Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 227: Father Lu’s Slippers

“Dad, Dad, you’re back!”

Sean stopped opening the car door. He had intended to leave, never thinking that he would be found.

Cindy’s voice was a little loud. It was impossible for him to pretend that he didn’t hear.

Sean stiffened and turned around.

Amber stood at the door. Cindy trotted to Sean and hugged his leg.

“Dad, mom is cooking. Let’s go in.”

“If you don’t eat food, you’ll have a stomachache.”

Her voice was very cheerful, soft and pleasant.

Sean raised up his eyebrows and looked at Amber meaningfully.

Amber was so powerful that she knew his physical condition very clearly!

Sean was a little curious. How did Amber guess that he would come?

She waited for him all the time?

What a trick!

“Dad, mom’s porridge is delicious. Hurry up.”

She reached for Sean’s hand and led him in.

Cindy was chubby. She was not as tall as Sean’s legs. Sean can break away from the little fat hand of Cindy easily.

However, as a result, Sean followed Cindy in.

It was not for Amber’s porridge!

If he left now, it seemed that he was cowardly!

Since Amber can cook porridge and wait for him to come!

She must still like him!

He should go in to see what Amber wanted to do.

Thinking about it, Sean leaned down, and picked up Cindy with one hand.

Cindy was startled and then cheered. When they arrived at the door, Cindy still kept smiling.

Seeing Sean coming, Amber opened the shoe cabinet in the porch and took out a pair of man’s slippers.

Sean sneered.

“Man’s slippers? Director White will not wear yourself, will you? “

“Why? Director White would like me to come here?”

Amber has prepared everything he needed?

She was two-faced! she had said she didn’t love him no longer.

She must have a crush on him!

Amber did not answer, but Cindy looked at the slippers.

“Dad, this pair of slippers is Father Lu… Uncle Lu’s! “

Cindy smiled, showing her bright white teeth. She looked innocent and cruel.

Sean paused after hearing Cindy’s words. He looked at Amber angrily.

“Amber, you give me other man’s slippers?”

“You’re quite good!”

Amber blinked and sighed.

She knew Sean was a neat freak so she didn’t tell Sean for fear that he would feel disgusting. She didn’t expect Cindy would say that!

Sean’s face was gloomy: “you even prepared the slippers for Director Lu. He should stay here to sleep many times!”

“My cousin is really hard-working. He goes to work during the day and takes care of his sister-in-law at night.”

Amber stopped and looked up. However, she didn’t refute.

She reached for Cindy, but Sean held Cindy tightly. Amber failed and frowned.

“Sean, you…”

Sean’s face was extremely bad. He took back his feet, and said coldly.

“Give me another slippers!”


Cindy laughed like a little naughty cat: “Dad, in addition to this pair of man’s slippers, there are only girl’s slippers. Dad’s feet are too big to wear!”

Amber kept distance from man. Except Lu Yi, there were no man coming.

The new slippers in the shoe cabinet were all for woman.

If Cindy didn’t explain, Sean’s face wouldn’t become so terrible.

Amber prepared slippers for another man, but she didn’t prepare slippers for her husband!

She must think about making him being punished, or cuckolding him everyday!

Sean took a deep breath. His face was still gloomy. He looked at Amber and ground.

“Sean, I thought you would never come all your life…”

Sean sneered.

It was his fault?

With Cindy in his arms, Sean walked in barefoot and sat down on the sofa.

“My wife bought this house. But I can’t come?”

“Anyway, when I came, I saw a supermarket chain at the gate of the community. You just need to spend ten minutes back and forth.”


Amber pressed her lips. She knew Sean’s character. It was impossible for him to wear other man’s slippers.

Although it was summer, Amber can’t let Sean be barefoot.

After all, the floor was cold and Sean was injured. If Sean had a cold or a fever, she would have to look after him.

“Mom, if you want to go out, go ahead. I’ll watch the porridge.”

Amber nodded, changed her shoes, and went out with her small purse.

Cindy sat next to Sean. Seeing Amber leave, she reached out her chubby little hand to pull Sean’s clothes.

“Dad, why do you bully mom?”

He bullied Amber?

This bad girl! It was impossible.

“Dad, are you jealous of Uncle Lu?”


Sean’s answer to this question was decisive. He did not even think about it.

Cindy pouted, “don’t lie to me!”

“You are jealous!”

With that, Cindy patted Sean like an adult: “Dad, those slippers were prepared for you at the beginning, but you are usually very busy.”

“It’s Uncle Lu who comes often, and then mother gives Uncle Lu the slippers.”

Sean: “…”

He looked at Cindy strangely.

He only thought that he must be crazy so he tried to talk with a little girl!

“Lu Yi often comes here?”

“Has he ever slept here?”

“Does your mother have a good relationship with Lu Yi?”

Sean looked more and more terrible. The three questions gave him a feeling of being cheated.

Such a woman was worthy of his jealousy?

Sean gave a sneer. A pair of sharp eyes fell on Cindy. He always thought that there were many traces of other man in this villa!

“He doesn’t come often and has just stayed here to sleep once or twice.” Cindy answered the first two questions, touched her chin, thought for a moment, and said, “mother and Uncle Lu get along well with each other!”

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