Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 232: What? You Play Hard to Get?

“I’m going to sleep outside…”

Sean laughed viciously.

He looked up and down at Amber: “what? You play hard to get?”

“Amber, don’t overestimate yourself. I’m not interested in you!”

“Sleep here!”

What if Amber came in again and try to seduce him after she went out?

It was safest way to stay with Amber!

What was more, if his father knew that Amber slept on the sofa in the living room, he must scold him!


Amber was in a daze. Sean was a man who never played cards according to the routine!

She couldn’t know what he wanted to do and could only go to sleep.

Instead, it was Sean who can’t sleep, because he was so close to Amber that he could smell the shampoo fragrance of Amber.

Shower gel was lemon flavor, and that kind of aroma was very light. He smelt clearly.

Amber was asleep.

Sean turned over and fell from Amber. He lay next to Amber.

Sean didn’t believe that Amber could sleep without any thoughts. She must want to seduce him!

Sean dozed. He secretly decided that as soon as Amber had an action, he would expose her shameless nature!

After waiting for more than an hour, Amber breathed more and more slowly…

Sean opened his eyes. The lamp at the head of the bed was not off. Amber’s hair was on her face that was pale. She was somewhat frail.

Amber was good-looking. Her eyelashes cast a light shadow on her lower eyelids.

She was wearing a halter silk nightgown. Just now Amber struggled so severely that the snow-white skin of her neck and chest fell into the eyes of Sean.

His eyebrows moved. His eye’s were meaningful.

Magically, Sean hugged Amber. His big palm had been put on Amber’s slender waist.

Sean felt slightly hot. He stared at Amber.

His fingertips were hooked on the sling on Amber’s pajamas…

Amber must want to seduce him!

Maybe Amber didn’t sleep at all. She just waited for him to touch her, so that she could let him take responsibility.

With a low curse, Sean got up hurriedly.

He still felt the soft and delicate skin of Amber.

Soft and smooth.

Sean took a deep breath.

Amber was really powerful. he has found out her trick now!

Sean walked out of the master bedroom, took a glass of cold water and drank all

His mind was more and more clear.

After a moment’s hesitation, Sean lay down directly on the sofa in the living room.

Amber was right. They had to go to work tomorrow. He didn’t have so much time to play game with her!

Amber tried to seduce him.

He wouldn’t give her any chance!

Sean turned over and closed his eyes.

At the second day.

Sean was woken up by Cindy.

He slept like a dog, but the little girl touched his face and his hair.

Sean opened his eyes suddenly, looking at the big bright eyes of Cindy.

He has gotten up on the wrong side of the bed often but he couldn’t even get angry when he saw Cindy’s cute little face.

“Dad, you’re awake!”

Sean sat up. He slept for several hours and had a headache.

“Dad, why are you sleeping here?”

Sean: “…”

After Cindy asked, Sean was somewhat embarrassed. He didn’t know how to answer Cindy’s question.

Should he tell her he was afraid that her mother would not sleep and seduce him?

He was not as shameless as Amber!

Fortunately, Cindy was too young to keep asking this question.

“I made breakfast. I go to wake mom up now. Dad, you go to wash first!”

Cindy, dressed in a pink princess dress, and ran to the master bedroom happily.

Within a few minutes, Amber followed Cindy out.

Amber looked pretty good, but she was limping. She should have been injured on the mountain and was still in pain.

“Mom, I heated the milk and fried the eggs.”

“Well done.”

Amber had a smile on her face. Her hair around her ears was wet. She should have gotten washed. Amber seemed to have slept well yesterday.

But Sean felt extremely bad because he had a wound on his body and slept on the sofa for a night!

“Director White, this is really interesting.”

“Your daughter is only three years old.”

Taking advantage of Cindy’s going to the kitchen, Sean glanced at Amber and said seriously, “You are really a good marketing director of Smith group who are good at exploiting labor!”


The back of the sofa was relatively high. Amber didn’t pay attention to the living room so that she didn’t see Sean at all. She had thought he’s left.

“Sean, why are you still here?”

Sean stared at Cindy behind Amber.

“Director White is trying to drive me away?”

“Mom, let dad have breakfast before leaving, OK?”

Amber turned around and saw Cindy who was taking a plate. There was a eagerness in Cindy’s eyes.

Without saying anything, Amber went to the bathroom in the master bedroom and gave Sean new toiletries.

When they were eating breakfast, the doorbell rang. Cindy, who finished firstly, ran to open the door.

“Cindy, who?”

Amber asked and saw the man who held Cindy in.

“It’s me.”

“Lu Yi?” Amber was surprised: “how did you get here?”

Lu Yi stopped when he saw Sean. But, Lu Yi still smiled, “Kai Yuan’s clarification work has almost done.”

“But the opening ceremony is your business.”

“Isn’t Mr. Smith paying attention to this? I think you must go to the company ahead of time. “

Lu Yi raised Cindy and said, “I drop by to pick her up and send her to Jin Yang Guang Kindergarten.”

The sunshine through the window can’t dispel the chill on Sean’s face.

Did he look stupid?

Lu Yi lived in the center of the city. It was only a few minutes’ walk from Smith group. He dropped by to pick up Cindy?

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