Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 236: Complied in Public, Opposed in Private

“No. I checked the list again and again.” Xu Lin answered.

Clearly, the paper on Sean Smith’s desk had piled up like mountain, but he still had time to care about this trivial matter.

Sean Smith placed the A4 paper on the table angrily. His eyes were cold as ice.

He glanced at the last name on the list, Lu Yi, and said, “These people are lazy. Go to the HR and make them notify these people.”

Xu Lin nodded.

Sean Smith stuffed the paper back to Xu Lin, “Go to Marketing Department and call Inspector White up.”

Xu Lin was hesitant.

Sean Smith sneered, “What is it? She hasn’t been behaving well. Do you think I can’t see it?”

“No, no, no, it’s just that, Inspector White is not in her office…”

Xu Lin mumbled.

Sean Smith glared at Xu Lin as the pen danced between his fingers. The atmosphere in the office was cold and tense.

Xu Lin gulped and explained, “Sir, Inspector White went to large shopping mall under Smith Company’s name to do market research.”


He frowned as he suddenly remembered her phone call with Amber White earlier today.

She told him she was going to call on of her lover to send her to work.

It seemed that Amber White had mastered the art of complying in public and opposing in private.

A shopping mall? A market research?

Smith Company’s biggest shopping mall was Central Mall, no?

If he remembered correctly, there was an activity in the Central Mall today inviting Shi Muzhou.

Was Amber White going to do research or meeting her secret lover?

“Is there no other staff in the Marketing Department? Why does she have to do the research by herself?”


Didn’t Sean Smith hate her for not doing real job?

Now that Amber White did it, Sean Smith was still unhappy.

Sean Smith wet his lips and looked at the file on the table.

“Call her back. We have a meeting in twenty minutes.”

Sean Smith threw a document to Xu Lin and asked to make a few copies.

Xu Lin took the document and went out.

Sean Smith stopped him again.

Xu Lin turned around and asked in a low voice, “Is there anything else, Sir?”

A dark tide surged from the bottom of his eyes, “Actually, don’t call her. I will go and find her myself.”

Xu Lin was silent. He walked out of the president’s office quietly.

Sean Smith grabbed his pen and signed a document after reading it. He looked terrible.

Amber White must have guessed that he would challenge her in the company.

That was the reason why she escaped.

Sean Smith, however, didn’t feel he had done anything wrong. When she was in the Xingyue Bay, Amber White said it herself.

However, he just couldn’t shrugged it off his mind.

After signing the documents in his desk, he looked at the time and found that it was already eleven o’clock.

She went out of his office and went downstairs.

The Central Mall was very close to Jinyang Guang Kindergarten. Perhaps, Amber White was not late today.

He adjusted the collar of his shirt. His face, however, looked complicated. Amber White was a troublemaker while Lu Yi was a classic.

He smirked as his grumpy face recovered a little. His handsome face looked more vivid.

Xu Lin noticed him out of his office.

Sean Smith motioned him to come, “Secretary Xu, come with me.”

Sean Smith never smiled. Just now, when he did, it made Xu Lin shuddered.

He walked in a steady pace. Xu Lin followed him down to the parking lot.

Sean Smith opened the truck and took out the dirty clothes.

He slipped his hand into the trousers’ pocket and took a small bag. After that, he immediately threw the suit into the trash can.

The bag was dirty, was Xu Lin could see clearly there was a few strands of hairs inside.

Sean Smith took another small bag with hair inside from inside the car and handed it to Xu Lin.

It was prepared before he went to Gu Jinyan’s last night.

Cindy White looked too much like him. He didn’t notice it before until someone pointed this out.

He didn’t remember he slept with Amber White though…

However, if he wanted to shut her mouth, he had to do this paternity test.

He had mixed feelings about this.

“Do me a favor. I need you to send these materials. I have messaged you the address.”

“You don’t have to go to work today. Just do this one task, do it by yourself, and ensure the confidentiality.”

Xu Lin nodded. He hesitated and asked, “Sir, are you doing a paternity test with Miss White?”

Sean Smith stared at Xu Lin. He was silent.

At Tongcheng Central Mall, Amber White was busy when Shi Muzhou came.

She stopped working and made time to see him.

He was wearing a black shirt. As an artist, he had makeup done. His face was covered with light foundation and his eyebrows were done up. He looked sharp and dashing.

He cocked his head and waved to Amber White.

Amber White blinked and smiled, “what are you doing here? What about the activity?”

Shi Muzhou was dissatisfied, “We’re classmates for so many years. Don’t you want to see me?”

He tugged his tie. Because he was there, Amber White’s counter became the focus on the mall.

She filled out her form before standing up.

As she turned around, Shi Muzhou’s eyes shrank. His eyes glued to the injury on her leg.

Her leg was injured in the mountain. When she fetched Cindy White, she hurt her leg again in the beach.

The wounds were healed, but it was left untreated overnight. Even though she wore a pair of stocking, the wound couldn’t be concealed.

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