Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 240: Sean Smith Came to Do Paternity Test

When he heard Xu Lin, he immediately grabbed the documents from the counter. He photographed Xu Lin and said, “Fill in the form, put down the materials, and you can go.”

“How long will the results come out?”

Xu Lin asked as he filled in the form.

“You can come and get it after three days.”


It was terrific. It took more than ten days to complete a formal paternity test with poor confidentiality. If Sean Smith did the formal one, everyone would know since he was famous.

Here, however, was different. Not only that the location was not easy to find, the confidentiality was also good. The most important of it all were the speed and the high efficiency.

No wonder Sean Smith chose this place.

He quickly filled the form and handed it over.

The two little bags were transparent and the color of the zippers were different. The red one had Cindy White’s hair and the blue one had Sean Smith’s hair.

Xu Lin handed the materials over and paid the fee as he looked at the boy.

He also played this game. When he came in, he noticed that the boy’s offensive was not bad. As long as he kept attacking the enemy, he would win.

When Xu Lin was filling out the form, the boy had already destroyed his enemy’s crystal.

Xu Lin placed the bags on the counter and said, “Keep it safe. Don’t lose it.”

The boy hummed, but he didn’t flinch.

Although Xu Lin was not at ease, this place was already checked through and through. This underground institution was the most reliable for paternity test.

Xu Lin came running after leaving his job. After hesitating for a while, he turned around and left.

It was not good for him to stay in a place like this for a long time. After all, he was Sean Smith’s secretary. There many all kinds of people here, he might bumped into one recognizing him. It was equivalent to screwing up this matter.

The boy casted the mouse aside and grabbed Xu Lin’s hand after skimming through the form.

He slipped his hand to his pocket and took a phone out. He turned it on and dialed a number.

The call was quickly connected. He was calling a woman.

The boy’s lazy eyes turned sharp.

“Qiao Sen, what is it?” said a soft voice from the other end of the phone.

“Sean Smith ask someone to come here to do a paternity test.” Qiao Sen said quickly.

“Did Sean Smith come along?” asked the woman.


“It was his secretary, yeah, I think it was him. Sean Smith attended a banquet a few days ago. He was with him.”

“I’m sure that it is Sean Smith who does the paternity test.”

“Because the materials for the DNA test are black hair. The secretary’s hair just now was kind of blonde!”

“I knew it! I have long known that this matter cannot be hidden any longer!”




Zhou Ruo found that Mr. Lin was still controll ing the situation in the room. So, she went out to the restroom.

After Zhou Re, the nuisance, left, Mr. Lin smirked and leaned closer to Amber White.

“Inspector White, Mr. Smith should have been here just now, right?”

Amber White smiled, so did Mr. Lin, “When I arrived just now, I saw Mr. Smith.”

“There was a beautiful woman with him.”

“They were going to the third floor.”

Amber White’s face didn’t change. She looked around and said casually, “Mr. Lin, some people do look similar. You were probably looking at the wrong person.”

Me. Lin laughed as he patted Amber White’s shoulder.

“Maybe. I haven’t seen him in a long time. I was probably looking at the wrong person, just like you said.”

“That person we saw before entering the room, the noisy one… who is she?”

“Sir, it’s Tang Tian!” his secretary replied.

“Inspector White, you should be familiar with her. You said it yourself that your relationship was like sisters during Luoshen Bay’s opening ceremony.”

“Mr. Lin, I think you saw it wrong. Do you think a brother-in-law and a half-sister-in-law will come here to book a room?”

Amber White’s face stiffened. However, she was lucky that Mr. Lin and others were busy talking about Tang Tian and no one paid attention to her face.

After all, at this very moment, she couldn’t smile at all.

Too many things happened these days. She almost forgot that Tang Tian was still carrying a trump card in her belly.

She pursed her lips.

Recently, the marketing department didn’t mention her anymore. However, she heard a few rumors that Sean Smith kicked her out.

She believed it.

What a fool.

It was probably not true that he kicked her out, but was it true that he ask her to keep the baby?

“Inspector White, did Miss Tang really save you?”

“Mr. Smith and Miss Tang’s relationship, is it as good as you said the other day?”

As soon as Mr. Lin leaned in, Amber White grabbed her wine glass and tried to change the topic, “Mr. Lin, we’ve talked enough. I propose you a toast. Can you start looking at the document now?”

She didn’t know if it was the wine that made her emotional.

The uncomfortable feeling of injustice filled her heart.

She was Mrs. Smith by law, but Sean Smith wouldn’t think of her as so. He even let her come and accompany his business partner an alcohol.

Oh, one more thing.

There was Cindy White and Sean Smith had been very vocal about her. However, when Tang Tian child was born…

No, she dared not think about it. She didn’t know how to explain to Cindy White.

Amber White was getting more and more uneasy. She sipped her wine. She could taste the bitterness in her mouth as the tip of her nose was sour.

It had been eleven years. If she said that this one was a heartbreak, she’s be lying.

However, there were some things in her distant memory that still hurt once they were recalled.

When Zhou Ruo came out of the restroom, she noticed Mr. Lin was carrying out Amber White who was drunk.

Her body was covered in cold sweat.

She was still fine when she left. Why did she suddenly get drunk?

“Mr. Lin! Mr. Lin, Inspector White is drunk. Give her to me. I will take her back to the company.”

Mr. Lin was not willing.

He stretched out his hand and shrugged Zhou Ruo’s hands off Amber White, “Get out of my way! Don’t you see that Inspector White is in my arms and refuses to go?”

“We haven’t even talked about work! Let’s change venue and talk about the contract. Let’s talk carefully!”

“Stop being a nuisance! If I declare that this contract cannot be discussed, can you afford the risk?!”

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