Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 219: It’s A Woman

Tomas Smith glanced at Shen Ruyun, who was so servous, before going to make a phone call.

A woman who was so frenzied that she took the last things from her deceased husband and went to the casino to spend her days in a daze, and the other party was a three-year-old child! Anyone with a discerning eye knew who to trust!

Before Tomas Smith’s call was made, Amber White’s cell phone rang first.

It was the one Lu Yi gave her in the hospital.

Amber White glanced at the phone screen. It was a strange number.

Not many people knew this number, and Amber White didn’t think much about it, so she answered the phone directly.

“Amber, where’s Sean?”

Amber White was stunned and did not expect that the person who called was Gu Jinyan.

She raised her head and glanced in the direction of the studying room, right in front of Sean Smith’s gaze.

There was no warmth in his eyes, and when she met his eyes, there was a flash of disgust.

Amber White frowned. Seeing that Amber White did not respond, the person on the phone continued to say anxiously:

“Amber, is there any misunderstanding about the kidnapping of my little niece by Sean? When the police interrogated the kidnappers, one of the kidnappers said that they were joined by a woman!”

Amber White sneered and handed the phone directly to Tomas Smith.

“Dad, Mr. Gu called and said that Cindy’s kidnapping case has made new progress.”

Tomas had been the master of the Smith family for so many years, and hearing Amber White say this, Tomas Smith still felt uncomfortable for a while.

After entering the studying room, he had already understood what happened in the depot. Cindy White’s words had been heard by him!

With new progress, it was nothing more than Shen Ruyun was one of the kidnappers.

Amber White said so, but nicely.

Just as he reached out to pick it up, Mrs. Smith had already grabbed the phone.

She directly turned on the PA and asked Gu Jinyan what progress was made. Gu Jinyan repeated it, and then said:

“Auntie, the kidnappers said that the woman who joined them, they all know her, she is Mrs. Smith who gambled with them together!”

“What about Sean?” Mrs. Smith asked anxiously, and the voice on the phone paused: “They didn’t mention Sean’s name. They only know this about this matter.”

“That is to say, this matter has nothing to do with my Sean!”

With that, Mrs. Smith threw the phone directly and reached out to pinch Shen Ruyun’s neck.

“It’s enough for you to harm one of my sons. You have done this kind of harm, and you plan to let my other son take the blame for you!”

Shen Ruyun shivered in fright and went to hide subconsciously, but Mrs. Smith reached out and grabbed her collar. She slapped her hand and pointed at the door of the Smith family, and said in hate:

“Fuck you! Our family can’t afford a daughter-in-law like you!”

The blood on Shen Ruyun’s face faded away, murmured: “Mom, what did you say?”

“Get out of my face!”

Tomas Smith repeated: “It was me who was blind and did not know you well. And let my son marry you. Shen Ruyun, for the Smith Group’s shares, I will take back! If you want to have a good end, just leave here quickly!”

“Because of Johnson, forget about this matter!”

“But since today, you will have nothing to do with our family!”

Shen Ruyun didn’t even say a pleading word, she was pushed away by the servant in the old house of the Smith family!

Amber White’s eyebrows twitched.

As far as she knew, Shen Ruyun was addicted to gambling, and Tomas Smith took back Shen Ruyun’s shares. Without the money, it was no less than death!

She did not sympathize with Shen Ruyun, after all, at the beginning, she wanted to kill Cindy!

Keeping her was also a curse. No one knew if there would be a first time or a second time?

As soon as Shen Ruyun left, the living room became quiet again. Amber White planned to leave, but was stopped by Tomas Smith:

“Amber, Cindy must be frightened, don’t go back today, just live here!”

“She seems to have a serious injury. You have to go to work tomorrow. In the old house, there are servants and doctors, which is more convenient!”

Tomas Smith seemed afraid that Amber White would refuse, and directly reached out to take Cindy White: “Besides, if Cindy gets a fever again in the middle of the night, don’t you have to take your child to the hospital?”

“A place like a hospital is filled with various people. You can’t take care of her alone. Just for Cindy, stay here tonight!”

Amber White hesitated, but still nodded.

She wanted to leave immediately, but Tomas Smith was right.

She was injured, it was very likely that she could not take care of Cindy at all.

Besides, after Shen Ruyun’s matter, Amber White also slowed down. From the words of Cindy and Gu Jinyan, it seemed that Sean Smith had nothing to do with Cindy’s kidnapping?

Tomas Smith breathed a sigh of relief, handed the child to Mama Zhang, gave Amber White a look, and said, “Amber, come to the studying room with me…”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Smith stopped directly in front of Tomas Smith:

“Tomas Smith, what do you mean?”

“The child’s matter has nothing to do with Sean. You have been whipping him for so long! Do you plan to continue?”

“Sean didn’t do anything wrong. If you dare to slap him again, I will fight you desperately!”

Tomas Smith’s expression became dark for an instant.

“Shut up!”

“The character of that bastard has developed to this day, and it’s because he was spoiled by you!”

“I can’t wait to kill him!”

Mrs. Smith’s eye circles turned red in an instant, she stretched out her finger to point at Amber White and asked, “Because of her?”

“Amber White, I didn’t treat you bad!”

“I only have a son left, that’s Sean…Do you still want him to die?”

Amber White moved his eyebrows and said vaguely: “Mom, don’t worry, Dad won’t slap Sean again.”

If Sean Smith didn’t kidnap Cindy, didn’t Sean suffer in vain?

Besides, Tomas Smith asked her to go to the studying room. She could guess a general idea, Tomas wanted Sean Smith to apologize to her.

She should apologize to Sean!

As for the kidnapping of Cindy White, Amber White did not say much to Mrs. Smith. Today she was stimulated too much!

She was worried that when she said it, Mrs. Smith could not hold on it.

After that, Amber White followed Tomas Smith directly into the studying room.

As soon as she entered the door, Tomas Smith saw Sean Smith sitting in a chair with a sneer on his lips.

Tomas Smith was so angry that it seemed that Sean didn’t mean to regret it at first glance!

“Damn you, who made you get up?!”

Sean Smith twitched his eyebrows, put down the newspaper in his hand, and whispered, “Dad, I’m tired of kneeling!”

“When you went out, you didn’t say that I can’t get up.”

Sean Smith had that kind of ability, a few words can stir up fire in Tomas Smith!

As soon as the voice fell, Tomas Smith subconsciously threw a whip at Sean Smith!

Amber White instinctively saw that as soon as his whip was thrown out, Sean Smith’s tall figure sitting in a chair suddenly stagnated.

But maybe because of her presence, Sean Smith tried his best to bear the pain and made no sound at all.

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