Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 231: Sean, What Do You Mean?

“I shouldn’t take responsibility for this matter! And I have to inform other departments. “

“Lu Yi prepared this cell phone for me. Only his phone number is in this phone…”

“Are you satisfied if I memorize the mobile phone numbers of other department leaders from tomorrow?”

Sean was dumb.

His handsome face was like a palette.

He was so furious.

Amber would remember Lu Yi’s mobile phone number whether this mobile phone was given by Lu Yi!

Sean stared at Amber and approach her.

“Director White is so righteous!”

“What a good relationship! It is so dangerous on the mountain that he can go up to the mountain to find you!”

“The search and rescue team is not as fast as director Lu who can bring you back safely!”

They got so close. Sean’s breath was on Amber’s forehead, which made her lean back unconsciously.

“Sean, what do you mean?”

Sean clenched and narrowed his eyes. His sharp eyes were as sharp as a knife.

“What do you think I mean?”

“Or is it not obvious enough?”

Sean pulled Amber’s dark silk pajamas and said, “Amber, don’t forget your who you are!”

The expression of Amber was more strange.

“Sean, are you jealous?”

Sean retreated in amazement. For the first time, an incredible expression appeared on his face.

He was jealous because of Amber?

Did he look like a crazy man?

Although Amber said that she didn’t love him, she must still like him. Whenever she had a chance, she would try to test him!


Amber was not surprised at Sean’s answer. She pushed aside Sean and came out behind her desk.

Looking at Sean, she said: “in that case, what do you care about me so much? What’s it to you?”

“Mr. Smith, it’s already two o’clock. We will go to work tomorrow and I have to get up early to send Cindy to school.”

“If there’s nothing else I have to deal with, I’ll go to bed.”

With that, Amber nodded to Sean: “good night, Mr. Smith.”

She turned around and walked straight out of the study. However, Sean caught her wrist.

It was mostly because Sean was angry. His strength was strong. Amber felt a little hurt.

“What? Is there anything else, Mr. Smith? “

Instead of answering, Sean held Amber’s arm and went back to the master bedroom. He pushed Amber into the room and closed the door.


Sean’s mood was bad. Amber hesitated for a moment and did not dare to speak.

She stood up to go out.

“Where do you want to go?”

Amber licked her lips: “I’ll go to sleep with Cindy!”

Sean smiled ironically.

Sleeping with Cindy?

Amber was really good at acting!

Underwear on the bed, porridge made by her when she back to Xingyue Wan…The plays were more and more wonderful.

Sean snorted: “sleep with Cindy? She must be waken up by you.”

Amber was silent.

Sean went to the wardrobe, pulled out the clothes that Amber has put in. He found a black lace sexy underwear and threw it on Amber’s face.

Sean’s face was extremely terrible.

“Director White, my Mrs. Smith, please explain! We’ve been married for three years and I haven’t been here. What’s wrong with this dress? “

And then he took that sexy underwear. He let it swing in the air with a gloomy expression on his face.

“Whom do you want to show to?”

“Show it to your three-year-old daughter? Amber, are you really so shameless?”

“Don’t teach her your seductive tricks!”

“Now, Cindy is my daughter. Whether it’s true or not, I can’t stand it!”

Amber’s face turned pale in an instant.

At first, Amber didn’t know the purpose of Sean when he came here.

But now, she knew it clearly!

She got up in the middle of the night and dealt with Kai Yuan’s affairs. After that, Sean can’t let her sleep and took out this underwear, forcing her to explain!

Who bought it?

If Sean didn’t mention it, Amber almost forgot.

She married Sean three years ago, and Lu Xiangxiang gave it to her to congratulate her on marrying a “good husband”.

In the past three years, Sean has never come here, and she was not allowed to go to Hai Wan Xiang Xie. This sexy underwear has been kept for a long time. It was Cindy who found it a few days ago.

And then she threw it into the closet…

But would Sean believe her?

Amber felt headache. She hasn’t been able to sleep soundly from night to dawn for several days. Her heart load was weakened and her face and lips were white.

“Mr. Smith, you have many girlfriends and mistresses. You should know underwear very well. What? You can’t tell the style is from three years ago? “

Amber grabbed the underwear and threw it in the garbage can.

“This is my clothes. I wore it. Don’t you feel dirty?”

As soon as Amber finished, Sean felt that his fingertips were slightly hot.

Some coldness was on Sean’s face.

Sean froze for a moment. Amber sneered: “Mr. Smith, don’t worry. I know my place!”

But she still called Lu Yi in the middle of the night!

Did Amber herself believe what she said?

Sean pushed Amber onto the big bed.

It made Amber surprised. She fell down and her brain was swimming.

Before she got out of bed, Sean was on her.

Amber’s face was red because of his aggressive breath. It was may because of anger or shyness.

“Let me go!”

Sean clasped her wrist tightly, on the contrary. His deep eyes were shining.

“Don’t you know your place? Then why do you want to escape?”

“Amber, are you feel guilty now?”

As Sean spoke, his breath fell on Amber’s face. The temperature made her shiver.

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