Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 24: I vomit because I’m now pregnant

After Sean Smith forcing her to drink two glass of vodka, Amber instantly feels dizzy, Shen also feels so worried about her.

Sean Smith seems like a transparent person in the room, he barely says a word there. But the people attending to the party are not all from marketing department, they are all smart ones.

Since Sean Smith doesn’t really like his so-called wife, then they should show some ‘special’ care to Amber in front of Sean Smith. After all he’s the charger of the company, there’s so many people want to leave so deep impression on him.

Therefore, the people who want to drink with Amber becomes more and more.

In the regardless of Sean Smith, Shen covers two drinks for Amber, after few rounds, she then feels so dizzy in the head.
“President White? Are you okay?” Shen asks with concerns.

Amber sips her lips and shakes her head, this gesture makes Amber more dizzy in the head. She then holds the tea table in front of her and stands up shiverly:”i need to go to the bathroom.”

Shen then nods, but she is held by someone instantly before she follows Amber behind.

“Shen, i should warn you here, director White is your boss, she’s not your daughter, you shouldn’t always follow her behind.”

“Yes, there’s so many people here, you’d better stay here and not add trouble for director White, she’s now a grown up, she can go to the bathroom alone by herself.”

Amber has heard a lot of such envious tone before, as she’s now so drunk, so she don’t want to quarrel with these people over so meaningless things, she then holds the wall and pulls open the door.

It’s like two different world between inside and outside, the place here has so good proofsounding effects, but when Amber walks outside the room, the noisy music seeps into every corner here, the light on the corridor makes Amber feeling alone.

With high-heels, Amber walks slowly with hands holding on the wall, she don’t run to anyone she’s familiar with on the way to the toilet, after entering into the bathroom, she then supports her hands on the washtable and feels vomitting. She hasn’t had anything since she’s at work, so she only vomits out some wine.

Suddenly, a shadow flashes pass her, she don’t look up to see who that person is but wash her face with cold water.

She now feels much comfortable on the stamache, suddenly, there’s vomitting sound coming through from next door, even the incenses in the bathroom cannot hold the smell.
Amber feels again nausia and has another vomitting.

She raises her head and sees clearly the person from the mirror. She then holds some water to clean her mouth with her head half-raising, there’s a foxy sense flowing out from the person, which makes her being more attractive.
The person is exactly Tang Tian.

Amber turns off the faucet and plans to leave, Tang Tian’s voice comes out behind her all of a sudden:”hum, director White, we were like sisters yesterday, why you be such indifferent with me today? You even leave without saying goodbyes to me?”

Amber don’t want to play sister drama with her and walks inside the toliet.

Seeing the ignorance of Amber, Tang Tian finally gets panic and rushes to her with high-heels: ”Amber White, look at you now, show up in the same occasion but end up vomitting like this, but me and you are anything different, i vomit because I’m now pregnant, it’s actually a sign of happiness. you vomit is because Shen stired your nerves before.”

Tang Tian holds the toilet door, Amber has to stop her step, Tang Tian then keeps her saying:” director White, you should’ve seen the attitude Shen towards to me, right? He didn’t let me drink a bit.”

Tang Tian was indeed not drink a bit, because the people at the room that time all aimed at Amber. No one really noticed Tang Tian.

Amber ticks her lips and says to Tang Tian:”the celebration today is specially for me, so it’s inevitable for me to take more drinks, but look at you, you are just a small star, it’s makes sense too that no one come to give you toasts.”

Hearing this, Tang Tian dazes there, it’s not what she means. She’s showing off the love Sean Smith has for her!
Amber seems to be confused about her words and she then adds:”if you envy me, you can come to Sean Smith and ask him to hold another celebration party for you, you can tell him that you are carrying his babe, you make contributions for his family, so he should hold a party for you.”

Words kind stuck on Tang Tian’s throat, she cannot say a word right now.
Amber then squints at her and enters into the toilet.
She hears a clear cound after she enters into the toilet, she then pulls open the door, but in vain.
“Tang Tian!”

Amber screams a sound, but there’s no one answer her outside. But she clearly hears the sound of high-heels. There’s someone outthere the toilet, she then clenches her fist and bangs on the door few times.
“Tang Tian, open the door!”

On the outside of the toilet, there’s gloomy expression on Tang Tian’s face, she looks back and forth and then takes the signpost which cleaners put while they cleans to the door of toilet.
Amber White is a tough woman, then just leave her into the bathroom.

Tang Tian now feels a bit happy, she ignores the knocking of Amber and walks outside the toilet with angor.
Hearing the sound of high-heels gets more distant, Amber knocks the door with stronger force, but she still don’t hear any sound but end up with a red swollen hands.
Amber takes a deep breath and then touches her body up down. But unluckily she hasn’t found any tools she can reach out with people.

Suddenly, Amber remembers her phone still put in the room now.
Amber blinks her eyes and holds the soreness coming through her nose, the thing Tang Tian do today looks so similar with the thing Sean Smith did to her three years ago.
She loses her conscious bit by bit, finally she has no any strength left and falls straight onto the cold floor.

Before she faintes, Amber has a thought in mind. Tang Tian is not so popular, she dares to make trouble on her, she’s a director of marketing department, she is the one who determines the final show of her, maybe it’s also a part of Sean Smith’s plan.

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