Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 229: I Will Sleep With Cindy

The light was bright. Sean can see Amber’s scarlet earlobes when she ran in.

Amber tidied up quickly but Sean still saw the sexy lace underwear among the clothes.

Although it was not right, Sean recalled the slender waist and big bosoms of Amber when she was at Hai Wan Xiang Xie last time…

Sean felt a little bit hot.

He tugged at his collar awkwardly. Within two minutes, Amber had stuffed all the clothes into the closet.

She fixed her messy hair and said in a low voice, “Take a rest. I’ll sleep with Cindy. “

And then she ran out in a hurry.

It was was too embarrassing. Although she had fallen in love with Sean, she can not let him see her underwear.

She carried Cindy into her room next to master bedroom and closed the door.

Standing at the door of the master bedroom, Sean was thinking whether he went in or not.

Sean felt stiff as soon as he thought of Amber’s underwear.

He was more and more sure that Amber must have expected that he would come.

Maybe, she prepared the underwear in advance, in order to seduce him!

She can’t put him in trouble so that Amber was going to be his real wife?

Sean must plan to seduce him after he fell asleep!

He walked into the bedroom. Today, he would catch Amber!

In Cindy’s room.

Cindy’s eyes were shining and she was not sleepy at all now.

In order to making Cindy sleep, Amber read stories. After two stories, Cindy was still in high spirits.

Amber laughed and patted Cindy. She said gently, “Cindy, sleep now. You have to go to school tomorrow.”

Cindy blinked her big black eyes. “Mom, I’m going to sleep right now. You can go to sleep, too.”


Amber took off her slippers, lifted the thin blanket and covered her lower body. She said in a low voice, “Cindy, mom will sleep with you today.”


“Mom, dad is here. Xiaopang said that his parents sleep together. Why do you want to sleep with me? “

Amber, who did not know how to explain, tried to change the subject: “Cindy don’t want to sleep with mom?”

“Mom want to accompany you. Are you not afraid when you are carried away by that bearded uncle today?”

Cindy tilted her head.

Although she had a terrible experience, she felt safety, staying with her father and mother at home.

Cindy has forgotten the fear.

She didn’t refuse Amber. When Amber was about to fall asleep, she heard Cindy’s low voice.

“Mom, I am always here. You should sleep with dad.”

“What if Dad goes away again when we’re asleep?”

Amber’s sleepiness was instantly disappeared!

With that, Cindy went to sleep. However, no matter how Amber tried, she failed to fall asleep, though she was very tired.

Amber always thought that Cindy was a child. In fact, she was the most stupid one.

Cindy knew everything. She knew that her family and her father were different from those of other children.

Her father would be missing for a long time and not send her to school or accompany her…

But she accepted them calmly.

Amber felt very distressed.

She can’t give Cindy a complete home.

It was getting darker and darker. Amber tossed and finally slept.

In the master bedroom.

Sean lay on the big bed. The smell of Amber fulled his nose. After lying for a long time, Sean had a kind of illusion, as if he also had her smell on himself.

Time passed.

Amber didn’t come.

Did he misunderstand Amber?

It was first time for him to come Xingyue Wan. Amber would not miss this opportunity!

There was no such possibility at all!

He saw his watch. It was 1:47 a.m..

Two o’clock in ten minutes!

Amber hasn’t come over yet. Sean suspected that Amber had a bigger conspiracy!

He got up directly and walked out of the room instantly.

His footsteps were very light. Sean opened the door of the Cindy’s room gently.

Through a tiny crack between the door and its frame, Sean saw the two people lying in bed.

Amber didn’t turn off the desk lamp. Under the dim light, the small bed seemed to be more smaller.

Most importantly, both Amber and Cindy breathed slowly. They were asleep!


He didn’t sleep but Amber dared to fall asleep?!

Good! She has forgotten his injury completely!


Even if Amber remembered, she would rather curse him than take care of him!

Sean closed the door and turned back to the master bedroom. He was furious. Finally, Sean took out his cell phone and made a phone call.

It was two o’clock in the morning now. The phone rang several times, and then it was answered.

“Hello? Who are you?! “

Sean cleared his throat.

“Mr. Smith?”

Xu Lin was confused. It was a strange number on the screen of the cell phone.

In a trance, he remembered that Sean’s mobile phone had water damage on the mountain…

“Mr. Smith, what can I do for you?”

Sean tapped on the white bedside table: “I haven’t been in the company all day today. Has anything happened?”

“Oh, by the way, director White is not at work, right?”

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