Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 237: An Affair During Working Hours

Before setting off, Amber White deliberately chose a knee-length dress.

The black and loose dress was not only complimenting her body, it was also exposing her wound.

Before she could answer, Shi Muzhou stepped forward and lifted her dress.

“How did you get hurt?”

The smile on her face went stiff.

“I’m fine—”

“Is it because of Sean?” Shi Muzhou interrupted her and snorted, “Tell me. After marrying him, what did you get besides getting hurt?”

“If this is all you want, why bother? You can just tell me.”

“I can do it too. I can beat you every day. I can hurt you worse than this!”

Shi Muzhou was upset. He stared at her with a sullen face and Amber White was not impressed.

She shrugged his hand off her dress.

“This injury has nothing to do with Sean. I was careless.”

Shi Muzhou didn’t buy it. He sneered, “Do you think I’m three? Why are you defending him?”

“I’m ashamed of him!”

“What do you think of a man like Sean?”

“I think something is wrong with your eyes. Do you want me to go to a hospital and help you make an appointment with the ophthalmology department?”

“In your eyes, all other men are dead, aren’t we? Do you want nobody else but Sean?!”


Sean Smith entered the mall and walked for two minutes before he saw Amber White. Of course, he noticed Shi Muzhou standing beside her.

Amber White put on a heartfelt smile and with a crystal-clear eyes, she stared at Shi Muzhou.

Shi Muzhou suddenly bent down and touched her thigh.

Sean Smith froze.

Before he came to the mall, he thought that Amber White was really doing a market research.

Now, it seemed that he thought too highly of her.

Sean Smith’s eyes were popping out. The shameless Amber White was having an affair in public!

Was she trying to seduce him?

He sipped his lips, put on a stiff smile, and walked to Amber White.

When he was close enough, he heard Shi Muzhou was talking ill of him.

Sean Smith’s terrible face worsened.

“It’s interesting, what Mr. Shi is saying.”

“You’re a public figure. With a big crowd around, I don’t think it’s suitable for you to say such things.”

His words washed away the smile on Amber White’s face.

The light expression on his face, the look on his eyes, and especially the suit he was wearing made him look like an ordinary consumer who came to stroll the mall.

Soon, his eyes flickered with evil lights.

He wouldn’t let her ignore him anymore.

She was taking advantage of her working hours to hook up with a man. Sean Smith was not having it.

Amber White was getting more and more overboard with men now. She didn’t even care about her image.


His eyes fell on her. He smirked and said coldly, “Inspector White, you’re still Mrs. Smith. Behave yourself!”

“How could you do something indecent in public?!”

“You’re so shameless. I cannot afford a bad reputation!”

Amber White grabbed Shi Muzhou aside.

She was quick. Otherwise, Sean Smith would have punched Shi Muzhou in the face.

“Sean, you have balls. Say it again.”

His face didn’t change. When Shi Muzhou looked at him, he looked back with eyes no less cold than his.

He refused to reason with Shi Muzhou. He reached out and grabbed Amber White, “It’s working time now. I think Inspector White is quiet idle. So, it’s better for her to come with me.”

Shi Muzhou’s face was terrible, but Amber White stopped him. He was a reasonable man. So, he didn’t throw his hand.

Besides, there were activities happening in this mall. If he vented his anger, he wouldn’t be defending Amber White, he would only harm her.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth trying to suppress his anger, “Mr. Smith, Amber’s leg is injured. Smith Company’s is so big that it doesn’t have time to take care of its employees, isn’t it?”

Sean Smith raised his eyebrows and looked at Amber White.

So, just now, Shi Muzhou lifted her dress to check on her injury?

It left a scar, didn’t it?

“Inspector White didn’t take a time off for her injury. Does the company have to force her to go to the hospital?”

“She’s not a child. I know you have a good relationship with her, but I don’t think it’s necessary for Mr. Shi to worry too much about Mrs. Smith.”

Shi Muzhou’s afce darkened.

When he was about to speak, his manager suddenly come running.


“You come here for work, don’t you?”

“Go and do your work. Mr. Smith is looking for me. I can go to the hospital after my work is done.” said she with an unpleasant attitude, “Besides, have you forgotten? I’m half doctor myself.”


Although he had a bad temper and was impulsive, he knew that he couldn’t get their way.

Shi Muzhou left with his manager.

Both of them were finally left alone.

Amber White walked to Sean Smith and asked, “Sean, why are you here?”

Her legs were stiff when she walked. It seemed to hurt.

Sean Smith was irritated.

Amber White was injured. What did this have to do with him?

He was injured as well!

She didn’t come to her office and came to the mall to do a market research instead. She knew she was not feeling well and still did this. So, she brought it on herself.

Besides, this was probably one of her tricks to garner sympathy from him.

“I have a banquet invitation. Come.” said Sean Smith.

Amber White was stunned.

They would be talking about cooperation during the banquet. This responsibility belonged to the PR Department.

“Sean, let me call Lu Yi and ask him to send two negotiators.”

“I’m the inspector of marketing department. If I intervene in the PR’s job, I may not be able to explain it to Lu Yi.”

The look on his eyes darkened.

He glanced at Amber White from the corner of his eye with no expression on his face. He took his sight back and scoffed sarcastically.

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