Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 222: Why Do You Need A Doctor When Amber Is?

Sean had a terrible feeling in his heart, “When you said that, I thought that the moment you apologized to me earlier. Why do you have to send Father away?”

“Mrs. White, don’t you understand my parents’ condition? Did you plan to let them continue to misunderstand me, thinking that I am someone that has an intention to kill?”

He caught Amber’s hand and didn’t let her go. If she didn’t explain, he wouldn’t be able to clear himself even he jumped into the Yellow River!”

Sean hated being threatened, especially when he couldn’t do anything to the person that threatened him!

“I will explain clearly to Father and Mother. You can go upstairs first. Later, I will ask a doctor to come over and check your body!”

As Amber said, she pulled to open the study door. She’s holding Cindy in her hand and Sean was standing on her left.

At a glance from outside, these three people looked like a family of three.

As soon as she saw Sean, Mother Smith who was previously sitting down, suddenly stood up.

She took a step towards Sean. When her gaze met Tomas, she couldn’t help but stop, and her eyes turned red.

Amber was always attentive, upon seeing this, she whispered, “Mother, the doctor that gave an injection to Cindy before, should still be here, right?”

When Mother Smith heard the words, she nodded repeatedly.

“When Sean and I went to send the ransom, there was an accident. There were glass shards on his arm. Please ask the doctor to take care of Sean!”

As Amber spoke, she stretched out her long finger and pointed at Tomas, “I need to discuss something with Father.”

Upon hearing this, Mother Smith’s eyes lit up.

She strode over, directly reached out to support Sean, and gave Sister Zhang a look.

In the end, Mother Smith glanced at Amber.

“Amber, today at the hospital, I was getting impulsive. I apologize to you….”

Sean was the closest to Mother Smith. Naturally, he could see the complexity that flowed out from Mother Smith when she said it.

Grateful, guilt, and a lot of emotions were mixed up, couldn’t be separated.

His eyebrows slightly moved, then he glanced at Amber.

The shadow of the lamp flickered slightly. Ever since they were separated in the mountain, he had never taken a good look at Amber today.

No, it’s after three years of marriage, he had never taken a good look on Amber.

At this glance, he could see impressions on her small porcelain-white face.

— A slightly reddish palm print, that was barely visible.

Sean fixed his eyes on Amber’s face. The voice surrounding him seemed to have gone. After a long while, he sneered in his heart.

As she said, why did someone with a good condition like Amber, care about him?

Turned out, she wanted to check his mother’s feelings.

That’s right. For someone like Amber, who resorted to extreme measures, it would be uncomfortable for her if she didn’t toss out any lousy suggestions, in a day, or a while.

Amber was uncomfortable by Sean’s gaze, shook her head at Mother Smith, “Mother, I’m fine. You should go ahead.”

Mother Smith only then, helped Sean to go upstairs. Cindy was worried and ran after him.

Jiang Xue and Fang Weiwei were no longer here. The servants in the living room see there’s nothing wrong with them, also went away.

Only Tomas and Amber left in the living room. Since it was very quiet, they didn’t need to go to the study room to talk.

It’s Tomas who broke the silence, “That brat, did he still use you to call a doctor for him?”

“I should have beaten him to death!”

Amber moved the corner of her lips, and said in low voice, “Father, Cindy’s kidnapping this time, has nothing to do with Sean.”



Mother Smith had already prepared the medical kit since the beginning. As the doctor came in, he checked on Sean’s arm.

There were red marks left by the leather whip across the flesh and blood.

The doctor was a bit older. Even after being a doctor for so many years, he still couldn’t help but be taken aback by such an injury.

‘Mrs. Smith, there’s some glass shards stuck in President’s arm. I’m too old and can’t see clearly. I’m afraid I couldn’t clean it!”

“Are you going to look for a younger doctor?”

Upon hearing that, Sean pressed his lips, “Why do you need to call a younger doctor? Isn’t Amber capable of it? Mother, you go downstairs and ask Amber to come up!”

“If not because of Amber, would I got involve in a car accident?”

“Ask her to come up to treat my wounds!”

Mother Smith raised her eyebrows, as she heard it, “What is it? If it weren’t for Amber, could you have a car accident?”

“Did Amber have something to do with your car accident?”

“Was it because you tried to save Amber, so you’re injured?”

“You saved her, but she slandered you for kidnapping Cindy…”

Sean’s between eyebrows twitched,” Mother, don’t be noisy! Why would I save Amber? Do I look like an idle person to you?”

“Then, what happened?”

Mother Smith’s intense voice gradually relaxed, she looked suspiciously at Sean, as if she was afraid he lied to her.

Sean felt a headache, “I went to retrieve the child with her and the accident happened. How could she not be the reason?”

“The child was also more scared than hurt and my arm was also injured!”

“Furthermore, there’s someone capable in the house, why do you need a doctor. The Smith’s is a big household, lots of work to do, and it shouldn’t be wasted on Amber!”

Mother Smith, “…”

She couldn’t hold Sean back, so she could only nod to Sister Zhang.

Sean’s eyes grew darker. Didn’t Amber want to pretend in front of his mother? He gave her this opportunity, then!

He wanted to see today, how could Amber usually gain people’s favor?

He also wanted to learn from Amber!

Considering that Amber was talking with Tomas, Mother Smith was worried that Sister Zhang couldn’t ask for anyone there, and followed Sister Zhang came out of the room.

There’s only a doctor, Cindy, and Sean left in the bedroom on the third floor. The little girl blinked her shining black eyes, stretched out her hands, and poke at Sean’s arm, with a cunning smile.

“Daddy, you want Mommy to take care of you, right?”

“I heard a friend said, when Daddy is sticking to Mommy, it’s affection!”

Sean had a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat. He glanced at Cindy and his gaze was chilly. If she was replaced by Xu Lin, he would’ve been frightened by Sean’s gaze until his shoulder shrank!

But Cindy really liked Sean, moreover, she was still young, she wouldn’t understand what fear is, at all.

She even reached out and pulled Sean’s arm, “Daddy, is it true?”

Sean cursed softly and noticed that the old doctor faintly gazed towards him.

The body that laid on the bed turned stiff for a moment. Sean’s expression was completely different.

“Did you actually hear your friend said, or your mother?”

Cindy’s eyes lit up, “Mommy seldom talks about this. She rarely mentions about Daddy to me. Even if we talked about Daddy, usually I brought it up first!”

It seemed that when Amber said she loved him at the beginning, was just to coax her to play!


“Mommy said Daddy is a hero!”

Sean snorted.

Cindy spoke interestingly. The old doctor continuously looked over there, “President Smith, your daughter is remarkable!”

“She’s just three years old, but she’s so eloquent. Look at her small sweet mouth!”

“It’s really lovely!”

The old doctor was too old, as he spoke, he couldn’t put a break, “The fourth Mrs. Smith is really smart enough to teach such a lovely and sensible daughter!”

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