Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 241: Inspector White Couldn’t Hold Her Liquor

Zhou Ruo was wearing high heels and the floor of Ritz-Carlton was smooth. When she was pushed by Mr. Lin, she fell to the ground defenselessly as she gasped in pain.

Seeing that Amber White was about to be taken away by Mr. Lin, Zhou Ruo grabbed her phone and called Sean Smith.

The first time she called him, he didn’t answer, he immediately cut off.

After all, she was a fresh graduate employee. When it came to experience, she certainly couldn’t compare to Xu Lin, but she hesitated and dialed several times. Now, the call finally dialed through.

“What’s the matter?”

Sean Smith’s tone was cold as ice, it made Zhou Ruo froze in the middle of summer.

“Sir… Sir, Inspector White is drunk and Mr. Lin is taking her away!”

Zhou Ruo choked, “Sir, please, come quickly. Mr. Lin is a pervert, I’m afraid something will happen to Inspector White.”


He hung up without answering.

Amber White was drunk with an old man?

No, it was an understatement.

Perhaps, it was Amber White’s doing and the old man didn’t fall for it.

Sean Smith didn’t budge at all. His back hurt too much, especially in the summer. It would be a torture for the wound to break a sweat.

He called a doctor to treat his wound instead.

When Zhou Ruo called, he was half naked lying in the big bed in a suite. He turned over and looked at the time.

He couldn’t help thinking about Zhou Ruo’s call.

Where did Xu Lin get him this sweet and innocent secretary? Why did Zhou Ruo trust Amber White so easily?

Would a woman be willing be let herself get caught?

Was it real, then? Amber White didn’t lie?

Didn’t she say that she had a lot of lovers?

What about adding another one to her collection?

If Amber White was drunk and asleep, she asked for it, what did it have to do with him?

If he did go, he might spoil the fun.

The indoor light was dim and the curtains were closed. No light could penetrate in.

His eyes were deeper.

Half a minute later, he suddenly sat up, picked up his shirt, put it on, and buttoned it up. After that, he went downstairs.

With a steady pace, he opened the room and walked to the elevator.

He didn’t care about Amber White.

He cared about the image of Smith Company.

Besides, Amber White was getting wilder. She flirted with another man in public and now, she was about to cheat on him.

She wasn’t even that gorgeous.

After Zhou Ruo hung up the phone, she stood up and ran to where Mr. Lin took Amber White.

She reached out for Amber White’s hand and said with a trembling voice, “Mr. Lin… Mr. Lin, Inspector White cannot hold her liquor…”

Mr. Lin shrugged her hand off Amber White. His true color was showing, “I can make Sean Smith kicks you out if I want to! Who are you? How dare you ruin my good thing?!”

Zhou Ruo was shocked. She never get scolded her whole life.

He carried Amber White and was about to go upstairs after the crossed the hall. His secretary already booked him a room.

He was enchanted by Amber White’s beauty. Although he had long been immersed in the entertainment industry, Amber White caught his attention effortlessly.

She was the inspector of marketing department in Smith Company. He couldn’t find any opportunity to get to know her.

Today, he finally met Amber White.

He couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Mr. Lin was holding Amber White closely. He casted a greedy eyes on her saying, “Inspector White, don’t worry. I’ll take you upstairs. No one will disturb us.”

Mr. Lin was so impatient that he wanted to run upstairs carrying Amber White.

But, there were too many people in the hall. He was afraid he might make a scene.

Zhou Ruo turned white after listening to his words.

“Oh, sweetheart, we’re almost there. I’ll take a good care of you soon.”

He reached out to press the elevator button, but suddenly his shoulder was heavy. Mr. Lin’s face darkened. Before he could turn his head, he was dragged away.

He was drunk. The strength easily slammed him to the floor. He grunted in pain as he swore, “You little… Mr. Smith… Mr. Smith?”

Mr. Lin felt guilty in an instant. Amber White was now in Sean Smith’s arms.

Mr. Lin borrowed the courage from the alcohol he drank. He held the tried, tried to stand up, but fell down again.

There were people passing by in the hall of the hotel, but he was sitting on the floor making a hiccup.

“Mr. Smith, don’t get me wrong. I saw Inspector White was drunk and I wanted to help.”

He opened his mouth and smiling shamelessly as he pointed his finger to Zhou Ruo, “Ask your secretary if you don’t believe me. I was about to send Inspector White back!”

Sean Smith narrowed his eyes, “Do you I think I need another man to take care of my wife?”

Mr. Lin must have thought that Sean Smith was blind. He thought Sean Smith didn’t see that he was so eager to hold Amber White and take her upstairs.

The private hall in the first floor was far inside and the gate of Ritz-Carlton was right behind. Amber White was drunk that she couldn’t tell the way out. What about Mr. Lin? Was he drunk that he went blind?

There was a silent rage in his heart. He tightened his grip on Amber White’s hand.

Wasn’t she clever? Didn’t she think of solutions every time she encountered difficulties?

What happened this time?

Did she have a crush on Mr. Lin, get drunk on purpose to sleep with him?

He looked the strands of hairs on Mr. Lin’s greasy face and his big belly. He felt sick looking at it.

Amber White was indeed blind.

Sean Smith didn’t bother to talk much with Mr. Lin. He turned around with Amber White in his arms. When he passed Mr. Lin, his kicked his shiny leather shoes on his calf bones.

Mr. Lin grunted with pain.

Mr. Lin was trying to suppress it all when Sean Smith came ruining his good time. But, now that he kicked him, he lost his cool.

He was angry.

“Sean Smith, don’t push your luck! Don’t you think that I’m afraid of you! I admit that I have a crush on your wife. I was about to take her upstairs. I booked the room already!”

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