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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 228: Sean, We Are Going to Sleep

“And mom still gets along well with Auntie Xiangxiang!”

Sean’s face was darker and colder.

Sean wanted to ask more questions but Cindy suddenly got up from the sofa and said, “Dad, I’m going to the kitchen to watch the porridge.”

Before Cindy finished her words, she was at the kitchen door.

Sean’s l**s moved while Cindy had opened the kitchen door and walked in.

He pinched between his eyebrows.

The bustle was gone, and the summer night was silent.

Sean looked around the room. It was clean and neat. He could even see his reflection.

There was a vase on the table with some lilies in it.

The interior decoration was simple and delicate, and the room was not even as big as the living room of Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

But it looked comfortable.

Sean’s eyebrows moved.

Amber was not a good woman but she had good eye!

After all, she was the director of marketing department and has seen the decoration of the model houses. If she had a bad taste, how could she worked in Smith Group?

Sean was leisurely, sitting on the sofa.

When Amber came back, Cindy had already served the porridge.

Cindy also took out the dishes Amber cooked. As soon as Amber entered, the smell of dishes fulled her nose.

Amber put the new slippers at Sean’s feet, then walked into the dining room.

Sean: “…”

His hand was on the air.

Even the expression on his face was frozen.

“Dad, wash your hands and eat.”

Sean didn’t move. He didn’t dare to eat the food cooked by Amber. What if he was poisoned to death?

Cindy hopped to him and held Sean’s big hand. “Dad, Cindy take you to the bathroom.”

Cindy used a little strength. Sean hesitated, but he still followed.

After washing hands, Cindy took Sean to the dinning room. Amber handed them chopsticks.

The dishes on the table looked nice. There was Clam steamed egg, potato cake, and cucumber salad.

Amber didn’t expect Sean to come. She turned into the kitchen and cooked another two dishes.

Sean’s expression became stranger.

The dishes Amber cooked happened to be his favorite.

Sean had nothing food today. At this time, his stomach had been aching.

Sean, holding his chopsticks, was stiff. But later, he figured out something and broke through the embarrassment. Anyway, Amber was his wife, he could eat the dishes she cooked!

Sean held his chopsticks and began to eat.

Cindy was close to Sean. She took some fired egg to Sean. “Dad, the dishes are delicious! Mom did it!”

“Have more.”

Amber had always known that Sean was a neat freak. Cindy used her own chopsticks to pick food up for Sean. He might not eat.

Amber stood up and intended to go to the kitchen to get another set of tableware for Sean.

However, she saw Sean eat the food Cindy gave to him.

Sean was arrogant and had a good table manner. His movements were particularly pleasing.

Amber was in a daze during the meal time and didn’t collect herself until she had cleaned up the dishes.

When Amber walked out of the kitchen, Sean was still there. He was sitting on the sofa, holding Cindy in his arms and watching cartoons. He didn’t mean to go.

Amber licked her l**s and went to them: “Sean, it is too late. Cindy was frightened today. We’re going to sleep.”

She glanced outside and said gently, “it’s not safe to drive later.”

Sean froze in an instant.

The meaning of Amber’s words was very obvious. She was driving him away!


Sean sneered. He never knew Amber was such a petty woman. He refused to let Amber go to Hai Wan Xiang Xie. Now Amber was going to drive him out of Xingyue Bay?

Another man can sleep here. He, as her husband, can’t stay here?


He didn’t care at all!

Sean stood up from the sofa suddenly and glanced at Amber, as sharp as a knife.

He walked to the door and stopped abruptly.

Why should he leave as Amber’s orders?

How could he leave as Amber’s orders!

Did she have any other plans tonight? Such as meeting her lover?

Sean changed his mind and strode to the master bedroom.

He wouldn’t let Amber mess around! He wouldn’t leave here.

“Director White is right. It’s late. It’s time for me to sleep.”

Amber widened her eyes.

She picked up Cindy just now, so when she saw Sean go to the master bedroom without hesitation, she was stunned.

If she remembered correctly, before she left home last time, she took out all the clothes in her closet and left them on the bed.

Among them, there was underwear!

Amber put down Cindy and wanted to stop Sean.

“Sean, what do you mean?”

“Do you want to stay?”

Sean smiled. Although his smile was charming, Amber felt the irony.

“What? It is not obvious enough? “

Amber was flustered. Her voice was trembling. “Sean, I didn’t expect you would stay here and there are no men’s clothes herre … Besides, Hai Wan Xiang Xie is only half an hour’s drive from Xingyue Bay. “

“Sean, you don’t have to stand.”

Sean frowned, and his cold eyes became aggressive for an instant.

He pulled his clothes, stared at Amber, and said in a deep voice.”Director White, you should take responsibility for my injuries! But now you want me to drive back in the middle of the night?”

“Get out of the way!” Sean roared.

Amber was stubborn.

“Mr. Smith, I didn’t ask you to come here.”

This sentence was so mean. Amber’s voice was very low, but Sean could still hear.

He sneered and opened the door of the master bedroom room directly. He even turned on the bedroom light causally.

It was a mess on the bed, making a sharp contrast with the tidiness of the living room.

Sean: “…”

Amber coughed awkwardly and pulled Sean out. Her ear tips were faintly red: “I’ll go in first and make up the bed.”

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