Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 220: I Should Let Her Be Smashed to Death by The Falling Rocks

The sound of the whip was so loud and clear, that Amber involuntarily shrank her shoulders.

With a bloody smell lingering on the tip of her nose, standing closer, Amber saw the endless cold sweat on Sean’s face.

Amber stretched out her hands to stop Tomas and froze instantly.

He looked miserable. His pink shirt had lost its original color. The new wounds were formed across his nape and arms. A strong smell of blood spread in the air.

Amber’s heart shook, feeling a bit guilty.

“Have you realized your fault!”

Tomas gritted his teeth and bitterly asked.

His eyes flashed with slightly red-blooded. Sean continuously licked the corner of his lips. His gaze fell on Amber for a second.

He really wanted to ask her, what on earth did she tell on the old man, that made him so angry!

“Did you regret what you did?”

As Tomas said, he flicked the whip again, but this time it didn’t go towards Sean anymore.

“I regret it!”

Sean’s tone was cynical. But these three words were enough to make Amber and Tomas’s eyes flashed with a slight confusion!

Especially Amber, Sean didn’t seem like someone who would admit his mistake?

Moreover, Cindy’s kidnapping had nothing to do with him!

“I regret that after Mrs. White was smashed by the falling rocks, I ran the entire mountain while carrying her in my arms.”

“I should let her be smashed to death by the falling rocks!”

“After I escaped the mountain, I still can’t escape the whip anyway. So, why bother?”

“Am I right, Dad?”

Tomas’ face sank again, his palms clenched tightly together, and he subconsciously raised the hand with the whip.

Amber stopped him.

“Dad, I would like to talk alone with Sean.”

After pondering for a moment, Tomas nodded and said, “Okay, you can talk. But, Amber, if this brute bullies you again, you don’t have to tolerate it anymore!”

“Just tell me directly!”

Amber nodded and watched Tomas walked away.

After the door of the study room closed, Sean’s gaze became colder.

“Mrs.White really is really capable. Just with a few words, ousted out third sister-in-law, who was my parents’ favorite, from the house.”


As Sean spoke, he clapped his hands, applauding Amber.

His action was consistent, as if, he wasn’t affected by Tomas’ whip at all.

Shen Ruyun had been evicted from the house. Amber couldn’t have known that she misunderstood him and came to apologize to him, right?

It wasn’t difficult for Amber to perceive the sarcasm in Sean’s words.

“Mrs. White sent my dad away, what else do you want to talk with me?”

“Let me guess. Do you plan to continue threatening me? What does Mrs. White want this time?”

“Third sister-in-law is gone, do you want her shares?”

Amber’s figure paused, and she whispered, “Sean, what I want to talk about, is not as complicated as you guessed!”

“Mr. Gu and Cindy have explained to me just now. I guess you didn’t have anything to do with Cindy’s kidnapping…”

“I’m here to apologize to you!”

Upon hearing this, Sean’s previously painful wounds on his body suddenly felt hurt even more!


He was dying to live on the mountain, trying to rescue Amber. But, after coming down from the mountain, he got a big gift from her!

Amber apologized and thought of deceiving him?

“Mrs. White, whatever you said was quite easy!”

“You accused me of kidnapping Cindy, then it’s me. If you said it’s not me, then it’s not?”

“After a while, if Mrs. White encounters any mishap, are you going to put it on me again?”

As he said, Sean stretched out his hand and tugged the torn clothes on him, “Mrs. White, such an intense whip, after a few more times, my life as Sean Smith, might be in trouble because of you!”

“Your apology is worthless!”

Amber’s figure turned a bit stiff, “Speaking of which, this responsibility is not entirely mine!”

“Why did you have to admit angrily on something that you didn’t do?

“Your acknowledgment was very ambiguous. Not only Dad, but also I thought, this kidnapping case was planned by you!”

Moreover, at that time, the kidnapper still clung onto you before he died, Sean…

Upon hearing that, Sean’s originally unhappy expression turned darker.

“Mrs. White is right!”

“But, demanding the life of a three-year-old kid is just a piece of cake to me!”

“Car accidents, poisoning, trafficking, I have 10,000 ways to prevent Mrs. White from finding out what I did!”

Sean felt irritated when Amber looked at him, Amber was kind enough to blame him?

The old man trusted her so much. Even if he didn’t admit it, could Amber let him go?

According to him, Amber deliberately made such a show, to teach him a lesson for playing hide and seek with Cindy, and then lose her!

Thinking about it, Sean’s tone turned even worse, “So, Mrs. White, you’d better not come close to me and get a stroke of bad luck!”


Outside study room

After Cindy was kidnapped, she had never eaten anything.

Mother Smith made some porridge in the kitchen. She hugged Cindy and fed her bite by bite.

Her eyes were red. Cindy swallowed the porridge in her mouth, reached out her hand to wipe Mother Smith’s tears, and asked with a glutinous voice, “Grandma, why are you crying?”

Mother Smith glanced at Tomas who wasn’t far away, and whispered, “Cindy, Grandpa beat you Dad just now!”

“He was injured. Grandma only has one son and grandma is heartbroken.”

As she spoke, Cindy’s face also turned worried.

“Daddy was injured. Why didn’t he go to the hospital and see the doctor?”

“Grandma, let’s send Daddy to the hospital, ok?”

Mother Smith almost choked up with tears again, going to the hospital?

Tomas didn’t say anything, who would dare to send Sean to the hospital, let alone invite a doctor!

Her son’s fate was too bitter!

“Your Daddy’s injury is just an external injury. There’s also medicine at home, so he doesn’t need to go to the hospital!”

“But he did something wrong. Your Grandpa is very angry at him and didn’t let your Daddy use any medicine.”

Cindy’s eyes were red in an instant.

Although she also blamed Sean for kidnapping her and asking her to die, when Grandma spoke, she realized that she still felt sorry for her Daddy.

“Then…what to do?”

Cindy widened her eyes. Her eyes looked misty and crystal clear.

Staring at such a close distance, she vaguely felt, Cindy’s facial features were indeed somewhat similar to Sean’s.

She shook her head to get rid of those unnecessary thoughts, and said.

“Your Grandpa favors you and your Mommy a lot. Later, Grandma will ask someone to give you medicine. You act cute in front of your Grandpa and take the medicine to the study room, okay?”

“Please help Grandma, okay?”

Cindy tilted her head and glanced at Tomas. Even if she’s a bit scared, she still obediently nodded her head.

Seeing her nodded, Mother Smith immediately handed the prepared ointment, then hugged Cindy’s petite figure, and ordered.

“Cindy, no matter what, after you go inside, you have to persuade your Mommy to put the medicine on your Daddy!”

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