Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 226: If Dad doesn’t Eat, He’ll Have a Stomachache

Gu Jinyan didn’t get angry. He walked toward Sean a little.

He just wanted to ask about the collection bag in Sean’s trousers pocket. Before he opened his mouth, the smell the blood fulled his nose.

Gu Jinyan said: “such a strong smell! Sean , you were whipped? “

Sean: “…”

Sean was upset.

At present, Sean knew clearly how low his family status was and the possibility of Amber’s word getting him into trouble!

“It is not serious. I am leaving!”

Sean, took the bag, threw it into the back seat and entered his car. As soon as he started the car, Gu Jinyan stopped him.

“You want to die?!”

“You know your condition very well. You can not leave.”

“My villa is big. You stay here for one night, and I’ll let my driver to send you tomorrow.”

“You are alone in Hai Wan Xiang Xie. No one will take care of you!”

“Get out of the car, right now!”

Sean: “…”

Sean patted Gu Jinyan’s hand, and Gu Jinyan lost his hold. Sean’s face was lit by the light outside. His tone was light.

“I have something else to do!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t die!”

With that, Sean left directly.

Gu Jinyan,”…”

Three years ago, Sean said that he wouldn’t compromise. However, when Cindy called Sean father now, Gu Jinyan didn’t think that Sean was reluctant!

Gu Jinyan licked his lips, blinked and went back home.

Sean was in a daze. He looked at the bag in the back seat from time to time through the rearview mirror.

He patted his head.

Regardless of Gu Jinyan’s doubts, even Sean himself can’t figure out why he went to An Shang mansion with injuries to get his clothes in the middle of the night! He must be crazy!

Was he afraid that Gu Jinyan would throw away the collection bag?

Was he insane? Otherwise, he wouldn’t think Amber’s child was his daughter just because of other people’s words.

Cindy was not cute at all!

Sean thought, leaning against the car seat. The sharp pain came from his back. He sweated at once.

The pain made him clear-headed at once. He glanced outside.

The street lights were dim. It was the built-up area. Sean can see the lights in that single apartment.

His face suddenly changed!

He arrived at Xingyue Bay somehow!

Sean’s eyes were so gloomy.

His coming was reasonable!

After all, he let Amber leave Smith house. If he didn’t know the safety of Amber and something happened to her, his father would scold him again!

He should not only come, but also took photos to prove that Amber was at home safely to prevent Amber from telling the old Mr. Smith on him again!

Amber has done that before!

Thinking about that, Sean got out of the car, and took several pictures.

Amber planned to go to bed after returning to Xingyue Bay originally!

But as soon as they went home, Cindy woke up.

She rubbed her eyes, put her hands around Amber’s neck and whispered, “Mom, I’m hungry…”

Amber paused.

She also felt hungry.

After experiencing so such in Smith family, Amber was drove away without even eating anything.

She didn’t feel hungry because she was so starving.

Amber put Cindy on the sofa. She went to the living room to get the snacks for Cindy.

“Cindy, you can have some.”

“But don’t eat too much. Mom will cook for you.”

Cindy nodded. Then she looked around, and stared at Amber,

“Mom, why didn’t dad come back with us? Is he busy at his work?”

Amber has not yet figured out how to explain to Cindy the relationship between her and Sean. She could only nod at random.

Cindy pouted and poked at her snacks unpleasantly.

“Mom, dad has injured, and he has a stomachache!”

“Dad didn’t eat at Grandma’s house, either. Does he eat now?”

“If dad doesn’t eat, his stomach would ache again.”

Amber was surprised.

She touched Cindy’s chin and said gently, “how do you know that?”

Cindy pressed her lips and said, “last time, Dad took me to the big house, and mom was not there. And then I found it!”

“Dad didn’t eat my porridge. He has been covering his stomach! His behaviors are the same with mine when I have a stomachache! “

Cindy’s eyes were clear and pure. “Mom, you call dad and let him have dinner!”

“All right.”

After Amber promised, Cindy let her go to the kitchen.

Amber was so worried.

Cindy and Sean didn’t stay with each other too much, but Cindy liked Sean.

If Sean knew Cindy was his child…

She shook her head anxiously.

Sean didn’t believe her words. However, if they did the paternity test, it would be exposed by the media at the first time, which definitely affected the development of Smith group… If Sean knew that Cindy was his daughter, some things could not be concealed.

Amber was upset. She cooked the porridge and stayed in the kitchen for half an hour. But she still failed to find a way to convince Sean that Cindy was his own daughter.

Amber took a deep breath. The kitchen door was opened now.

Hearing the sound, she turned her head. Cindy stood at the door happily.

“Mom, dad is here.”

Amber frowned and said, “Cindy, don’t lie. If you want to see Dad, I’ll take you to the company tomorrow, OK?”

Cindy shook her head. “Mom, I didn’t lie!”

Cindy pointed at the window: “I know dad’s car. He is outside. Mom, come to look!”

Cindy held Amber’s hand and walked out of the kitchen.

Through the window of the living room, Amber saw Sean at once who has changed his shirt. It was black now.

Sean’s thin and strong waist became more stronger because of the black shirt. He was holding a mobile phone.

The black hair became chestnut under the street lamplight. Sean stood distantly. Amber can not see Sean’s expression very clearly. But the distance made the man’s temperament more vivid.

“Mom, let dad in. It’s hot outside!”

Cindy tugged at Amber, then hopped to open the door.

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