Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 221: Mommy, Daddy, Did You Have A Fight?

Cindy nodded her head and took a good look at the medicine. This kind of ointment, she ever saw her Mommy used it. If Mommy didn’t help Daddy, she would do it!

Cindy got the stuff and directly slid down from Mother Smith’s arms. She stepped with her pair of short legs and ran towards the study.

As she passed Tomas, she stopped for a while, and looked timidly, while carrying the ointment in both her hands.

“Grandpa, I want to see Mommy and Daddy.”

Tomas twisted his eyebrows and hummed after a moment.

Cindy didn’t hide the ointment. Seeing that Tomas had no rejection, she slipped directly to the study without knocking.

When she went in, Amber’s expression looked bad.

Although Cindy was still young, she knew clearly about Amber’s mood. She looked at Sean, then looked at Amber, asked with a low voice, “Mommy, Daddy, did you have a fight?”

This was the first time Cindy called her mom and dad in one sentence.

Such greetings were particularly intimate, as if, the three of them were inseparable from each other.

Sean’s previous stiff face turned stiffer.

Amber heard Cindy’s voice, twister her eyebrows, “Why are you here?”

“Mommy, are you having a private conversation with Daddy?”

Cindy’s words were very naïve. After she finished asking, Sean snorted in his heart.

Talking with Amber in private, it would be overwhelming for him!

Just like her, only wild men would like to have a private conversation with her!

Amber didn’t only have him!

Since nobody answered her, Cindy could only raise the ointment in her hand, and said.

“Mommy, Daddy is injured. As you’re talking to Daddy, apply the medicine for him, okay?”

Sean, “….”

His eyes looked confused and took a glance at Cindy.

Amber’s daughter is so kind-hearted, especially come here to give him the medicine?

Or, was this how Amber taught her?

Is she planning to use her own daughter, to do some nasty business?

Did she intend to climb to the top?

Once this idea emerged, Sean looked at Amber. What kind of approach is this, after slapping him, she gave her a sweet date? (Doing something harsh, then offer something for consolation)

Did she plan to use her daughter to get his forgiveness?

Did he look that easy-going?

Who knows, not only Amber didn’t take the ointment, but also didn’t intend to refuse it immediately.

“Daddy is not painful, he doesn’t need the ointment!”

Cindy glanced suspiciously at Sean.

Sean’s pupils shrank. Amber lowered her head to conceal the emotion on her face.

There were many servants in Smith’s old manor and she didn’t think that Sean would like to have any connection with her.

But, as Amber thought so, her answer got more twisted, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Daddy yourself, if he’s in pain or not?”

Sean’s expression changed.

Didn’t he get injured severely all thanks to Amber?

What does she mean by letting Cindy ask this question?

Does she see him as a joke?

Sean’s mind drifted for a while, his face continuously showing uncertainty.

He had known that Amber was up to no good. The incident this time might have something to do with Amber.

But Amber also had apologized. Until now, he still didn’t understand what Amber wanted to do!

Cindy, as a three-year-old child, naturally couldn’t feel the heated situation between the two adults.

She saw how severe Sean’s injury was and knew how painful it was.

Cindy licked the corner of her lips, carrying the ointment, and walked towards Sean.

“Daddy, shall I apply the ointment for you?”

“Grandma said that you’re injured. Even if it’s not painful, you have to apply the ointment!”

As Cindy said, she broke the ointment seal. A pair of her shining black eyes were full of innocence, “I saw Mommy used such an ointment once. Don’t worry, Daddy. I can use it well!”

Sean’s eyebrow moved, his somber gaze fell on the ointment in Cindy’s hand.

It’s an ointment for external injuries. The packaging was ordinary. However, due to his physical reason, Sean had been using the ointment very carefully in recent years.

This ointment had been tested by the family doctor on him and it didn’t impact his physical condition, so the Smith family kept it.

Sean didn’t understand what Amber meant.

After listening to Cindy, he began to see the light.

The external injuries medicine, Amber had ever used it?

Did Amber want to imply, that all these years she had been injured and suffered, through Cindy?

Did she intend to use this way to get his attention?

He had understood since long ago, Amber wasn’t easy to deal with!

As he thought about it, Sean looked at Amber with a slight disdain in his eyes.

Sean pulled the corner of his lips, and said, “You’ve ever seen you Mommy used it, but who knows if you can apply it well?”

“There’s an adult here, why should I let you do it?”

“Step aside!”

After being told by Sean that way, Cindy wasn’t angry either. She directly handed the ointment in her hand to Amber.

As she spoke, Amber also understood that Cindy was here because of Mother Smith.

Since Cindy could bring the ointment, it meant that, Tomas had given his consent for them to treat Sean’s wounds.

After pondering for a while, Amber whispered, “I’ll call you a doctor.”

As she took a step, Sean suddenly smacked the table, and blocked Amber’s step.

“Why? Since I was injured, I couldn’t use Mrs. White, could I?”

Amber froze for two seconds, and a bit hesitant, “Sean, will you let me treat your wounds for you?”

Didn’t he always look down on her?

A strange expression flashed across Sean’s face.

He wanted Amber to treat his wounds?

Amber felt extremely happy in her heart, right? Whether Amber loves him or not, he must have a plan here…

“I feel really fine about myself. You couldn’t have relied on this way to become the director of the marketing department, right?”

Sean’s words somewhat had a bit of sarcasm in it. Amber didn’t show any discomfort on her face, instead, she took a breath.

“I’m saying that, you won’t let me come near you.”

“I’ll get Sister Zhang and the others to come in, help you to go upstairs. Then call a doctor.”

“Oh, by the way, after tossing around for the whole day, what you want to eat, Sean…”

Sean’s face turned dark in an instant as he heard the endless talking.

He looked up and stared at Amber. His heart faintly felt, as if, he was punching his fist into the cotton.

She did it on purpose!

She knew that he loathed Sister Zhang and yet she intended to call someone over, and swayed in front of him?

Sean’s clenched his right hand tightly.

“There’s no need!”

“I am injured, not disabled!”

“I don’t’ need anyone’s help to go upstairs!”

Amber, “…”

With that, Sean abruptly got up from his chair, and was about to go outside.

After just taking a step, Amber stopped him.

“Sean, have you thought of giving a good explanation to Dad, after you walked out?”

Sean frowned, “About the explanation, isn’t Mrs. White supposed to do that?”

After saying this, Sean’s gaze became deeper. Amber’s expression turned a bit strange. He pressed his lips, “What happened? Mrs. White, are you afraid to admit that you have wronged me before?”

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