Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 233: Sure!

It was rush hour at work now. Amber lived on the outskirts of the city, but Lu Yi drove for more than half an hour to pick up Cindy. Did he really drop by?

Sean threw the knife and fork directly onto the table.


It attracted Amber and Lu Yi’s attention.

Sean smiled and looked at the watch.

“It’s eight nineteen. Smith group’s morning work time is nine.”

“Cousin, it takes more than half an hour to get to Smith group from here. You must be late after you send Cindy.”

He continued: “cousin, the work of the director of public relations department must be very easy so that you can send your colleagues’ daughter to school during working hours.”

Lu Yi’s face changed.

With that, Sean turned his head to see Amber: “is Smith group’s reward and punishment system not clear enough?”

Amber paused for a moment: “Mr. Smith, it’s still early. It’s not sure whether director Lu will be late. You can’t scold him now.”

Sean looked terrible.

Amber was a littler nervous.


In order to protect Lu Yi, Amber can said this word!

He was touched by them!

Should he give Lu Yi a place?


“Take it easy, Director White! It’s just late. He just needs to pay a fine. “

“Director Lu liked to help colleagues, right? He must don’t care about it! “


Amber was choked. She took a light look at Sean, took the sunscreen shirt she has prepared for Cindy on the sofa, and intended to go out with Cindy.

“Cindy, let’s go. Mom will send you!”

Lu Yi hesitated and stopped Amber: “you go to the company first. You need to make a decision about denying the opening ceremony!”

Amber knew what Lu Yi was thinking.

Lu Yi knew it was Sean who wanted to trouble her!

Lu Yi must be worried that if she didn’t return to the company immediately, Sean would lose his temper again.

“Kai Yuan Building is located in the suburb of Tongcheng City. Firstly, it is not in a prime location. Second, there is no quiet and suitable environment for living. Therefore, we have no plan to do the second phase.”

“Such a small building is not my work!”

“Lu Yi, you go to work. I’d like to send Cindy. This month, I’ve already deducted 270000 bonus and 1000 yuan is nothing for me now.”

“There’s no need for you to be punished because of Cindy and me.”

Lu Yi: “never mind. I don’t…”

When they were talking, Cindy was held by Sean suddenly.

“Did director Lu not remember what I said in the hospital yesterday?”

Lu Yi’s gentle face became gloomy at once. This mood disappeared quickly.

What was in his mind was yesterday’s words of Sean.

Sean sneered and said, “It seems that director Lu still remember it. Then I don’t need to say it again!”

“I will send Cindy!”

“And I advise Mr. Lu. Don’t violate the company’s system!”

“No more than three times! If I find out anything else, don’t blame me for that I don’t care about the family love!”

With that, an irony flashed quickly through Sean’s inky pupils.

He held Cindy in his arms, and said gently to her.”

“Cindy, do you want dad to send you to school?”

Cindy was so happy. She said loudly,”Sure!”

Sean was proud.

He walked to the door. When they passed by Lu Yi, Sean knocked Lu Yi’s shoulder hard.

“Excuse me!”

Sean said politely, but his attitude was provocative.

Sea took the schoolbag by one hand and strode out steadily.

Amber reached for her hair and apologized to Lu Yi gently, “Lu Yi, I’m sorry. Let’s go to the company first.”

Lu Yi shook his head. His temper seemed to be as good as ever. Even if Sean had a bad attitude towards him, he was not angry.

“It doesn’t matter. But has Sean send Cindy before? He can do it? “

Amber nodded.

“Yes. Besides, he’s Cindy’s father, and Cindy hopes Sean can send her.”

Amber’s tone was light. She bent over to change her shoes, carrying her small suit jacket. She didn’t notice that Lu Yi’s expression.

And then Lu Yi and Amber walked toward the parking lot.

Suddenly, Lu Yi said, “I think Sean’s injury becomes more serious. Last night, my uncle whipped Sean again?”

Amber paused. Since Sean was back to Smith group, whipping seemed to have become a common practice.

Amber nodded. Then Lu Yi said, ” What’s your decision?”


Amber was in doubt, “what decision?”

“Do you want to divorce Sean?” Lu Yi opened the door of the gunshot and let Amber get into the car. “Sean has admitted that he wants you to die!”

“There’s a recording. If you divorce now, you can get more.”

“Amber, everyone knows how he treats you! I want you to think about it carefully! “

Amber was calm.

“Lu Yi, Cindy needs her father.”

Sean put Cindy in the back seat. When they were about to leave, Sean stopped starting the car.


Why did he help Amber send her daughter to school?

Did he create a chance for Amber and Lu Yi to get along?

Sean clenched and hit on the steering wheel. Cindy was startled.


Sean raised up his eyebrows, glanced at the rearview mirror, and said coldly, “what?”

Cindy was not afraid. She showed the cartoon watch on her wrist to Sean: “I’m going to be late, Dad. If I’m late, I’ll be punished and stand in the corner…”

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