Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 239: Drunk

Honestly, even if the partner company couldn’t come to sign the contract today, Sean Smith could find another to replace them.

After all, there were a lot of companies who were eager to cooperate with the corporate Smith.

Ritz-Carlton’s sofas were curved and connected. Sean Smith insisted on leaving, but Amber White was standing in his way.

“Get out of my way!”

Amber White didn’t budge. The next second, her body was spinning.

Sean Smith bent over, picked her up, and threw her on the sofa.

The sofa was a little hard. Her back ached a little.

He loosened his collar and stepped forward. This time, Zhou Ruo came in.

“Sir… Sir, our partner is on their way… there was a small accident on Guangming Road and they were stuck in the traffic…”

Sean Smith didn’t stop. Zhou Ruo panicked, “President Smith, they were usually in contact with Brother Xu. They said that they called, but no one answered…”

After Sean Smith stopped, Zhou Ruo breathed a sigh of relief, “Sir, it’s my mistake. I should have made it clear with Xu Ge and notified our partner.”

“They will arrived soon. They’re already in the hotel.”

Sean Smith frowned. He said indifferently, “Well, I’ll leave the contract to you and Inspector White.”

Zhou Ruo didn’t say a word. Many people in the company worked overtime for this project. She was afraid that the project might screw up because of her. She looked at Amber White eagerly.

Who knew that Amber White didn’t mean to help at all?

“Negotiating contract is not my strongest subject. We should let Lu Yi come.”

Her words were like shade to him.

Why did she insist on asking Lu Yi to come? Would they die without him?

“Lu Yi was late this morning. The HR publicly scolded him. I’m afraid he won’t be able to come to this negotiation.”

“You’re different. It is no problem for you to win a contract with a bunch of men.”

After that, Sean Smith left.

Zhou Ruo and Amber White was left alone.

“Inspector White, this—”

Amber White waved her hand telling Zhou Ruo to be quiet, “Don’t be pressured. It’s right for Mr. Smith to leave. If we are to cooperate, we cannot lower our attitude.”

Zhou Ruo nodded.

She said what she said, but she wouldn’t put attitude too high either. She was somewhere in the middle, someone who prepared during last minutes.

Ten minutes later, their partner came.

The Ritz-Carlton began to serve the dishes. The partner’s negotiator was a man in his 40’s, with a medium built and a plain face. He occasionally wiped his eyes.

Amber White raised her eyebrows.

She knew this man. He was popul ar in the business circle as a playboy, a women chaser.

She sighed. Amber White suddenly regretted it. She talked nonsense in the phone this morning.

Otherwise, Sean Smith wouldn’t have given her this task.

“Inspector White, my apologies. We’re late.”

Amber White smiled and greeted, “Hello, President Lin. Sit down, please.”

She pushed and placed the document in President Lin’s desk and said, “This is the contract drafted by Smith Company. Please, take a look. You can point out which of the content you’re not satisfied with.”

“Okay, but Inspector White, do you mind if we eat first? We still have time to talk about the cooperation after the meal.”

“Of course.”

Mr. Lin had been smiling all the time. He tasted a few dishes, grabbed his wine glass, leaned over to Amber White, “Inspector White, thank you for not blaming me for being late. This is a toast for you.”

Amber White hesitated. She held the glass and accepted his toast, “Mr. Lin, I don’t drink well. I hope you can take care of me later.”

Mr. Lin smiled and nodded.

The lighting in the room was dim and the curtain was not opened. The dim light contoured her face just fine. She looked like a stalk of fresh gardenia.

She put the glass aside and tried to talk about the cooperation, but the experienced Mr. Lin shrugged it off easily and changed the topic.

Somehow, it was Amber White who drank more wine.

They were chatting and laughing when suddenly his hand covered her thigh.

The smile on her face stiffened. She tried to move aside. They were sitting so close that it was impossible to avoid touches.

The next second, Mr. Lin pushed the glass in front of Amber White.

She reached out for it and held her head with one hand, “No, I can’t drink it. You should keep your promise.”

His pervert eyes flickered.

“Very well, Inspector White. Since we’ve been talking like an old friend, let alone drinking the wine for you, I can promise you anything.”

Mr. Lin didn’t hesitate. He took the glass and drank it.

Zhou Ruo couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. Amber White was drunk, but she was not stupid. She could still get away from trouble with ease.

Mr. Lin was casting a greedy eyes on Amber White.

Zhou Ruo was genuinely worried for Amber White. She’s afraid people would think of her as cheap or something.

She smiled. Mr. Lin grabbed the bottle and refilled Amber White’s glass.

“Inspector White, if I’m allowed to ask, why are you the one who come to the negotiation today?”


“I do not mean to embarrass you, but if you have enough to eat, let’s talk business. If you find the contract is reasonable, you can sign it and leave.”

“Inspector White still has work to do in the afternoon. Come, let me toast for you. Wish us a happy cooperation.”

When Xu Lin arrived, it was already 12 at noon.

Outside, the sun was scorching. Xu Lin couldn’t open his eyes wide.

He sipped his lips and checked the address again and again. After that, he pushed the door and came in.

The lobby boy in the counter on the first floor was playing League of Legends when Xu Lin came in. he was attacking the second tower of the enemy.

He played so seriously that he didn’t even look up.

Xu Lin frowned and walked to the counter. He looked at the young boy uncertainly and tried to tell him his intention of coming.

The young man lifted his eyelids, “Paternity test? Is the material ready?”

Xu Lin nodded.

He chewed a gum in his mouth and looked up at Xu Lin up and down, “You don’t look like you have a child.”

Xu Lin remembered what Sean Smith told him. This matter should be kept secret. He put on a formal smile and said, “You don’t look like you can play League of Legends.”

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