Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 235: Countless Involvement

Amber White was about to say something, but she was shocked when she saw him.

Sean Smith stretched out his hand and rolled up his sleeve. He said in a low voice, “Inspector White, yesterday you said that I was going to kidnap your daughter, didn’t you?”

“I dare not be alone with your daughter. I’m afraid she will do something stupid and it’s going to cost my life.”

Her eyes flickered as her hesitation dissipated.

She didn’t say a word.

Sean Smith opened the car door and directly stuffed Amber White inside. After that, he slammed the door shut.

Immediately, Sean Smith got in the car, started the engine, and stepped on the accelerator.

After making a turn, the car was on the road and blended with the traffic.

They were in the middle of rush hour. Half an hour later, they arrived at the entrance of Jingyang Guang Kindergarten.

Amber White put the school bag on Cindy White’s back, bid Sean Smith farewell, and led the little girl inside.

Two days after Mrs. Yue’s incident, Amber White was uneasy. She would send Cindy White to the classroom before leaving.

By the time Amber White came out, Sean Smith was nowhere to be found.

Amber White was surprised. She thought that Sean Smith moved his car. She looked around again, but she couldn’t find him. She took her phone and called him.


“Sean, I’m out. Where are you?”

“I’m on my way back to the company.” Sean Smith said coldly.


“Why don’t you wait for me?”

Amber White stood at the gate and looked around for Sean Smith. Now, she felt that she looked like a fool.

Sean Smith was not having it.

“Are you questioning me?” he sneered.

“Inspector White, I have done my utmost by sending you and your daughter to the kindergarten. Do I have to wait for you?”

Amber White took a deep breath. She knew that he had always been like this to her. She was hoping that he would change, but she was too naïve.

“I didn’t mean it that way. Why didn’t you tell that you were leaving? I have been waiting for you for a long time.” said Amber White.

She was standing on the roadside, trying to stop a car. Fortunately, Jinyang Guang was not far from Smith Company. If it was far, she didn’t know how long it took to arrive at the company.

Strangely, Sean Smith didn’t hang up.

He pursed his lips when he heard Amber White’s words.

He believed that he had made it clear to Amber White.

He didn’t understand why she called him to complain.

Did she want to go to the company with him?

Sean Smith put on a sarcastic smile, “Amber, you’d better figure out the situation. I did propose to send your daughter to the kindergarten.”

“But, I didn’t say that I would wait for you at the entrance!”

“You’re involved with a lot of men, aren’t you? I don’t want to spoil the fun!”

Involved with a lot of men?

Sean Smith was being ridiculous. Her only male friend was Lu Yi and nothing was happening between them.

But, Amber White didn’t want to talk too much to Sean Smith. She clearly knew that Sean Smith wouldn’t believe her.

Amber White licked her dry lips and said, “You’re right. Since you’re not here, I don’t want to continue talking with you!”

“I think I’m going to call one of my men to see who among them has time to pick me up for work!”

After that, she hung up the phone.

When she finally stopped a car, she gave the driver an address.

Sean Smith’s face darkened and his pupil shrank when he noticed that she suddenly hung up the phone.

He glanced at the screen as his face froze.

Amber White had balls.

She dared to hang up on him!

If she happened to call him again, he would never answer it.

Sean Smith was so angry that he threw his phone away and stepped on the accelerator instead. In less than five minutes, he stopped in Smith Company’s parking lot.

She went upstairs directly. Since he spent the night in Xingyue Bay, he hadn’t changed his clothes. When he arrived at his office, he stripped off his expensive shirt and threw it on the floor.

The bandage around him complimented his temperament. It made him look stronger and attractive.

Sean Smith grabbed a shirt from the closer and put it on.

He buttoned the shirt indifferently.

He licked his lips and processed some important documents on the desk. After a while, he called Xu Lin into the office.

Xu Lin was up until midnight to handle the business of a small building. Now, he was half awake.

He tried to sober up and walked to the office.

Sean Smith didn’t look up. When he heard the noise, he directly said, “Bring me the list of employee who come late these past three days.’

Xu Lin was shocked.

Why did the president suddenly kiss up the HR?

Xu Lin frowned. Was… Inspector White late today?

Seeing Xu Lin didn’t move, Sean Smith raised his head and glared at him. Xu Lin stood up straight.

“What is it? Is there anything else?”

Xu Lin shook his head and Sean Smith’s eyes became colder. He eyed Xu Lin and said, “I’ll give you three minutes!”

He didn’t have time to care about Sean Smith nor Amber White. He directly rushed out of the office.

After done listing the names, he gave it directly to Sean Smith.

There were not many people who were late. Sean Smith looked at the list thoroughly.

He frowned, “Are you sure you have listed them all?”

To his surprised, Amber White was not on the list.

Although Smith Company was not far from Jinyang Guang Kindergarten, these two places located in the center of the city and the traffic in Tongcheng was poor. It was impossible for Amber White to arrive in such a short time.

Sean Smith sneered. Xu Lin shuddered.

Smith Company was really interesting.

The president even asked for a late list.

Now, Amber White was safe from the late list, but would she be safe from the board of director list a few days later?

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