Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 23: She questions about his cultivation

After three rounds of wine, there’s a sense of intoxication on Lin Han’s face, he feels not comfortable, at this moment, Lu Yi’s phone is ringing.

The man pauses for seconds and takes out his phone, it’s his assisant who knew already he’s here to attend the celebration dinner, so he must has something wants to talk with him right now. At the thought of this, he then picks up the phone.

Amber gets a bit dizzy after few cups of wine, she leans against the chair with messy mind, she even sees people in doubles. Lu Yi covers back all the toasts that comes to her. She moves her body and tries to feel comfortable, but a cup of wine almost flows onto her face.

Amber raises her head and meets with Chen Yaoye’s sexy face.
”Director White. Let me give you a toast! ”

She then frowns. Chen Yaoye works for security department, she wants to ask Lu Yi to send back his people, but when she turns back, she finds that Lu Yi’s look is bad now.

There’s livid expression on his face. He then hangs up the phone and asks Sean Smith:”Sean Smith, you do this on purpose?”
Sean Smith looks up at him and asks:”what? I don’t understand!”
Lu Yi then adds again:”shame on you!” he swears at Sean and then takes up his coat to stand up, seeing the position between Chen Yaoye and Amber, the furious on him surges on more, he then stares at Chen Yaoye:”there’s something wrong with Smith company, since you are so free now, how about you call Wang Jing and you two together company me to see officer Shen?”

Chen Yaoye then winks at Lu Yi and says to him:”but President Smith calls me to be here at the celebration dinner.”
“You work for security department or for President?” Lu Yi then says with a high pitch:”since you listen to his words, then you can be his secretary tomorrow!”

How can such a fastidious man set his eyes on her?
Lu Yi is ready to leave after saying the words.
Amber then blinks her clear eyes and stands up after Lu Yi:”to see officer Shen? Lu Yi, has anything happened there?”
Lu Yi then shakes his head and answers:”no big deal, it’s just that i might leave soon, Amber, i mean, if i leave, you’d better leave with me together!”
It’s clearly Sean Smith’s trick, Sean Smith wants to holds him deliberately!

After seconds pause, he then takes a look at Sean Smith while says to Amber:”you are a girl, it will not be safe to go home alone if you drink too much wine, later, when no one notices, you can use the toilet excuse to get off here.”
Amber nods. After taking a look at Chen Yaoye who calls Wang Jing to be here, she then says to Lu Yi in a low voice:”well, you go now, be safe!”

After Lu Yi’s gone, Amber don’t sit down again, her seat is not so far with Lin Han, in order to prevent people from sticking to her again, she then turns around and walks towards Sean Smith.
After a serious consideration, Amber decides to say hello to him before she leaves in case he again finds trouble for her.
There’s only Tang Tian besides by Sean Smith in that spacious room.

Amber then stands on the other side of him, as she covers the lights above his head, Sean Smith’s face gets colder and darker.
“President Smith, i cannot drink too much, as you know, i still have a three-year-old daughter to take care of, so if there’s nothing needs me to be here, i’ll off here first!”
Amber says in a low voice, she cannot hang on here any longer, the redness on her face makes her being more attractive than usual.

Sean Smith then looks up to her and says in a low tone:”if you off early tonight, then don’t count on me to see that little bastard!”
Hearing this, Amber dazes there, she looks at Sean Smith with confusion and then bites her lips:”if i stay, you’ll see Cindy?”
Sean Smith holds the cup and shakes it two times, he then narrows his eyes and falls his sight on Amber. There’s unknown sense in his expression.

He has been unable to see through Amber, she always do things with a strong purpose, now she wants him to see Cindy, that is impossible! But she’s now persistent, what’s in her mind after all?
Sean Smith presses his eyelid. No one knows what he’s thinking about now, the whole air on him becomes more bleak and lonely, it’s not compatiable with the noisy crowds at all.
“What? Want to know my thoughts? You really want me to see that little bastard?”
Maybe it’s because Amber had cups of drinks before, so she has some courages now. Hearing the words from Sean Smith, she then answers him in a cold tone:”Sean Smith, my daughter has her name, her name is Cindy, not bastard!”

She looks at Sean Smith with sullen eyes. Though she feels so limp right now, her tone is still sharp and strong:”i suggest you do not hang these two words always around your mouth, a person should keep up with his own cultivation, you are the President of Smith company, the only master of Smith family, don’t bring shame on your company and family.”

Hearing this, Sean Smith then cold hums a voice, he takes a glance at Amber. His sharp sight makes Amber kind sober. He don’t answer Amber’s words, but there’s still some unhappiness sense on his expression, who does she think she is? How dare she makes judgements on his cultivation? Didn’t she like him so much? What changes her attitude so fast?

After a pause, Sean Smith then takes a new glass and adds some wine inside. he says to Amber with a cold smile:”director White, you dealt so well with the thing of Luo Shen Bay, i should give you a toast!”
He forces the glass into Amber’s hands and then looks at her without any expression.

Amber holds the glass and says to him with a bit warning:”Sean Smith, don’t forget our relation, i’m your wife, if i get too drunk and makes trouble here, then you will be so shameless!”
Sean Smith then scorns at her. She stands up there, he sits there, she has already lost to him on the air. His smile seems is a mock for her.

He has no any sense to give in a bit, though he has preparations before, her heart still pricks to be so hurtful, the pain seeps through her bones.
Her face is now pale.

She thought the thing that happened three years ago will be the deep abyss for her, but seems she’s wrong, there’s another abyss outside the abyss. Sean Smith is her old dream which she can never wake up, the dream is so profound that makes her suffering all the time.
At the thought of this, she then holds up the glass and drink them all. The wine seems is cutting her stomach off now.

She feels her eyelid gets heavy. After drinking too much wine, she now feels a bit sleepy, but in these three years she has always lacking of safety. She has to hang on her energy to go social with people. She wants this banquet ends soon, but seems everyone besides her all enjoy into this atmosphere. They have no any sense to end the party. She takes a look at watch. It’s already so late now. Seems she has to let Lu Xiangxiang stay at Xing Yue Bay for a night.
Thinking of this, she then takes out her phone and wants to send one message to Lu Xiangxiang.
Suddenly, there’s so many people coming to give her toastes before she finishes the typing. She then takes a look at Sean Smith who sits besides her, he’s now half-narrows his eyes. It’s clearly him who do this to her!

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