Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 224: There Are Still People Outside…

While speaking, Sean’s breath brushed across Amber’s face. It’s scorching hot, making her face with white complexion blushed a bit.

Particularly, most of his body still pressed against Amber. His eyes were staring at her ferociously.

Amber couldn’t push him away, “This is the old manor. There are people outside…”

Can you stop messing around….

Before Amber spoke the last sentence, she was interrupted by Sean, “Right, there are still people outside. So Mrs. White, you better not to make any sound. I don’t want them to be disturbed. You guess how they will think?”

How will they think?

Amber’s white face was a little bit reddish. The whole family knew that she, Amber, eagerly married Sean. How would they think?!

Of course, they would think that Amber was so desperate. Even when Sean was injured, she still couldn’t help but seduce him!

What could have happened? Just with the spits of the people in the Smith old manor were enough to drown her!

Amber’s struggling body, gradually stopped.

There was a glimpse of satisfaction across Sean’s handsome and innocent face.

Amber turned her head away, closed her eyes, and didn’t want to look at Sean’s face.

She had a hard time re-establishing his psychological defense, not wanting Sean to ruin it by his one or two actions.

After a whole day of tossing around, not only Sean but also Amber was almost physically exhausted. They were lying on the bed without being disturbed and the room was also quiet.

Sean closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He met Lin Man in his dream.

She wore a petit vogue style thin coat, with a lacey one-piece dress inside. Just stand there casually like beautiful scenery.

As soon as Sean walked toward her direction, there were tears on Lin Man’s eyes. She was already like a weak willow branch trembled by the wind and crumbling.

“Sean, do you love another woman?”

“Sean, don’t you want me anymore?”

Lin Man’s words were sour and bitter. The last few words were unexpectedly sharp. The shocked Sean suddenly opened his eyes.

For a short moment, his gaze fell on Amber’s enlarged face.

There’s a vain in Sean’s heart. Before he could react, he raised his hands to lift Amber off his bed.


Amber woke up abruptly in pain. Sean’s movement was sudden. She was completely defenseless when she fell asleep and hit her head on the bedside table.

She cried out in pain, clutching the back of her head. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Sean’s uncertain face.

“Sean Smith, you!”

Her chest heaved violently. She couldn’t even think of the words she could use to vent her anger.

Unexpectedly, before she could even get angry, Sean suddenly pointed at the bedroom door, “Get out!”

“Get out of here!”

Amber was really at loss now. It’s only sleeping for a few minutes. What was Sean go crazy about?

“Amber, you are a scheming woman!”

“I can never be seduced by you!”

“Get out!”

“Don’t let me repeat it again!”

Amber glanced at Sean. His eyes had no joy nor sadness, as if, he’s looking at a stranger.

Immediately, she stood up from the bedside table without saying anything, and went straight out of the master bedroom.

Sean had a sudden heart attack after being troubled by Lin Man in his dream. He couldn’t control his emotion. At this moment, he came back to his sense.

It seemed that from the beginning he was holding Amber to sleep.

After sleeping for a few minutes, he suddenly pushed Amber off the bed….

Sean was even more guilty.

It’s just on his second thought, compared to her wanting his life, his previous action didn’t seem to be excessive at all!

He sat up abruptly from the bed, opened his wardrobe, fumbled out a shirt, put it on, and strode out.

Amber, that woman, was always careful. Since he pushed her out of bed this way, he was worried that she would tell on that old man again. As his current physical condition, he wouldn’t be able to stand that old man’s beating!

He wanted to see how Amber usually deceived people’s hearts!

Amber rubbed her head as she went out. As she reached the living room, Amber saw Cindy was sitting on the sofa and watched the cartoon.

She took a few steps forward and reached out to hold Cindy up.

“Mommy? Is Daddy alright?”

Amber casually nodded, and whispered, “Cindy, let’s go home.”

Cindy was very obedient and she didn’t even struggle after hearing the words. Instead, she whispered, “Mommy, you’re injured. Cindy will walk on her own.”

The conversation between both of them alarmed Mother Smith and Tomas. Both of them stopped Amber one after another.

“Amber, it’s been so late. Why are you suddenly going back?”

“Didn’t you settle previously, that you’re going to spend the night here?”

As Tomas spoke, his eyes saw Sean that came out, and he blurted out.

“Did that brute say something unpleasant?”

Sean raised his eyebrows.

“The legs are theirs, how can you stop them?”

“You brute if it’s not because of you, why would Amber suddenly leave?”

“You say, what good did you do?”

Tomas angrily reached out to touch the porcelain cup on the coffee table. Mother Smith’s eyelids twitched, and she stretched out her hand to stop Tomas.

“Amber probably didn’t use to living here. It’s not good if you vigorously ask her to stay. Sean, you should send Amber.”

“Where do I send them? Xingyue Bay?”

Sean snorted coldly, looking at Tomas’ gaze, and mocked him, “Didn’t my wife and daughter live with me?”

Sean stood with an unessential smile formed at the corner of his lips and flashed across his face.

Tomas’ tip of his brows raised and he looked at Amber.

“Amber, you wait here. I will arrange a driver to send you and Sean back to Hai Wan Xiang Xie!”

Amber freed up her hand, brushed away the hair on her face, and subconsciously wanted to refuse, “Father..”


Tomas directly interrupted Amber, “You both mother and daughter used to leave in Xingyue Bay quietly, I don’t want to trouble you. But now the kidnappers are eyeing Cindy!”

“If you live at Xingyue Bay, I will be worried.”

“Father, it’s late. You don’t need to bother. I’ll just grab a cab and go back!”

“Although the location of Xingyue Bay is not very good, the security system is not bad. You don’t have to worry about me and Cindy.”

As soon as Amber finished speaking, Tomas twisted his eyebrows, “ I don’t agree!”

“Amber, if you don’t agree, just stay here for tonight!”

Tomas was really surprised by what happened today. Besides, previously Amber was in a taxi when she had an accident, how could he dare to let Amber take another taxi?

His attitude was firm but Sean couldn’t stand it anymore. He directly took two steps forward, grabbed Amber in one hand, and carried Cindy on the other hand. Without any explanation, he walked directly to the main gate.

There’s a subtle wind blowing outside. It had just rained and the weather wasn’t very hot. There’s a hint of soil scent in the air.

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