smith want to kill him too?!

Mrs. Smith shrank her pupils and stared at Shen Ruyun subconsciously.

The latter was under pressure, breathing tightly, and her voice trembled: “No, I mean, there must be some misunderstanding in this matter…”

“Mom didn’t teach me anything, it was you!”

“You know Uncle Bearded, and you call him Mr. Qian!”

Cindy White twisted a small face together, choked, looked at Amber White and said, “Mom, the third aunt also scolded me, she said that I am a little bitch, and said I gave am shameless!”

“I was worried that mommy could not find me, so I refused to follow them, and the third aunt slapped on my face!”

“She also said that the Smith family can’t give birth to something dirty like me!”

The face of Amber White was pale for a moment.

Even with that, she held Cindy White’s arm tightly involuntarily.

She thought that Shen Ruyun would say something nasty, but she did not expect that Shen Ruyun would target a child like this!

She trembled, her figure shook, the corner of her mouth twitched, and the last trace of hesitation in her heart disappeared.

“Dad, since Cindy said that, you might as well call the police station!”

“I also want to figure out what happened!”

Amber White pursed her dry lips, and then said: “The name “Mr. Qian” is a famous figure. Since he is willing to help Shen Ruyun, he must have some relationship with Shen Ruyun’s debt!”

“This matter, please be sure to check it out, I don’t want to let Shen Ruyun suffer this in vain!”

Amber White’s words, just a couple of sentences, came to the point.

Shen Ruyun stiffened, and when she was just about to speak, suddenly met Amber White’s sight.

Her eyes were gloomy, and Shen Ruyun shuddered inexplicably, her rest of the words were blocked, she’s unable to say a word!

She had a hunch, if she continued to explain this way, she would die even worse!

Shen Ruyun’s face turned pale and thought about it.

Cindy White was not a child of the Smith family. What if she found out something?

Anyway, this little bitch was fine now. Tomas Smith can never really do anything to her!

Shen Ruyun’s thoughts were erratic, and she hugged a fluke or two.

What Amber White said made sense. Tomas Smith believed the words of Cindy White. She was smart, with clear speech and clean eyes. When she mentioned Shen Ruyun, there was fear in her eyes.

It’s not like nonsense!

However, Shen Ruyun would never give up.

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