Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 234: Amber Was Going to Look for the Second Husband?

Sean frowned and gave a scornful sneer.

After Mrs. Yue’s matter, the whole kindergarten should have known that Cindy was his daughter. No one dared to let Cindy stand in the corner!

Maybe that was what Amber wanted!

Sean opened the door and said to Cindy, “you stay in the car. I’ll go back soon.”

“What are you going back to, dad?”

Sean smiled meaningfully, “let your mother send you to school!”

Without waiting for Cindy to say, Sean closed the door.

Sean lit a cigarette. The scarlet flame made Sean more handsome.

He dropped the ash of the cigarette and his dark eyes became more and more deep and gloomy.

Amber was going to look for the second husband?!

They were the director of the public relations department and the director of the marketing department!

Their positions were very important. Amber hated him. What if she colluded with Lu Yi to destroy his company?

What was more, then shameless Amber has driven Manman away and ruined his marriage. Now she wanted to be with someone else?

No way!

He wouldn’t allow!

Sean walked more fast. When Lu Yi drove his car out, Sean stood at the middle of the road.

Lu Yi had to stop the car: “Sean, we will be late. Can you let us go?”

“What’s more, if you don’t send Cindy, she’ll be late too.”

Amber was also a bit surprised.

“Sean? Why are you still here? “

Sean smiled and blew out a thick white smoke.

“Wait for you.”

Amber was confused. Sean has opened the door of gunshot and pulled Amber out of the car.

“Mrs. Smith, you’re on the wrong car!”

Sean was staring at Lu Yi. His voice was cold and ruthless: “you should know your identity. You are Mrs. Smith, not Mrs. Lu!”

Lu Yi held the steering wheel tightly at once.

Sean held Amber in one hand and walked to the Maserati which was not far away.

Lu Yi got out of the car and stopped hem. Lu Yi frowned and looked at Sean with disapproval.

“Sean, don’t you attach great importance to the Kai Yuan project? Amber and I will go to the company to deal with this matter first… “

Sean didn’t let go of Amber’s hand, and took a surprise look at Lu Yi.

“Cousin, are you so shameless? You’re going to rob my wife in public? “

Lu Yi: “…”

It was almost nine o’clock. The sun was a bit of scorching. After a long time under the sun, Amber felt dizzy.

Lu Yi took a look at Amber’s red face, and his tone was a little anxious: “You let us get up to deal with Kai Yuan’s matter in the middle of the night yesterday…”

Sean was not interested in it.

“Cousin is joking. I haven’t heard of Kai Yuan so I won’t let you deal with it in the middle of the night.”

“Last night, I slept soundly with my wife and child.”

Amber was stunned. She thought Sean was really shameless.

It was Xu Lin who asked them to deal with the matter immediately last night.

Xu Lin was aware the small buildings like Kai Yuan were not worthy of being cared by management according the company’s system.

Was Xu Lin going to beat around the bush without the command of Sean?

Even though Lu Yi had a mild personality, he can’t help but be speechless.

Sean didn’t care about Lu Yi. He was about to leave, holding Amber.

“Sean, you are making a fool of yourself!”

“If my uncle knows that your attitude towards the company is so lax, I’m afraid he will be angry again!”

Sean sneered, and his eyes fell on Amber.

Amber taught Lu Yi to threaten him with the old Mr. Smith?

She not only wanted to win him, but also wanted him to be trampled on by Lu Yi?

The anger was lingering in his chest.


“Director Lu, are you not satisfied with me?”

“You just go and tell my dad. If you can get my father’s approval, I’m ready to give up my position at any time!”

With that, Sean looked up at the watch on his wrist, and his voice was very pleasing: “it’s getting late. I’m busy and have to leave now!”

Sean left and Amber pinched her eyebrows.

Two people attacked each other fiercely. Amber has never had a chance to say.

Amber breathed a sigh of relief: “sorry, Lu Yi. You can go to the company first…”

Before she could finish, she was pulled away by Sean.

His strength was so great that Amber can’t break free.

“You let me go. I can go by myself!”

Amber struggled. She just looked at Sean.

Sean was in a bad mood. He immediately became furious: “what?”

“Sean, you know Lu Yi doesn’t mean that. You are mean.”


Sean controlled his anger.

He was wrong? No! Lu Yi’s eyes were soulful when he looked at Amber.

Amber was blind but he was not!

“Too mean? I think I am better than Director White!”

“Let me send your daughter to school so that you can have a good time with director Lu?”

“Is there such a good thing in the world?”


“It seems that you take initiative to send Cindy to go to kindergarten?”

Sean thought that Amber really didn’t know good people. He helped her send her daughter but she didn’t appreciate it. Instead, she openly protected other man in front of him!

Amber changed her loyalty frequently!

What a bad woman

Sean had a long and icy face.

“You think I want to see you? It’s your daughter who wants her parents to send her to school together! “

“Besides, I don’t have obligation to help Director White send your child to school.”

Amber was silent.

Sean put out the cigarette and threw it into the trash can. His short black hair was dyed by the sunshine.

Even his long eyelashes were golden.

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