Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 225: Amber, you really overestimate yourself!

Going with Amber and Cindy, Sean walked directly to the parking lot of the Smith house and found his car.

Sean put Cindy into Amber’s arms. He lit a cigarette, opened the door, and raised his chin,

“Get in the car!”

Amber didn’t refuse. The Smith house was too far away from the urban area, surrounded by mountains, and few cars would pass by. What was more, the mountain ahead just collapsed, so she couldn’t get a taxi at all!

Amber was going to call a taxi driver, but Cindy was very young and she was scared today. Amber didn’t want to do anything more.

Sean drove the car directly out of the Smith house.

Maserati works well. Sean drove the car on the mountain road, especially smoothly.

Cindy stayed in the arms of Amber, and within a few minutes, she calmed down and fell asleep.

It was dark outside. A few lights came in, enough for Amber to see Cindy’s abnormal pale face.

She was heartbroken and looked up at Sean who was driving.

“Mr. Smith let me leave just now.”

“What do you want to do now?”

The pupils of Sean shrank.

What did Amber mean?

She thought he liked her and wanted to take her back? She was so self-confident!

She must like him too much and had some unrealistic ideas!

“Do you think I’m really going to take you back to Hai Wan Xiang Xie?”

“I just acted for Dad. Do you know?”

“Amber, you really overestimate yourself!”

“Who do you think you are? You have no right to step into my room?”

The more he said, the more angry Sean got. He slammed on the brake. The tire rubbed against the ground, making a sharp noise at night.

Sean dropped the cigarette ash. And the tone seemed to be affected by the night, which was gloomy.

“Get out of the car!”


She looked down at Cindy without speaking or acting.

Through the rearview mirror, Sean found the hesitation of Amber,”Miss White is not disabled, so you can take a taxi by yourself!”

Amber and Sean looked at each other.

Even through the mirror, the sharpness in his eyes was not weakened.

Amber, “Cindy is still sleeping…”o

Sean’s eyes moved down and fell on Cindy, who was sleeping soundly on Amber’s shoulder.

Yes, Cindy has experienced so many things which were difficult for a three-year-old girl to accept.

Sean’s eyes grew deeper. His eyes were dark as night.

“It’s none of my business. Is Cindy my daughter?”

Sean was so mean that Amber was in astonishment.

She was stunned for a moment, and then she got out of the car holding Cindy.

Sean has already driven the car near the urban area. Although there were not many cars passing by, Amber can still take a taxi.

It was not convenient to hold a child, but Amber still closed the door.

As soon as Amber got out of the car, she stopped a taxi, got on the car and said the address of Xingyue Bay to the taxi driver.

It was two or three minutes when the taxi leaving. Sean suddenly collected himself.

He didn’t expect that Amber would go so simply.

Holding a half burned cigarette between his fingertips, he open the window to drop the ash, then stepped on the accelerator and went straight back to Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

Sean did not come back for two or three days. The villa was so clean and empty.

Sean pinched his eyebrows and pulled his shirt off. It was stained by a few blood, which was particularly eye-catching.

He didn’t change his face and threw the shirt into the garbage can at his feet.

Sean had a headache. In fact, he had pain all over his body.

His injuries were all because of Amber!

He hardly came back to Hai Wan Xiang Xie. He told Amber to get out of the bedroom. This woman had bad temper and wanted to go back directly!

A sneer flashed quickly in the narrow eyes of Sean.

Amber was good at calculating. At that time, she asked to go back because she knew the old Mr. Smith liked her and would not let her leave alone!

She must have expected this situation!

He was injured, and he was alone in Hai Wan Xiang Xie. He didn’t even have no on to take care of him!

Even if he died here, no one knew!

His face was dark when he thought of it.

He suddenly get up from the bed, putting his hands into his trousers pockets. He found nothing. He thought of something and reached out the bedside table. He got a new mobile phone from the drawer.

After turning on, Sean called Gu Jinyan directly.

Gu Jinyan answered very quickly. He knew the number. As soon as he got through, Gu Jinyan said hurriedly: “Sean, how are you doing? Did Uncle Smith hit you? “

Sean stopped.

“The kidnapping of my niece has nothing to do with you! You… “

“I left my clothes at your house!”

Sean couldn’t stand and interrupted Gu Jinyan.

There was a moment of silence. Sean had a bad feeling.

Then Sean heard. “Clothes? Sean, you are a neat freak! I threw it for you.”


His gloomy face was more terrible.

Didn’t Gu Jinyan not know that he was not only a neat freak but also didn’t like people touching his stuff?

The silent atmosphere was terrifying. Gu Jinyan smiled awkwardly: “I cheated you. How dare I touch your things!”

“Your clothes are still here. I’ll send them to you?”

Sean held his cell phone and glanced out of the window.

Hai Wan Xiang Xie was a good place. The neon lights outside were colorful.

The scenery was not bad.

Sean’s lips moved: “no. You wait at home. I’ll get the clothes by myself!”

“Oh, wait a minute! You are injured. You should not move. Anyway, it’s not far away. I will send the clothes to you?”

“I said I would go to get my clothes!”

Sean said this sentence before he hung up.

Gu Jinyan noticed something wrong from Sean’s tone. Although he was at a loss, he still sat down.

Sean took a shirt from the closet and wore it. He took the car key and drove out of Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

Fifteen minutes later, Sean arrived at An Shang mansion.

Sean called Gu Jinyan and asked him to go out with his clothes.

After waiting for less than two minutes, Gu Jinyan came out slowly with a bag.

Sean was smoking with one arm against the door. Gu Jinyan handed the bag over.

“The clothes are so dirty. The shirt and trousers have been cut. You have to come to get them in the middle of the night. What’s wrong with you?”

Sean glanced at Gu Jinyan and sneered, “then when you answered the phone, you wanted to send my clothes to me after you heard me ask for clothes. What’s wrong with your?”

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