Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 238: Sleep in the Wrong Place

“If I ask you to come, then come. There is no need for bulshit!”

“What about Lu Yi? If he doesn’t like the way I run things, let him meet me at the top floor!”

He glanced at Shi Muzhou, “Or, are you planning to stay to flirt with your lover?”

Amber White’s pupils shrank.

“Sean, if you have some objection, you can tell me. There is no need to drag my friend into this mess.”

Sean Smith sneered. He turned around and walked out of the mall.

Amber White was blind. She didn’t know how much Shi Muzhou wanted to beat Sean Smith’s ass just now.

She should be glad that he failed to do so.

Or else, Sean Smith would have thrown fists to teach a little star how to behave

She hesitated, but then, she followed him outside.

Sean Smith parked his car at the entrance of the mall. His Maserati caught people’s attention.

There was probably a reason why Sean Smith insisted on taking her to the dinner. After he got in the car, Sean Smith was in no hurry to leave. He grabbed a cigarette and lit it up.

He glanced at Amber White faintly.

She couldn’t help pacing up and got in the car.

Before she was properly seated, Sean Smith started driving. He sped up. Amber White reached out her hand and fastened her seatbelt.

“Sean, it’s not even twelve o’clock now. You don’t have to speed up.”

He breathed out the smoke out of his lungs and it covered his face.

“If I remember correctly, you are the inspector of marketing department.”

Amber White nodded.

Sean Smith smiled coldly, “How do know what the PR Department is doing?”

Amber White was silent.

Even if she tried to explain it, she might not be able to explain well.

Eleven years ago, when they were students, Sean Smith was on the honor role.

Tong University won a debate championships for four years in a row because of him.

Sean Smith could go straight to the core of the matter and nailed it.

Therefore, it was difficult to change his mind once he had a certain impression of something.

Long, long time after that, Amber White arrived at the downstairs of Ritz-Carlton.

Sean Smith arrived early. The room was empty, even people from the company hadn’t arrived yet.

Amber White wet her lips. She knew that the balcony had a beautiful view and a quiet environment, but she didn’t want to be alone with Sean Smith. She felt that the atmosphere was cramped and stuffy around him.

The person who came to send the document was changed.

She was the member of Sean Smith’s secretarial department. She was bright and beautiful. When she laughed, her canine teeth showed.

She was sexy and hot.

After all these impressions, Amber White called her Zhou Ruo.

“Mr. Smith, Miss White, these are the documents and the contract.”

Amber White nodded. She sort of knew what contract it was. After all, there were not many contract that make Sean Smith came signing it in person.

Sean Smith hadn’t spoken since he entered the room. When Zhou Ruo arrived, he took the documents, sat on the sofa, and started reading it carefully.

Amber White didn’t have a good rest these past few days. She was rather upset.

She turned the first two pages conveniently. She was familiar with this project.

Even when drafting the document, Amber White participated in the pricing.

She didn’t look interested. As her slender body leaned on the sofa, she slept with her eyes closed.

There was no other noise in the room expect for the occasional sound of Sean Smith turning the paper.

He moved his neck and his eyes fell on the sleeping Amber White.

He hooked the corner of his lips and put on a bitter smile. Then, he motioned Zhou Ruo to wake her up.

Zhou Ruo hesitated, but she did it anyway.

Amber White blinked her long lashes. She looked tired.

She was still in daze. It was Sean Smith’s first time looking at her real, unfiltered emotion.

He narrowed his eyes, “Inspector White, you’re sleeping in the wrong place!”

“I take you to dinner. You represent the Smith Company’s image. What do you think our partner will think if they come in and see you sleeping?!”

“If you let your attitude damages the company’s image, how are you going to bear the responsibility?”

Amber White pinched the bridge of her nose and apologized, “I’m sorry, Mr. Smith. I fell asleep.”

Sean Smith choked.

He never thought that she would be this honest. He always felt that a woman like Amber White would definitely not let herself be wronged. Or, that she would never realize her mistake, at least not in front of him.

Sean Smith was caught off guard. Amber White had apologize. What else could he say?

Zhou Ruo was there as well and Amber White frankly admitted her mistake.

Sean Smith was uncomfortable. He sipped his lips as his chest tightened.

He felt like a ball of cotton was stuffed down his throat.

But, she did what was right. If Amber White couldn’t assess the situation and correct the mistake, how could she become the inspector of marketing department?

When he was aware he subconsciously affirming Amber White, his face darkened.

Amber White was not so good. Perhaps, it was staged.

After marrying him for years, Amber White should have known the he hated irresponsible people the most.


Sean Smith smirked. His eyes sank and a cold hum came out of his mouth.

Amber White quickly corrected her attitude and sat up straight reading the document.

Ten minutes had passed since the appointed time. Sean Smith was getting impatient. He narrowed his eyes and glanced at Zhou Ruo.

“Where is everyone? You can’t be making mistake, right, Secretary Zhou?”

She shuddered. She quickly grabbed her phone and said, “Sir, I will make a call and ask about the situation.”

Sean Smith didn’t speak. Zhou Ruo quickly dialed the partner’s phone number.

He glanced at his wristwatch. His eyes were cold.

Without waiting for Zhou Ruo’s explanation, he stood up and left.

Amber White stood up, “Sir, the contract is beneficial for the company.”

His face didn’t change. He sneered, “The partner is nearly 15 minutes late. They don’t even make a call. I doubt that they even have the intention to cooperate.”

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