Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 22: Enough!

Tang tian’s relationship with Amber White is well known, and many people in Smith’s company talked about her relationship with Sean Smith.

Everyone knows that what Amber White said on Luo Shen bay is just a nonsense excuse to save LuoShen bay!

Mistress and his wife’s play will exist forever in this world!

Lin han pours Amber White a glass of wine that almost overflows, and he chooses the strongest vodka. Amber White is a terrible drinker, she’s definitely going to get drunk!

That’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Amber White knows that if Sean Smith chooses Tang tian over her, She could never lift her head for the rest of her life.

In front of Tang tian, in Smith company, and at Smith’s home!

Amber White is roaring in her ears and trembling in her heart, she didn’t even dare to look at Sean Smith’s face. Knowing she wasn’t going to win, but she looked up to Sean Smith.

He leaned on the sofa of the box, his face sculpted by the colorful light, wild and handsome, indifferent and unfeeling.

Sean Smith’s eyebrows twitched when he caught her eyes, and he saw vulnerability clearly in her eyes he had never seen before.

Does she show weakness, too?

This is a strange thing!

She will beg him, and she deserves to beg him?

Sean Smith thought what he hated most about Amber White was that she could do anything.

But now, after experiencing Amber White’s affectation more intuitively, his anger nearly splited his heart in two.

He drummed his fingers on the table. Tang tian’s soft body covered up, and tightly held Sean Smith’s arm, “Sean, are you saying yes or no?”


No sooner had Sean Smith said it than Tang tian pouted. Before Amber White can recover, he sighs again, “This wine will naturally be drunk by director White. Likewise, director White is a great hero of Goddess Luo bay. How could director White not have a drink with everyone at this celebration? So director White had a couple of drinks to set an example for us.”

Amber White felt a sudden chill, which was like floating in the deep sea.

She worked hard for three years to win praise in the Marketing Department, and was fatally hit by Sean Smith twice in less than a month.

No matter how brilliant her business performance is, Sean Smith is the first person to come to mind when people present today talk about her. Her husband doesn’t love her, hates her, and she is even inferior to an unknown starlet.

“Sean Smith, don’t over do it!”

Lu yi suddenly stood up, and the expression on his face wsn’t as warm as it used to be. Amber White didn’t even know how she reached out and grabbed him.

“I’ll drink!” Amber White trembled invisibly.

Isn’t it good for lu yi to go head-to-head with Sean Smith. She couldn’t win, and neither could Lu yi.

Amber White was depressed. She has been working hard for three years. But when she met Sean Smith, she still couldn’t fight back.

Just like the time she was locked in her bedroom by Sean Smith three years ago?

Amber White stifled her tears and smiled softly to lin han, “Mr. Lin, I toast you to a glass of wine! I shouldn’t be angry with you casually. Please forgive me!”

Lin han sneered and nodded his head.

Amber White lifted her head back and poured a half-palm-high glass into her stomach, the liquor seeped down her throat, and the acrid taste made Amber White close her eyes.

Burning in the throat, Amber White’s pupils momentarily relax and focus quickly.

She held the bottle of wine that lin han had poured for her, refilled it, and held it up to the people in the room. Her lips and eyes were all smouldering with the wine.

“It’s all thanks to you that the project in Goddess Luo bay ended in one day. After I joined Smith company, I became the person I am today because of all your care. I would like to propose a toast to all of you!”
She was holding a wine glass. If it was not the glittering white liquid in the glass scattered ripples, the bruises in her eyes would not have been seen so thoroughly.

It was supposed to be a festive evening. The atmosphere in the room became tense as Amber White lifted her head and poured a second vodka into her mouth.

Amber White looked at Sean Smith and whispered, “Mr. Smith, are you satisfied?”

Sean Smith pressed his tongue against his thin lip. There was a deep furrow in her dark eyes, and it made the atmosphere so grave as if he had done something heinous!

His brow twisted into a thin blade, his eyes scanned Amber White’s face, and his glum gaze fell on the vodka bottle on the table.

The woman said she was a terrible drinker, but she’s not bad at all.

Vodka has one of the highest alcohol concentrations in the world! And she could keep her face even if she went down half a bottle!

Sean Smith sneered. There’s not a word of truth in the woman’s mouth.

He squashed the fire and glanced at Amber White with a half smile. He said nothing, and apparently dissatisfied.

Lu yi snatched the bottle from Amber White’s hand and said, ” Sean Smith, you haven’t made enough noise yet?


Sean Smith’s look was more like an ink cloud.

It was the first time anyone had put the word on him!

“Mr. Lu, I remember your house doesn’t live by the sea. Why do you manage it so wide? Do you care what happens between Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith?”

Lin han smiled, picked up a bottle of wine from the table, opened it, and poured it into Amber White’s glass,” Director White is good at drinking. You are too modest to say you can’t drink before. We won’t get drunk tonight! I’ll fill it up for you!”

Lu yi grabbed the wine from Sean Smith’s hand and poured it into his mouth.

He had no expression on his face and stared straight at Lin han, “Mr. Lin, it’s your turn!”

He took the remaining half bottle of vodka and poured it into Lin han’s glass. He said, “you said we won’t get drunk! Why don’t you drink it?”

Lu yi and Sean Smith are relatives, so yi Lin han dare not offend him and he could only hold a glass and fill his stomach with liquor.

The vodka was very strong. Although Amber White was drinking freely, he could not bear to show his teeth after drinking.

Lu yi was really in the way!

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