Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 223: How Could Such a Stupid Girl Look Like My Daughter?

Sean’s cold eyes became much gloomier after he heard these words.

He looked askance at Cindy, and then he asked the old doctor gloomily, “How could such a stupid girl look like my daughter? “

Amber had been married to Sean and come to Smith family for three years and hadn’t divorced yet, and the old doctor didn’t hear any profound meaning in Sean’s words and laughed.

“Mr. Smith, this little girl looks exactly like you, and even if those who don’t know you see you two for the first time, they will think that you are her father! “

Sean immediately looked so terrible.

Sean had heard such words more than once than Cindy looked like him.

But he really couldn’t remember what relationship he had with Amber, and how could he have a daughter?

He suddenly remembered the Cindy’s hair that he had cut at the hospital…

Thinking about it, Sean subconsciously reached for the pocket of his trousers.

His clothes had been changed in Gu Jinyan’s house, and the collection bag seemed to be in the trousers.

Sean felt too ashamed to go to Gu Jinyan to take the hair. If Gu Jinyan knew that the collection bag contained Cindy White’s hair, he would probably make fun of him!

Sean slightly turned his head and looked towards Cindy.

Accidentally, Cindy was also looking at him. Her eyes were round, black and white, her eyelashes were thick and slender, and her face was so white and soft, but half of her cheeks were swollen greatly, ruining the beauty of her small face.

How… how did she resemble him?

Maybe this old man’s eyes went wrong!

Why did Sean think that Cindy look like Amber more than like him?

Sean took a suspicious look at the old doctor, could this old man be bought over by Amber?

Otherwise, why was he always saying nice things about Amber in front of him?

Did she deliberately find a lobbyist to convince him in order not to be picked on by him later?

He frowned and the door to his bedroom room was pushed open from the outside.

Amber was still in her hospital gown, which was wide enough to accentuate the woman’s slender figure.

She was very pale and didn’t look very well.

Once inside, she went straight to the medical kit, took out the tweezers and alcohol swabs, and squatted down in front of him.

The cool fragrance drifted to the tip of Sean’s nose as she moved, and he moved to stop Amber.

“Mr. Smith?”

Amber looked at Sean in confusion.

The two of them, one lying down, the other crouching, leaned very close to each other, and Amber’s features seemed to be enlarged in front of him, even the eyelashes so distinct.

Sean could even feel the breath that Amber unintentionally scattered to his nose when she spoke.

The words that he wanted to say were held back all of a sudden, Sean paused for a while, and the old doctor spoke again.

“Take out the glass slag in Mr. Smith’s arm, put some medicine on it, and just bandage it up! “

“I see that Mrs.Smith’s methods of handling this are perfect! I’m getting old and my eyes don’t work well as usual and may not be able to do a better job than her!”

“I’m getting old and tired of standing around for a while! I’ll be back!”

Amber turned to looked at the old doctor, and just as she wanted to stand up, Cindy’s small hands pressed her, “Mom, you can put medicine on daddy, and I’ll go to see off the doctor! “

The old doctor praised Cindy, and then the sound in the room faded away.

The atmosphere in the bedroom was quiet and strange, and Amber lowered her head again to pick out the glass slag for Sean.

A sharp stabbing pain came from his arm, and Sean frowned, getting more and more agitated.

Cold sweat fell down the forehead, and Sean’s small arm unnaturally retracted, which was immediately pressed down by Amber, “Don’t move!”

Her voice was shallow, and Sean’s mood was even worse, so he simply closed his eyes.

Somehow, Sean suddenly remembered the raincoat that was floating in the puddle when he woke up on the mountain.

Just because of the raincoat, just because of old Mr. Zhang’s one sentence.

He had thought Amber would not wake up in the middle of the day, so he jumped into the puddle over and over again….

Now that I think about it, Sean just feels like a joke.

Why did Amber wake up halfway through her wound infection?

She had known old Mr. Zhang, hadn’t she? They conspired between them to get him killed?

But he didn’t remember when he had offended Amber!

Amber didn’t know what Sean was thinking of. After picking out the glass slag, she had already started to apply medicine to Sean.

The wound on his back was more serious, both new and old, and the skin was split and one’s flesh broke forth, which looked so horrible.

Even so, the outline of the man’s well-muscled waistline could still be seen.

She pursed her lips, squeezed the ointment and applied it to Sean.

When his wound was sponged, he felt it both itchy and painful, which made him frowned heavily.

Sean suddenly reached out and grabbed Amber by the arm, used some force to throw her to the bed, and then he turned over and pressed her beneath him.

Amber was shocked when she saw that Sean was also staring at her, and his pupils were like inky jade, with a cold, dark light that seemed to reach into her heart.

Amber was a little panicked, and she was still clutching the medical cotton ball, her palms sweaty and wet, and she couldn’t react for a moment.

“What… What’s wrong?”

Sean looked at him, his tone cold, “Amber, I’ll ask you just one question.”

“Did you drive away the mountain bike and leave me in the Fenglin area?”

Opposite the big bed is a vertical air conditioner. After Mrs. Li turned it on, she forgot to turn the fan blades up, and when a cool breeze blew over, Amber suddenly becam sober.

She curled up her lips and calmly said, “Then I’ll also ask Mr. Smith a question too.”

“Did Mr. Smith take me to the Fenglin area to save me, or to kill me?”

Some flames seemed to leap from Sean’s already burning gaze fiercely as he clenched his fist and suddenly smashed the bed by Amber’s ear.

“Amber, are you really a fool!”

Amber frowned.

She didn’t even know why Sean was so angry.

Was he angry at the fact that she didn’t answer her queston or at the question she asked? Or did her question stimulate him?

She pushed away Sean, who was on top of her, and threw the cotton ball into the trash can beside the bed.

The glass had all been picked out, and the medicine had all been applied, so she straight up to get out of bed.

As soon as she made a move, Sean pulled her back again, and the tip of her nose hit the man’s strong chest, causing her to frown in pain.

He clasped her waist with one hand and trapped the woman in front of his chest tightly.

Amber struggled and failed to break free, “Mr. Smith, let go!”

Not only did Sean not listen, but he hugged her and fell onto the soft bed again.

“Why can’t I hug my wife?”

“Didn’t you insist on marrying me and being my woman?”

“So why are you still pretending to be innocent now? “

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