Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 230: Jobbery?

Xu Lin: “…”

He knew that even if Sean was concerned about the company, he shouldn’t have called him in the middle of the night.

“Something happened…”

Xu Lin said cautiously: “the opening ceremony of Kai Yuan tomorrow may not be held as scheduled. It is revealed that the quality grade of concrete is unqualified.”

“The buildings built by Kai Yuan are relatively high. Therefore, considering the plasticity, durability and other factors, we chose C30. There was no problem at that time, but…”

“It has been disclosed that the grade of concrete is C25, and people are worried about the service life of the real estate…”

Although Kai Yuan was not a small company, it was not worthy of being concerned by Sean, a president!

In addition, C25 was good enough but Smith group liked to use better ones usually. That news would cause the decrease of sales.

It was not a big deal. After the leaders of all departments went to work tomorrow, they can solve the problem easily.

Sean: “…”

Smith group has invested many real estates. Sean just knew the most important, such as Luoshen Wan.

Sean frowned, “Oh, really? Does Director White know this emergency?”

Xu Lin hesitated for a moment: “Director White should not know that. President, the public relations department is dealing with it…”

“What’s more, the stuffs in the marketing department all know that. Their on-the-spot adaptability is not weak. Director White can cope with it tomorrow.”

There was a sneer on Sean’s face.

“Oh? In other words, Director White doesn’t have to deal with anything and Smith group should still pay her a high salary? “

“That’s not what I mean! “

Sean turned a blind eye to Xu Lin’s anxiety. His tone was cold.

“Tell Amber to do the work! If the director is so relaxed that everyone can be competent, I wouldn’t hire her! “

Sean hung up.

Xu Lin: “…”

Within ten minutes, Sean heard the sound outside. Amber should be talking on the phone. Her voice was very low, but he could still hear some words.

For example, “Kai Yuan” and “grade”.

Sean smiled and put his mobile phone on the head of the bed. He lay down comfortably.

It was not that he wouldn’t let Amber sleep, but that Amber had work!

After lying for about 20 minutes, Sean was still sleepless. His lips were dry. After hesitation, he got up and opened the door.

Light leaked from the study.

Amber was sitting under the light. Her face was face. She clicked her keyboard fast.

Sean suddenly felt a little guilty.

However, this mood disappeared quickly.

Amber wanted it, didn’t she? If she wanted to wear the crown, she must be tolerable.

The marketing department was very important. It was impossible to get wages without paying!

Sean made a smile and turned around. Occasionally, he heard Amber’s voice.

“Lu Yi, it is OK to use C25. This news should be easy to clarify. And I plan to set the opening ceremony a week later…”

Sean stopped.

He became terrible.

Amber, that shameless woman, didn’t forget to seduce his “good” cousin when she worked!

Would she go out and have an in-depth discussion with Lu Yi later?

Sean touched his hair. She dared to cuckold him!

Sean snorted, opened the door, and knocked.

He was holding the glass which was on the bedside table.

Seeing Amber raise her head, Sean put the cup on the desk. His voice was cold: “drink some water!”

It was empty. How could she drink?

With amplifying Amber’s mobile phone, Lu Yi stopped talking at once after hearing Sean’s voice.

Sean glanced at Amber’s mobile phone with a smirk. His eyes were extremely cold and sharp.

“What? It is about Kai Yuan?”

“You can do it tomorrow in the company! Mrs. Smith, don’t disturb my cousin!”

“He’s old, and he doesn’t have enough energy.”


Amber looked up at Sean with clam eyes.

She shouldn’t cope with Kai Yuan’s matter by herself. Xiao Shen can handle it well.

But Sean, who was naive wanted to torture her.

Amber took a look at the time on the computer and asked faintly, “how come you haven’t slept?”

Sean glanced at her mobile phone. And then Amber said bye-bye to Lu Yi and hung up.

The matter has been done almost. Amber said directly:

“Sean, I have informed the legal department. No matter who changed the concrete grade, I will investigate and punish that one severely!”

“The public relations department will clarify tomorrow, and the project department has gone through the process. Even the price of Kai Yuan real estate has been discussed. We will hold a meeting tomorrow and come up with a reasonable price.”

“In addition, the opening ceremony is denied one week.”

Sean was stiff.

“If you report such a small thing to me every time, I would be tired to death!”

Amber glanced at Sean. Her eyes were bright and clean.

Sean can see some complaint in her eyes.

Sean was a little embarrassed.

He tried to smile, tapped on the table and said.

“Director White, you need to call director Lu for help because of Kai Yuan’s problem?”

“You have a jobbery?”

Amber frowned.

It was meaningful. Sean suspected that she had an amour with Lu Yi.

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